AMC Announces 'Avengers' Marathon Events - Six Movies, One Day!

March 12, 2012
Source: AMC

The Avengers Marathon

Now this is awesome. We all know that coming up in 53 more days, kicking off the looks-to-be-epic summer of 2012, is Marvel's The Avengers. Marvel has been building up, leading up to this superhero team-up, ever since taking over with Iron Man in 2008. And now AMC Theatres is hosting The Ultimate Marvel Marathon, watching all six Marvel movies leading up to The Avengers at midnight, on May 3rd, starting at 11:30AM. Hell yes! This reminds me of the epic summer movie marathons of past, like for Matrix and Lord of the Rings. Details were just announced on their blog, and tickets are already on sale now - grab ’em!

"Get ready to watch the greatest Marvel movie event ever held" on May 3rd! Experience The Ultimate Marvel Marathon with six movies on one epic day. Watch the heroes' stories unfold as they assemble for the midnight premiere of The Avengers 3D! The marathon will include showings of Iron Man (2008), The Incredible Hulk (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor in 3D (2011), Captain America in 3D (2011) and finally, The Avengers in 3D. This really is awesome, and I'm considering going, what a way to enjoy The Avengers midnight experience, damn! Don't miss out on the greatest Marvel movie event ever assembled!

As of this moment, there are only 10 cities with theaters involved. They are: Boston, MA (Boston Common 19); Burbank, CA (Burbank 16); Anaheim, CA (Downtown Disney 12); Aventura, FL (Aventura 24); New York, NY (Empire 25); Paramus, NJ (Garden State 16); Lake Buena Vista, FL (Downtown Disney 24); San Francisco, CA (Metreon 16); Lynnwood, WA (Alderwood 16); McLean, VA (Tysons Corner 16). This is rather limited, but if you are in one of these locations, I definitely suggest checking this out. For more info and updates, visit the AMC blog. Tickets went on sale late Sunday night, so check to get them.

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It's events like these that make me wish I lived in the USA.

Victor on Mar 12, 2012


It's events like these that make me with I live in big cities.

American Victor on Mar 12, 2012


I dunno, this might be TOO much. Iron Man 2 kinda sucked and Thor can be pretty crappy and Captain America gets worse with every viewing. And for films like Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter, each movie adds to the next, making a cohesive, fulfilling story and character arc leading up to something....these movies are more enjoyable individually than strung together in my opinion.

Voice of Reason on Mar 12, 2012


they should do this for tdkr, sorry i just had to say it

Dpramroop on Mar 12, 2012


 No, you didn't.

Dr. Rock on Mar 12, 2012


Well if he didnt say it I would have!!!

N. on Mar 12, 2012


I now have to cry because I know it wouldn't play here.

Akirakorn on Mar 12, 2012


no reason to do it for  dark knight rises.

Thejayster54 on Mar 29, 2012


man that sounds like a painful day, i think i would rather put a bullet in my brain than spend my day watching those movies

HazedMind on Mar 12, 2012


Hey Alex I tried buying tix for these at the Downtown Disney but there is no listing for an Avengers Marathon, only an Avengers showing at Midnight. This blows.

The Douche on Mar 12, 2012


typical example of how having too famous an actor may spoil parts of movies. They always have to have their face showing, even when their character's normally masked.  was annoying enough in spider-man..

Player3 on Mar 12, 2012


I'm excited for The Avengers, but I don't really want to see all those other movies again. At least not on the same day. I really hope The Avengers is better than any of the solo product movies.

Elbak on Mar 12, 2012


By the time the Avengers would play, I'd be hoarse from screaming at all the kids talking during the 6 movies before. Glad I own them all!

Nick Sears on Mar 12, 2012


My ass hurts thinking about sitting through all those movies. Iron man   B Iron man 2   D Thor    D Captain America    C Hulk    C LOTR all A ratings. Worth sitting through 3 showings Back to back. But these marvel movies are not that good. And I would rather see Jiro dreams of sushi in my theatre instead of this lame event.

Filmfan2432 on Mar 12, 2012


if you're gonna comment with that kind of blasphemy towards the marvel series and then bring in the unrelivent LOTR series....then simply get the f*** outta this article page and spread your bullshit somewhere else. 

JBrotsis on Mar 12, 2012


it's "irrelevant" not "unrelivent" and a lot of the Marvel movies are crap, stop being a tool

Voice of Reason on Mar 13, 2012


These obviously aren't your kind of movies, then.  According to Rotten Tomatoes: Iron Man - 94% (certified fresh) Iron Man 2 - 74% (certified fresh) Thor - 77% (certified fresh) Captain America - 79% (certified fresh) Incredible Hulk - 66% (not rotten, at least) It won't be a Godfather marathon, sure, but these are hardly terrible movies.  That's actually a pretty good run for a brand new studio that only makes one genre of movie.  And for teenagers playing hookie, geeks, and movie lovers with sturdy asses, this marathon looks like a fun time.

Jake Thunder on Mar 13, 2012


That I suggest you not attend,and,let those of us who will enjoy it in peace.

Thejayster54 on Mar 29, 2012


I wish I could go to this!! Amazing!!

Missing Sleep on Mar 12, 2012


Blah! I'll just see the Movie Solo! I dont wanna sit all Day in a Theater and I sit for a Living!

N. on Mar 12, 2012


you couldnt pay me to watch those movies again in my own home let alone all in one day at a movie theater.

happy camper on Mar 12, 2012


Cool idea, but most were mediocre. Its not blasphemous, its true and I likes me some marvel. For every good movie they have like two that are, as Joss would say, ass.

ur_babys_daddy on Mar 12, 2012


Is there a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie in the works, or won't Sam Jackson get his own movie? He's contracted to be in 9 Marvel Movies, counting those short cameoes at end credits.

David Banner on Mar 13, 2012


I am actually more jazzed about The Avengers than I am about TDKR. That does NOT mean I don't think TDKR will rock.

Thejayster54 on Mar 29, 2012

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