An Extensive Infographic Chronicles the First 35 Years of 'Star Wars'

May 29, 2012
Source: Newsarama

The First 35 Years of Star Wars

It's nearly impossible to keep count of all the ways Star Wars, the seminal sci-fi film from George Lucas has influenced pop culture with a saga of six films, several TV series, dozens of video games and endless merchandising. However, Newsarama has taken it upon themselves to try and highlight the finer points on a timeline of the sci-fi series including the inception of Star Wars itself, the birth of some of the cast members that happened within those time periods, and much more. It's a nostalgic and informative look back for fans who only recently fell in love with Star Wars or have been with the space opera for decades. See it below!

Here's Newsarama's The First 35 Years of Star Wars via SlashFilm:

The First 35 Years of Star Wars

The inclusion of the birth of the younger cast members, all from the prequels really helps put in context just how long Star Wars has been influencing pop culture. Hayden Christensen, Jake Lloyd and Natalie Portman were born after Star Wars became a cultural phenomenon, and even Ewan McGregor, whose uncle is Denis Lawson (Wedge Antilles of the Rebel Alliance) was born only five years before the film hit theaters. And there's also some nice touches like the inclusion of the viral video The Star Wars Kid, lesser praised efforts from the series like Ewoks, and the more recent "Family Guy" parodies. Cool, right?

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Star Wars was Ultimate Saga for me without any doubt and I love his director. But I'm losing my faith in Lukas from when he said he didn't make any movie more. Why Lukas? Why? Spilberg , Cameron , Zemeckis , Burton and even Coppolla didn't give up still ! They make movies even it become bad and critic and users attack them or don't hit in boxoffic either. Are you tired of movie making?(i know you in love with them) Are whole world run out of new ideas for you to interst and make new film or saga or etc. Many fans hope to you and wish you come back on stage, yes , I am bad wrighter , I don't know how tell to you that I miss you so much, life is too short man, come back and fire the screen again GRANDMASTER

Ehsan Davodi on May 29, 2012


George Lucas made a new film last year called Red Tails and isnt fully retiring he just isnt doing big budget movies anymore. Smaller and more independent films are his calling now, he's doing movies still just not big blockbusters. 

Alexis on May 29, 2012


Sir.George Lukas for me is " Director " only dude. I know his beside works.

Ehsan Davodi on May 30, 2012


Why don't you write proper english?

Ryderup on May 30, 2012


Why is StarWars even newsworthy anymore? I appreciate what it's done, but I could care less if it's 35 years since A New Hope. I care more that it's been 70 years since Bambi than this.

I Believe in the Schwartz on May 29, 2012


Has there been ANY word of confirmation regarding Star Wars Episode II: The Clone Wars hitting theaters in 3D? I'm pretty sure the release date for The Phantom Menace was set pretty far in advance. I just hope they continue because I'm DYING to see Episode 4-6 in theaters...I was born in 92 and never got the chance.

Chris_G on May 29, 2012


Worldwide,  Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace in 3D did ca $70million, or was it more? So maybe. If Episode II does poorly, no more 3D. Seems each next release is predicated on how well the former did at the boxoffice.

David Banner on May 29, 2012


Okay…sooooo… just because something has 'information' and 'graphics' that doesn't necessarily make it an 'infographic'.

ambiguish on May 30, 2012


Wow, fun infographic that took me a while to go through (had a few wiki search stops).  Thanks for posting this.  I fell in love with Star Wars when I saw Ep. I in theaters then watched the IV-VI trilogy.  

Marc Callado on May 31, 2012

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