Anthony Mackie to Play Falcon in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

July 16, 2012
Source: Heat Vision

Falcon / Anthony Mackie

In case you weren't paying attention to our own Alex Billington or yours truly on Twitter this weekend (or you haven't yet checked out our informative and geek-filled video blog from the Marvel panel at Comic-Con on Saturday), the comic book movie studio announced the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger now has the official and exciting title of Captain America: The Winter Solider. We'll get to what that means below, but first Heat Vision has word of a new cast member for the film as Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, Real Steel) is in talks to play Falcon, one of the first African American superheroes. Read on!

More than likely Mackie will be playing Sam Wilson, the kid from Harlem with a troubled past that includes a life of crime after his father and mother were killed at different times by vagrants, but it's not clear if he'll take on his superhero alter ego as Falcon, who ends up working with Captain America cleaning up the streets of New York. Falcon has a suit which allows him to fly and enhances his strength, but his name mostly comes from the fact that he can telepathically talk to birds, especially a bird that Wilson had bought named Redwing. But just what kind of story are we looking at here for the sequel?

Thankfully, the title gives us a pretty good idea. Beware of spoilers from here on out for both the first film and maybe the sequel. For those who have seen Captain America: The First Avenger, we know that Captain Steve Rogers loses his childhood friend and military buddy Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). Well, in the comics, Barnes is found alive and brought back to life by the Russian military. With no memory of what happened, or his life before, the Soviet's turned him into an assassin called the Winter Soldier, and sent him across the globe killing high profile targets during the Cold War. However, his memory implantation caused mental instability, and he was kept in stasis between missions to prevent rebellion.

But since Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been said to keep Cap in present day following the events of The Avengers, it's hard to say how this will play out on the big screen. Much like Captain America, I'm willing to bet Barnes was kept frozen and is brought back in modern times, which should make for quite a reunion. If anything, bringing Mackie into the mix as Cap's sidekick (which is what Falcon becomes in the comics) would make for some tension and maybe even anger and jealously for Barnes, even though his death wasn't really Cap's fault. Falcon also eventually becomes part of The Avengers for a short time, so maybe we'll get another team member in the sequel. Either way, it sounds like fans will get exactly what they want from a Captain America sequel. We'll find out when the film hits theaters on April 4th, 2014.

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I bet they will try out some superheroes in the forthcoming marvel films and see who sticks with audiences and then will or will not up in Avengers 2. Falcon seems like such a character.

ryderup on Jul 16, 2012


Awesome. Didn't even know about that story arc for Bucky. If they don't fuck up Falcon's costume like they did Hawkeye's, it could be great. I'm just uncertain of Mackie's acting skills, although he was intense as Eminem's(B. Rabbit) foe in 8 Mile(yeah that's right, i just compared 8 Mile to a superhero vs villain type situation). Like this so far.

TheCajun on Jul 16, 2012


yeah and he did a good job in The Adjustment Bureau as well.

Fidel Reyes on Jul 16, 2012


The only thing good about that film.

Ryderup on Jul 17, 2012


Well I can see Mackie playing the Falcon, I was still hoping to see The Black Panther movie instead...

jah p on Jul 16, 2012


Hells yes to both.

mooreworthy on Jul 16, 2012


I say we set him up and have him in Avengers 2. Kick out hawk eye and Black widow and give them their own movie explaining their past etc. I enjoy Jeremy Renner and Scarlet('s fine booty) but lets be fair, their characters aren't exactly the most compelling and their abilities aren't quite up to destroying Thanos... wheres as Falcon could be quite useful in the air as well as being a little more than a token black hopefully.

Guy who comments on things on Jul 16, 2012


That is good casting. I could have seen Peter Mensah do a bang up job at this role too, his character on SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND/VENGEANCE definitely had the right body type.

DAVIDPD on Jul 16, 2012


Good choice he's a great actor! Not a fan of the Falcon character... but I'm open for the idea. As for Winter soldier I hope Sebastian Stan returns to reprise his role as Barnes.

Fidel Reyes on Jul 16, 2012


Pretty sure Stan has a multi picture contract.

The Real Sumit Dutta on Jul 18, 2012


Yeah possible, and if it does end up happening like in the comics, her could get his own spin off or be in another captain movie as either a villain or a stand alone man with unknown motives. Who knows... Buck is a very interesting character in the comics.

Fidel Reyes on Jul 18, 2012


This guy is really moving up in Hollywood. I kid you not, I was just thinking about Falcon being in a Marvel movie yesterday. Now, if only we could get Deadpool off the ground.

Lamar on Jul 17, 2012


this is great ASLONG as they dont use the Falcon from MAINline Marvel itll work..that characters been effed around SO much & even more disgustingly givin some pimp/drug dealer retcon that still has even most KKK friendly marvel fans scratching there heads far better would be the Ultimates version which is baiscally jus Sam Wilson (Warrant Officer) &military scientist working on alternate tech/aviary based tech &occasionally moonlighting for SHIELDS RnD division have him be the opposite TYPE of soldier to Rogers but same underlying values whilst having him be Caps "guide" to this new america &it could be a compelling funny but intelligent take on the buddy movie/superhero skit

Wesley Gibson on Aug 8, 2012


and he was never his sidekick.. even in the ass backwards 616 stories.. partner maybe bud sure.. bickering rivals yup.. sidekick..nahh

Wesley Gibson on Aug 8, 2012


Was hoping to see spiderman join forces but falcon sounds cool so look forward to seeing it

Bean on Oct 29, 2012

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