'Avengers' is #3 Highest Grossing Film, But Will 'TDKR' Rise Above?

June 4, 2012
Source: BoxOfficeMojo

The Avengers

In an unprecedented cinematic undertaking, Marvel was able to successfully weave a storytelling web across multiple films that culminated in The Avengers, a global box office juggernaut that has earned over $550 million domestically in the month after its debut. This weekend, the film slid past The Dark Knight to take the number three all-time spot on the earnings list with $1.3 billion in total. But we're already looking ahead, and the finale of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is realistically the only thing this year that could knock The Avengers from its newly-claimed perch. But does The Dark Knight Rises stand a chance?

Despite the built-in audience, I think The Avengers' massive box office success still shocked a lot of people, especially with Joss Whedon at the helm. The guy had only directed one feature film before this (Serenity, based off of his own television show "Firefly"), and now he's standing in the company of James Cameron with his film joining Avatar and Titanic among the highest grossing films of all time. That's an insane accomplishment for a second-time director, but the even bigger accomplishment is that his movie turned out to be fantastic. We've all seen terrible films climb this ladder thanks to overblown 3D prices (ahem, Alice in Wonderland), but The Avengers truly deserves this level of acclaim.

Now, the question on everyone's minds is can The Dark Knight Rises surpass what Marvel has done? Look, The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies ever made (no, I'm not exaggerating), but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that by the end of the year, The Avengers will still be on top. Since The Dark Knight Rises is my most anticipated movie of the year, I've avoided all of the trailers and TV spots for it so far but I can already tell from what little I know about it that this movie is going to be a hell of a lot darker than The Avengers. That means that fewer families will be comfortable bringing their younger children to see it. So take a smaller audience, and add the fact that Nolan stood his ground and refused to shoot The Dark Knight Rises in 3D (a decision I respect the hell out of, by the way), and that's a huge blow in the film's chances at reclaiming its spot on the list. But only time will tell.

We all know that box office numbers don't equate to a movie's overall quality, but I'll open it up to you in the comments: do you think The Dark Knight Rises (check out that fancy new MTV trailer) can overtake any of Avengers' records when it opens July 20th? Or did the 3D boost bump Avengers into the unreachable?

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 It definitely won't top Avengers for opening weekend, and I doubt it can surpass it overall. It's a bit longer, so there will be less showings, plus no 3D, and less of a family film.

Daniel Koelsch on Jun 4, 2012


^^^^ what he said. Am I the only one who thinks James Cameron gets a good laugh at these other films

Dpramroop on Jun 4, 2012


"[...] a global box office juggernaut that has earned over $550 million domestically in the month after its debut. This weekend, the film slid past The Dark Knight to take the number three all-time spot on the earnings list with $1.3 billion in total." These two sentences are confusing. The Avengers slid past TDK to get to the third highest-grossing place domestically (TDK had held the #3 spot domestically until then), but the $1.3 billion total refers to its worldwide box office. Worldwide, it slid past the last Harry Potter movie last week-end, which had until then held the #3 spot. The Avengers had already beaten TDK's worldwide box office a while ago (TDK's box office is "only" #12 worldwide).

Laurent V. on Jun 4, 2012


You make the key point . WORLWIDE box office will determine if this out-grosses Avengers . The quality of it overall and in comparison to Avengers will only matter here in the US for the 2nd and 3rd weeks ; opening weekend will prob be HUGE . Then I'll come here and get 300 opinions ; and decide to go or not ....

Dominic A on Jun 13, 2012


I'm actually tired of big movies from only Batman and Superman from DC ( and the rest have sucked ) . Gotta follow Marvel's lead give us the JLA !!

Dominic A on Jun 13, 2012


are u really sure u want JLA? i mean green lantern flopped... now it gets a sequel. superman is being rebooted<(last one got amazing reviews but did shit at box office) batman is getting rebooted... thats got to piss.. every comic book fan in the world... wonder woman...is gonna fail... not just cuz..its a female heroe, but becuz it will be dependant on how well the other movies does.... Jla.. will basically be a smaller less popoluar version of avengersss

dylan on Jun 18, 2012


mate, the dark night is basically very popular in the u.s only.... 530million here, and onyl 470million internationally... avenger hit 830million internationally, and 580million ....in the states

rawr on Jun 18, 2012


I know this. What's your point? I was pointing out an inaccuracy/error in the article.

Laurent V. on Jun 29, 2012


I am very optimistic, but I won't set my expectations too high for its box office success. Though the move with the MTV Awards was simply brilliant. They practically bought the entire teen demographic (if they hadn't already) with that show.  I highly doubt anyone who was watching that will not see it. But with the ticket prices a little cheaper for lack of 3D (love that move as well), I am not seeing it beat The Avengers right now. I hope I am wrong and that it will make more money than Avatar, but I've got my doubts.

Reagan Fabry on Jun 4, 2012


TDKRs has its work cut out to top it. Your going against a ton of heros, each with their own fanbase. It didnt matter who you had directing the Avengers with that ensemble, and the positive reviews certainly boosted it.

MarlonBranDoh on Jun 4, 2012


I don't think it [DARK KNIGHT RISES] can beat THE AVENGERS. Surely, it will be a better movie, but in terms of gross, it will come close, but it wont happen.

DAVIDPD on Jun 4, 2012


Easily disagreeing that TDKR will be a better movie than Avengers. Yes they're both superhero movies but they're two totally different movie plots and genres with two different stories leading up the the finale movie. Hard to say which will be better or more enjoyable to watch. 

Brotsis on Jun 4, 2012


 Well, I can't comment on personal opinions (either yours or mine)  because that is obviously futile. But I would wager, quite a large wager that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, will receive a better Metacritic & Rotten Tomatoes score than THE AVENGERS. And I, in my opinion, do believe that is a good indicator whether or not a film is better than another one. As the reviewers are mostly cognizant of the issues you brought up. Personally, I always give movies two scores, one, in terms of fun and another in terms of critical analysis. THE AVENGERS is one that scored very high in fun, and high in critical analysis for me. I can say THE DARK KNIGHT, scored very high in both areas.

DAVIDPD on Jun 4, 2012


The Dark Knight barely received one percentage point higher than the Avengers on Rotten Tomatoes (approx. .896 % higher). I doubt critics will be as kind to this final installment; Anne Hathaway is sure to get the brunt of the criticism due to what I would call miscasting. While I'm sure it will be excellent, it will not surpass Avengers in quality; only a darker more morose tone which does not always equate better.

Srmorrow on Jun 4, 2012


 Interesting. But a higher score is a higher score innit? Even if its marginal. // C. Nolan is a visionary (gag), and I completely  trust his choice in casting Hathaway. Remember when he casted H. Ledger, there was shit-fits everywhere on the Internet. To say it will not pass THE AVENGERS in quality is thinking too subjectively. I would argue that they are good on their own merits, but THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will outshine THE AVENGERS on all levels.

DAVIDPD on Jun 5, 2012


you guys are so full of shit you haven't even seen the movie yet! let's get real... cuz someone LIKES one thing better than something else does not make it "better" whatever you define that to be. A cursary glance at the history of art and cinema will in fact tell you just the opposite! William Blake anyone? Do any of you guys read? Harry Potter doesn't count!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


No need for personal attacks. My point maybe was phrased poorly, I believe THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will be a better film than THE AVENGERS. One man's opinion, it really should not matter that much to you. But if you were offended in anyway, that was not my intention. My apologies.

DAVIDPD on Jun 30, 2012


Really? Really? You're "certain" that a movie that has yet to come out will receive a better grade than the 93% rating that "The Avengers" has tallied? Sorry to disappoint you, but without the tragic death of Heath Ledger, the Dark Knight wouldn't even be in this discussion. Ledgers death and the morbid curiousity that followed it easily drummed up another 100 million or more domestically that the movie simply wouldn't have done otherwise. To say that you'd wager "quite a lot" on a movie that you haven't seen tells me you're a fool or simply someone who has nothing to wager at all.

Twilson_ on Jun 5, 2012


"Sorry to disappoint you, but without the tragic death of Heath Ledger, the Dark Knight wouldn't even be in this discussion." Wrong.

Wrong on Jun 5, 2012


"Sorry to disappoint you, but without the tragic death of Heath Ledger, the Dark Knight wouldn't even be in this discussion. Ledgers death and the morbid curiousity that followed it easily drummed up another 100 million or more domestically that the movie simply wouldn't have done otherwise." Totally disagree with you. I love The Avengers, but The Dark Knight was amazing. Such a dumb comment. 

onetime34 on Jun 5, 2012


the Dark Knight blows! there! i said it! i can breath again! boring!!!!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


 Alright guy. I respect your opinion, but please, don't disparage me simply because you disagree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if its a shit opinion, in your eyes.

DAVIDPD on Jun 5, 2012


There's so much talk now from yourself DavidPD (not to say the talk is accusing or bad tempered) but I mean there's a lot of discussion between how TDK did in theaters and how the Avengers did and who could be right in the end. Everyone is comparing TDK to the Avengers, when that's not the discussion...its TDKR to Avengers. And being TDKR has yet to come out, and no one has seen it yet....how bout we hold off on this discussion and wait for the movie to come out and then discuss this in the "Sound Off" article, haha

Brotsis on Jun 5, 2012


"Even if we can't beat TDKR in score or in the box office....you can be damn sure we'll avenge it...in the sequel!" 🙂

Brotsis on Jun 5, 2012


 Yeah. LOL. I did not even mention THE DARK KNIGHT until the end of one of my comments. Its others who are doing a lot of the comparisons. I will reserve final judgement, until THE DARK KNIGHT RISES comes out, but until then, its only my suspicions that it [THE DARK KNIGHT RISES] will be superior.

DAVIDPD on Jun 5, 2012


dark knight was better than the avengers but i worked on the dark knight rises and to be shure, bane dies with dignity. bruce also dies. sad but true

circle jerk on Jun 5, 2012


why would you even comment?

onetime34 on Jun 5, 2012


 NOOO!!! SPOILERS!!! Shame on you circle jerk. (JK)

DAVIDPD on Jun 5, 2012


you're a dork!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


Fuck u all & fuck all the 'The Avengers' fans FUCK FUCK FUCK...........

Antique on Jun 4, 2012


Thank you for your valuable input to this conversation

Daniel Koelsch on Jun 4, 2012


Dude, chill. It's not a competition. Just go see movies you like and enjoy them.

Doyle on Jun 4, 2012


It shows who has class. Whedon said the competitiveness is silly because when one CBM does well it helps all others. He then went on to say that he doesn't care if it TDKR does better, the only box office sales for TDKR he's concerned with is the ticket he's going to be purchasing when it comes out. Learn people, learn. That is true class.

Srmorrow on Jun 4, 2012


dude... you realized he gets a director percentage of avenger gross.....it made 1.4billion.... so im guessing 5percent the minumum for him....so yeah lol hes fucking happy!!!

dylan on Jun 18, 2012


Even if it does so what.  Avengers did the impossible and thanks to Joss Whedon we got one of the greatest comic book movies ever.  DC has only one option, get the ball rolling so we get a Justice League movie.  🙂

Blkstar325 on Jun 4, 2012


Even if it dosen't surpass The Avengers box office records TDKR is without a doubt going to be the better film of the two and that's all that matters to me, when movies like Snow White and The Huntsman and The Lorax make over 50 mil first weekend I could give a shit about the box office

HazedMind on Jun 4, 2012


 It might not be better. Unless, of course, you've already made up your mind. In which case you're being a fanboy and not being objective.

Bl00dwerK on Jun 4, 2012


yes, watch the movie first then judge.... dont be obnoxious and just surmise... dark ngiht had a amazing actor in it, heath ledger, end result of the film was amazing... dark night rises might not be so good, thought its very likely it will be amazing...so seriously dont count ur chickens before they hatche becuz avenger got very positive reviews , and just cuz u dont think its better than TDKR , if top critics do... its liekly it is.

dylan on Jun 18, 2012


i'd rather watch Rocky 1-3 than the so called sophisticated Batman Begins and the Dark Knight trilogy any day! You know why? the arrogance of Batman fans thinking they're so goddamn great over the kids that like the Avengers! Every time i think about going to see Batman forever or whatever the new one is called i cringe inside. Like your movies you like and realize that even if other people don't like what you do you just might still be a good person! (If you can stop picking on kids that is!). Dark Knight fans are the movie going equivalent of self righteous zealouts!! Boooring!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


I don't know about TDKR, it has a fair chance to finish above The Avengers. But The Hobbit will crush them both - or at least its sequel.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 4, 2012


"The Hobbit" will crush them both. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, please gather around this post and take a look see @ the biggest dumbass post you might ever see! Ol' Isildur (whomever the f@#$ he is) is telling us that one of the top 3 movies EVER IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMATOGRAPHY is going to not only get beaten, but CRUSHED by "The Hobbit"! What a fool I've been! I had no used that the combined forces, and fan bases, of Hulk, Ironman, Capt America, Thor & company paled in comparison to the Hobbits. My bad, Isildur. So, by my way of thinking, if "The Hobbit" is going to crush The Avengers, this also means it will surpass Avatar and Titanic as well, right?

Twilson_ on Jun 5, 2012


I don't know if it's going to surpass Avatar or Titanic, and yes, The Avengers has multiple fan bases and "combined forces" in its favour, but don't forget that JRR Tolkien has its own fan base as well, a vast one. Look how much money the Lord of the Rings made back in 2001-2003, without 3D. My prediction is more an evidence of excitement for The Hobbit than anything else (an understandable assumption given the fact than no one can know how much money a movie will make prior to its release). If you're a comic book aficionado that doesn't mean you have to bash everyone who isn't or has different opinions. From your previous comments it seems you really have a problem with Batman/TDK/DC fans and you denigrate anything that is not Marvel related. And for the record, I enjoyed the heck out of The Avengers, great flick. Your comment just proves that I am a better person than you'll ever be, at least a more civilized one. But the internet is the place where we are all so powerful, right? Time wasted on my part.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 5, 2012


hobbit will be awesome.... combined sequels will gross a combined total of more than avenger< but seperatly.. no way:P and thats a fact.

rawr on Jun 18, 2012


Fair enough, the bets are placed. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 18, 2012


 Your an idiot.

LosZombies on Jun 5, 2012


 Personally, I could care less if Hobbit joins the "Billion Dollar" club. In my mind, and PERSONAL OPINION, The Hobbit beats out everything else. Period. I tip my hat to you Isildur!

LosZombies on Jun 5, 2012


Period it is. Keep your hat in place, sir, your reply is more than enough. Thanks! *applauds frantically*

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 5, 2012


I really don't care if it beats the Avengers or not. There is no other movie that I am THIS excited for, and I am certain that I will enjoy the absolute shit out of it! So, I'm not really paying attention to that internal pissing contest between Marvel and DC, and I'm not one of those fans that apparently can only like either of the two camps and MUST hate on the other. Avengers was a great movie and it didn't surprise me at all that it blew up big time. It was something completely new and shiny involving some of Marvel's most iconic characters; everybody wants to see that! Then there is TDKR, the end of an era so to speak and the big conclusion to the story of the greatest, most popular superhero of all time. Of course, everybody wants to see that as well. I mean, is there really doubt in anybody's mind that TDKR will be a huge success, regardless if it beats the Avengers or not?

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 4, 2012


 No doubt at all. TDKR will be a financial success regardless if it makes that billion or not. People will come and see it. I know Im gonna be there at the midnight showing. And your absolutely right about the Marvel vs DC crap. I hear nerd rage debates about wich brand is superior, and its gotten SO old. Get over yourselves and just enjoy the damned stories!

LosZombies on Jun 5, 2012


nope, ur right TDKR will be awesome and hugely popular... but end of a era??.... they plan on rebooting batman for the justice league mate, to compete with avenger.... and so batman wil likely take a lighter tone like avenger....

rawr on Jun 18, 2012


Oh, no no. I know there will be reboots of the franchise; that's just inevitable. When I said era I was just talking about Nolan's/Bale's involvement. Both said they're through with it unless either of them suddenly has an amazing new idea to build upon, which for now concludes Batman's story and their work on the franchise. Obviously, there will be more Batman movies in the future.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 18, 2012


I loved both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  Thought they were fantastic examples of what could be done to make a superhero movie believable.  That being said, I think a lot of interest in The Dark Knight came from the grim shadow of people speculating how dark Heath Ledger had to go to film his role as The Joker.  People who may have never gone to see a "Comic Book Movie" went to see this based on that horrible loss.  And while they may have left with a better appreciation for these supposedly "kiddie" films, would they have gone at all without that tremendous tragedy?  I think the Dark Knight Rises will lose some of that initial momentum the previous film had because nothing draws out rubber-neckers like the hope of seeing a car wreck, be it real or emotional.

Thexn on Jun 4, 2012


 Super hero movies aren't suppossed to be believable. That's part of being "super".

Bl00dwerK on Jun 4, 2012


Which is why I said I thought they were fantastic examples of what could be done to make them so.

Thexn on Jun 28, 2012


i think families will come together to see this movie. This isn't exactly the 40's or 50's anymore. Families are not what they used to be. Although you make a provocative argument especially in the 3-D department suggesting that it is the 3-D that really put that movie over the hump. The thing about this movie that sells it like no other movie this summer is the fact that is the final movie of possibly the best trilogy ever made(as long as he tops his previous movies). this is the Superbowl. Nolan looks like he has LOADED the chamber on this one. So young people will be nagging their parents. And if they can't see it with them. Well we know how these kids are. They will find a way. Depending upon how good it is. And i have a sneaking suspicion that Nolan didn't cheap on this movie. you didn't see any of the trailers and i definitely tip my hat to you. But from what i have seen including that tease last night with that EPIC musical score. You are going to see this movie and it is going to be so darn good that it may compel you to change your religion. And if the ending is hugely impressive as i am expecting it to be. You are going to want to hop back in line. Classic movies can stay at number 1 for months(avatar/titanic/dark knight/E.T.). They don't fade out so easily. They are classics because they have "LONG LEGS" If DKR has the kind of legs i speak of. it will stay at #1 for 8-10+ weeks. That will be more than enough time to reclaim Dk's position or top titanic. prediction domestic box office 755 million BTW i predicted that the avengers would make 620 million closing(off by 40+ depending finish). Despite the crazies who thought i was foolish. I'm no Monday morning quarterback. I've been doing this for decades. mark my words DKR will win the summer...

Dana Caldone on Jun 4, 2012


are u stupid??? are u simple just a moron?? 8-ten weeks at number 1 in domestic box office??? u dumbass the only film thats ever done that is titanic< and that was back in 1998 where their was less competition it did 11weeks, straight at number 1. Avatar only managed 6weeks.. u moron.... and wtf 755million?? domestic box office? u stupid batman diehard fans... seriously... AVATAR MADE ONLY 760MILLION AT THE DOMESTIC BOX OFFICE! titanic made 650million.... dark night rises has no chance, avengers going to hit 1.5billion ... dark night rises will to be lucky if it even hit 1billion dollars... fools dark night only did well becuz of heath ledger dying.. massive viral marketing campaign took place.. and it jumped and exceeded expectations...so dumb ass batman fans... stop thinking you can take avenger down. Just worry about whether amazing spiderman can take u down!.. last film hit 890million , now 5years later... gonna defintly hit more.

dylan on Jun 18, 2012


Seriously dude, why all the hostility man!, TDKR won't do as well as Avengers Assemble for reasons that have been mentioned, I do however believe that it will get the second highest opening (maybe $180 million) and join the billion dollar club with the basic non - 3D ticket sales on the basis of the honours received from the previous, Nolan's reputation and innovative style, and as a last hurrah. I had predicted that AA would get open with $180 - 200 million, and wrap up with $1.5 billion so it will be interesting to see what TDKR will do.

artjagman on Jun 22, 2012


Why So Serious ?

Victor on Jun 24, 2012


I know for studios the bottom line is money. They will definately makes theirs. As to beating the Avengers, the lack of family might slow em down, but as a comic nerd, its a win win for regardless.

mooreworthy on Jun 4, 2012


Tough call on this one, The Avengers was great and TDKR looks to great also. I wont get to see TDKR in theaters because I have surgeries set up for around the time of release, hopefully I'll get to see it later on down the road.

Jimmy Love on Jun 4, 2012


Bale says he would do another one putting to rest tht he dies. Let's hope Nolan makes 3 more with a new story. We can only hope Hollywood does something right for once and doesn't reboot what is pretty much perfect.

StilesStilinski on Jun 4, 2012


I agree with the first statement that Blkstar325 made.  Who cares?  One was a summer popcorn movie, the other is (what I will prematurely call) a Masterpiece.  The Dark Knight Rises will stand the test of time longer than The Avengers.  Two different films, two different feelings.  I still say TDKR will make $200 Million first weekend, though.

Brian on Jun 4, 2012


Woah hang on there, they're both popcorn movies.

ZM on Jun 4, 2012


the dark knight wasnt just a popcorn movie so what would lead you to believe the sequel would be?

Sammy Boy on Jun 4, 2012


The Dark Knight (and Inception for that matter) was a popcorn movie. It was just decently told but at the end of the day it was pure escapist entertainment. I blame these Battleship-esque films for dumbing down our expectations.

ZM on Jun 4, 2012


popcorn movies don't usually get oscar noms, or wins. TDK and inception has both! avengers won't be getting either.

Big Mike G 23 on Jun 4, 2012


Oh really. Well what about Titanic then or Avatar, Return of the King, Bridesmaids, Star Trek etc.

ZM on Jun 4, 2012


Also I'm not hating on Nolan here. He and Joss Whedon are both fantastic filmmakers.

ZM on Jun 4, 2012


those things don't mean anything B.M.! Strangely i think they missed Star Wars the first time around! Don't be so arrogant- it makes you look like a tool ! Batman Hugger!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


all movies are entertainment. But some are for pure fun (Avengers) while others  (TDK and lord of the rings) tell a multilayered story and are pure epic in nature with villians and heroes that stick with you after the movie ( Joker and Gollum) while The Avengers have good characters many fall flat like Loki and Captain America and come across cheesy in areas of Dialogue while TDK and LOTR have funny moments thats just to brighten up the overly dark tones of the movies. Just cause movies do well and have great special effects does not make them Popcorn movies, with great stories it can also mean their epics and some of the greatest movies of their generation proved throught their acolades like lord of the rings and inceptions oscar noms for best picture and the most talked about snub TDK in last 8 years that single handedly cause the expansion of best picture from 5 to 10 nominees. I can tell you in advance that The Avengers is not even close to those movies in stories and willl recieve no oscar nom for best picture or create a huge out cry like TDK.

Sammy Boy on Jun 4, 2012


Thanks for that endorsement of my point Sammy Boy

Big Mike G 23 on Jun 5, 2012


That's a ridiculous thing to say. Really, to dismiss a really classy movie from a director who has a more than impressive track record as a popcorn movie just because it had a comic book origin is nuts. Get your head out of your arse and also and out of the 90s.

Blargh on Jun 5, 2012


So, you're saying Avengers, which is a GREAT movie; no one is saying otherwise, is something more than what any rational person sees it as? A summer blockbuster designed to sell merchandise and pack theaters with children. The movie is what it is, great fun for all, but nothing deeper.  

Big Mike G 23 on Jun 5, 2012



David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012



ASB on Jun 5, 2012



David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


This is really hard to speculate on, The Avengers and TDKR are probably(or if not the) two most anticipated movies of this year, I mean one was built up for years and it was a blast! And the other is an epic conclusion to a great series!  But you have to take into account they sorts of people that would go to watch the films, The Avengers hell everyone has watched it!!! But with TDKR what about kids? I mean are kids even that inerested in this franchise, because hell for the avengers it's petty obvious they were. Or what about people who are not too fond of more serious/dark movies? Will they still go watch this?(Probably/maybe) They are both great movies and will probably be the two highest grossing movies domestically and worldwide this year, But I just can't seem to make a conclusion about which one will end up on top of which one, very very hard indeed....

Fidel Reyes on Jun 4, 2012


All these paople saying they don't care if it beats The Avengers or not are full of shit. If it did/does they'll be jumping up and down. Sore loser fanboys.

Bl00dwerK on Jun 4, 2012


That's just a silly statement. Why is it so hard for you to believe that people don't care? I sure don't. I'd be lying if I said I am not a Batman fangirl; he has always been my favorite superhero, but I also love a ton of Marvel characters. I just don't understand this weird competition and why I seemingly have to choose a side, and regardless if I say something bad or good about either of them the opposing side is gonna jump on me for being a dumb, jealous and delusional fangirl. Like I said, silly. Would I be excited if the movie broke a new record? Of course! But, even if it would turn out to be a gigantic box office failure, I wouldn't care. All I care about is watching a movie I have been waiting a long time for, and that I just know will blow me away even if I am the only one inside the theater. Box office numbers do not affect my viewing pleasure. At all. Is that really -that- hard to believe?

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 4, 2012


 Because people do care. That's why the list is compiled in the first place. That's why articles are written about it. That's also why there's discussion/bitching about it ever time one movie tops another. The people that claim they don't care are just covering their butts in case TDKR doesn't beat The Avengers. Thing is, now that they've said they don't care they can't really brag about it if it happens without being a complete hypocrite. You know, 'cause they don't care.

Bl00dwerK on Jun 5, 2012


Oh, for sure, I know there are lots of people out there that in fact do care, but you claimed that everybody who says they DON'T care is basically a filthy liar. I just find that to be a pretty bold statement. I don't remember ever bragging about the box office success of a movie that I liked. Not to friends and not online. It's just not a conversation point for me. I like to discuss what I love or hate about a movie, the rest doesn't matter to me. There are lots of movies I love that are considered commercial failures (Southland Tales or Warrior immediately come to mind), and that just never bothered me. *shrugs*

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 5, 2012


 If those people don't care why bother to post about it at all? It's like when somebody you know tries TOO hard to convince you of something. Makes you believe the exact opposite. The people who claim not to care would be the first ones to post as soon as it beat The Avengers.

Bl00dwerK on Jun 5, 2012


The Avengers fans may care because that's all they're gonna have in the end. A little fun and a box office number. The Dark Knight/Christopher Nolan fans don't care because shittier movies have climed that box office ladder (Alice in Wonderland), and they know they're going to be the ones that will have the more epic and gripping movie in the end, that will make them re-watch multiple times it and love it every time. The Avengers may be good, but all in all it's just another superhero flick like a dozen others. And if TDKR will be as good as TDK it won't be just a superhero flick. It will be cinema at its finest.

Terry Craig on Jun 11, 2012



David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


You are a Stubborn motherfucker arent you? I dont give a fuck about the heroes i care about the movie being good and having complexity and replayability so it can be a good experience. When i watched Avengers it wasn't bad ,but it was nothing more than good ,Nothing i haven't seen in Transformers. So what im saying is no hate for Avengers But Dark Knight Rises is Making me anticipate it more than any other movie ive ever watched Avengers Didnt even make me go to the theater! i just watched it on P1Rate b@y!! in 480p!!

Jim Reed on Jul 12, 2012


The Dark Knight Rises is definately my most anticipated movie of the year. I have really enjoyed Christopher Nolans vision of batman. In my honest opinion though i dont see this movie beating The Avengers at the box office, nor do i see it even doing as well as its predecessor The Dark Knight. It was a great movie but unfortunately i think some of the reason it did so well at the box office is the fact that Heath Ledger past away a few months before it was released. His performance as The Joker was amazing and i couldnt get enough of him while watching The Dark Knight and i think it was the same way for alot of people. In a way i think he stole the show. So i think the combination of Heath Ledgers amazing performance combined with his untimely death is what allowed that movie to be so successful. I think The Dark Knight Rises will be the best movie of the summer, and one of the best and most successful movies of the year but to be honest i feel they have really dropped the ball as far as marketing this movie, so i dont think it will be able to top the juggernaut that is The Avengers.

batsupe on Jun 4, 2012


Totally agree they dropped the ball. They marketed the shot out of the dark knight with the joker as the main antagonist. NO ONE outside of geekdum and fandom knows who Bane is and the shit the bed marketing him. Most of the press has been bad (banes voice, avengers trailer way better) etc. I can't wait to the dark knight rises but I'll tell you this. It doesn't hit 400 million. Call me crazy but I'll be right. It will be a great movie and I mean great, with a much smaller than expected audience. Garunteed.

StilesStilinski on Jun 4, 2012


Why is the records measured by the money made these days with 3D creating a higher ticket prices,  instead of actual amount of tickets sold? The true leaders in my books are Gone with the wind and Star Wars, Which neither of these movies can touch. But I believe DKR will sell more tickets thus beating the Avengers.

Sammy Boy on Jun 4, 2012


This is a franchise that's been going since 2005, 7 years is quite a long time for public conscience. No one under 12 is seeing this (broadly speaking), my guess is 15 up will get the best odds.  Avengers had 2 movies out last year, and 3 movies in the 3 years before that. This has been in the public conscience for the last 4 years consistently. That was their plan and it payed out. The Dark Knight Rises just doesn't have that, it won't top Avengers. [And calling Joss Whedon a second time director is kinda cheating, after having directed the number of seasons of tv shows he has; especially with an ensemble casts and snarky dialogue, this is his wheelhouse. Avengers was practically made for him.]

BanditoJuan on Jun 4, 2012


Only time will tell. I mean, if there is any movie to do it, it might be The Dark Knight Rises...there is a bit of a stigma against 3D and the premium it comes with it, so perhaps most of TDK-R's tickets being at the regular price will inspire more repeate viewings. I aslo think WB has already thoroughly started a blitz of marketing for the film. Everyone likes to say The Avengers did so good because it's a family film. But The Dark Knight was dark as well, and it did JUST fine, that was 4 years ago. The average ticket price has gone up due to inflation since then, there are a lot more IMAX screens than then(TDK opened in about 94 IMAX locations in North America but Rises will have closer to 300) and several international markets have really opened up in terms of the box office. Also, a film like The Dark Knight and extremely well received video games like Arkham Asylum and Arkham City have done a LOT toward establishing Batman as a very popular character around the world.

Chris_G on Jun 4, 2012


man whos gives a shit, marvel characters are way better than dc characters... and they re smarter at producing films... i mean we got at least 3 more avenger movies to look forward in the wayyyy future... i mena avenger beats dark night, avenger will also beat dark night rises in grossing.. thats a fact .. no 3d wider audience , awesome reviews =ownage.... and plus it wil also be a bigger francise than HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i mean you guys gotto to include all the marvel films...iron man+thor...etc: +avenger which has made 3.4billion gross so far... harry potter made 7.7billion..

dylan on Jun 18, 2012


Everyone knows that the Avengers will stay the highest grossing film of the year.  The Dark Knight Rises will be a far better movie but without the family audience and the 3d sales it won't make as much. I also am not worried about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman any more. After the footage on the MTV Movie Awards, I got more excited to see her on screen. The Dark Knight Rises will be the best movie of 2012. But, I doubt without the family appeal and 3D sales it will pass the Avengers.

PianomanCJ on Jun 4, 2012


easy solution.  stop measuring a movie's success by the $ value, but by the number of tickets. 10 people seeing a movie at $1 each is much more popular than 1 person seeing a $10 movie.

Michael McRorey on Jun 4, 2012


The drab nite rises will be lucky to sniff the amazing spiderman's box office let alone come close to avengers. it will perform marginally better than batman begins. Hathaway is catwoman is lame, bane is lame , no joker who made TDK & super duper lame OWS themes . Thank god nolan is leaving

Dr Guest on Jun 4, 2012


Looks like somebody was dropped on their head as an infant

Geoffrey Shauger on Jun 5, 2012


I agree with the points made by the original author.  The main two factors that will keep this below the Avengers will be lack of 3D and family appeal.  People underestimate Family appeal.  That's 1-2 tickets vs 3-6 per trip to the theater when you compare a family film to a non family film.  Also kids are repetitive creatures by nature so they tend to see movies they like more than once (especially when there isn't much else out for them to see).  The Dark Knight won't get much of that audience which means the fan boys will have to make up the difference.   The Dark Knight is a fantastic film, and it deserves the bank it took during it's run.  I saw it 6 times myself in the theater.  I am surprised by the Avengers take so far.  I was surprised by how good it was because I was afraid it was going to succumb to Batman Forever disease (too many characters and villians all vying for screen time).  But even though I thought it was good I didn't think it was great.  It's about as good as Ironman 1 and the first Spirderman film, but I don't think it's superb like the Dark Knight.  I think the cool factor of seeing all the super hero's on screen at the same time is what has carried the film this far because really the plot is just...eh, so so. The Dark Knight Rises will have to be as good if not slightly better than the Dark Knight if its going to stand a chance to beat Avengers.  If the Dark Knight made as much money as it did a few years ago with no gimmicks, so can the Dark Knight Rises but to be fair the new previews aren't as intense or mesmerizing as the Dark Knight trailers.  I'm excited but I have my fears that this movie is going to be the Retun of the Jedi of the franchise.

Aero027 on Jun 4, 2012


True, but kids will like the Batplane. Notice that DK was #4 worldwide (at that time) when we didn't have the 3D craze and it earned $1.1bn! Now with the last installment TDKR, it is going to reach $2bn. 

ASB on Jun 5, 2012



David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


That literally makes no sense.  ROTJ was an amazing movie.

Geoffrey Shauger on Jun 5, 2012


the Dark Knight had gimmicks galore... Heath Ledger being the most blatant one!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


not to mention that pencil!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


Don't care about these numbers. Films like Ramin Bahrani's Goodbye Solo or Kelly Reichardt's Wendy and Lucy are great films that never made much money and not many people will ever see. I just want quality work. Forget that corporate blockbuster bullshit!

Marcus on Jun 4, 2012


Right, dude! Chris Nolan doesn't care whether it will surpass the Avengers or not. He wasn't interested in making the 3rd installment (earlier; 2008) nor for the 3D. It was his wife and other teammates that requested him to give it the green signal. It will run in the long term, just like Titanic!

ASB on Jun 5, 2012


Soon The Avengers will Fall and The Knight will RISE. I can still see TDKR beating The Avengers. Sure TDKR does not have 3D and neither did TDK and that film made $550 million at the U.S boxoffice. From what I've been hearing TDKR will be the best film of the 3. Movies like The Avengers make there money in a short amount of time whereas a film like TDKR will make it's money over a longer period of time with great word of mouth and people seeing the film more than once.

Last Son on Jun 4, 2012


AVengers had GREEEEEEEEAT word of mouth.

Ryderup on Jun 5, 2012


Avengers has been holding up very well over the weeks. 

Marc Callado on Jun 5, 2012


Absolutely correct! The Knight will always "rise" after the sun sets. All of us has seen Mr. Chris Nolan's grey cells. He is capable of showing skills no director has shown. It will run in the long term, just like Titanic!

ASB on Jun 5, 2012


Read the other post where AMC announced a running time of 2hrs and 45 min.  That will limit its opening weekend.  I love tracking box-office and as much as this gets the "epic finale" marketing push, Avenger had years worth of tie-in marketing to lead to its incredible opening.  The Dark Knight also had Heath Ledgers' performance + death.  The Dark Knight Rises will be huge but I don't see it beating out any Avengers' records.   Maybe the Justice league will form with Superman making an appearance after TDKR credits.  Then we can talk about beating records.   That dark tone Ben mentioned in his post reminds me of the little girl covering her ears and crying while I was watching TDK at the theaters.  

Marc Callado on Jun 5, 2012


Chris Nolan doesn't care whether it will surpass the Avengers or not. He wasn't interested in making the 3rd installment (earlier; 2008) nor for the 3D. It was his wife and other teammates that requested him to give it the green signal.

ASB on Jun 5, 2012


The Justice league will ruin Batman and Superman. There is no need. Bats can do his homework alone!

ASB on Jun 5, 2012


See the new post on WB hiring a screenwriter 🙂

Marc Callado on Jun 5, 2012


Didn't mean any joke. See after 20th July

ASB on Jun 5, 2012


Fella's- notice that DK was #4 worldwide (at that time) when we didn't have the 3D craze and it earned $1.1bn! Now with the last installment TDKR, it is going to reach $2bn.  The Knight will always "rise" after the sun sets. All of us has seen Mr. Chris Nolan's grey cells. He is capable of showing skills no director has shown.  

ASB on Jun 5, 2012


The dark knight rises will be by far a better movie but i don't think it will beat the avengers (it will be lucky if it gets close). In have saying that the avengers is a good movie but not an 8.6 on IMDB for Christ sake! 

Steven King on Jun 5, 2012


How could someone possibly say that The Dark Knight sequel (which is not even out yet) is going to  be a better movie than Avengers (which is already out and reviewed)? No one really knows that it's going to be good film until it's bloody out. Christopher Nolan is a very good film-maker but he is not the best. Ditto also to Joss Whedon...but at least he has proven that he got eye and ears for great scenes. Let's just hope that the Batman film will get good reviews because I'll be the first one to spit on this optimistic people's thick faces.

X-Lnc on Jun 5, 2012


Nolan on his worst day is 100000000000000000000000000000x better than Whedon.

Geoffrey Shauger on Jun 5, 2012


i know right, avengers was way overated, waste of £9

trancemaster on Jun 8, 2012


boo! spoilsport!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


booo! Batman Begins vs the Avengers? Are you kidding me?

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


In the perfect world it should...Avengers was good but totally overrated.  It was like cinematic fast food...a happy meal on film...entertainment for the lowest common denominator....a guilty pleasure at best

Geoffrey Shauger on Jun 5, 2012


Let's add wine and nachos to that list!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


The Dark Knight Rises will most definetly pass The Avengers!! Look how much TDK made without 3D or even coming close to a "family" film. The WORLD has been waiting to long for Nolan to give us a "TRUE" hero film.. Nice try anyway Marvel!! lol

Cjwarrior27 on Jun 6, 2012


I'd ask if you were 12 but then you would have liked the Avengers better!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


TDK was a phenomenal film that I think is going to be remembered as the pinnacle of the series. The Dark Knight Rises will have to defeat TDK at the box office to move even higher to catch Avengers which I think is doubtful. I am a big fan of both DC and Marvel films so I don't care who wins the battle but speaking strictly about my anticipation of TDKR I'd have to say it's somewhere south of where it was with TDK mainly because I don't find the Bane character as compelling as The Joker and adding Catwoman to the mix just seems to lessen my expectation of creative intensity. My biggest worry has nothing to do with box office. I'm concerned that TDKR might be a bit of a let down and fall in line behind Batman Begins and TDK. I can't help but think of X-Men 3, Spider-man 3, Alien3, Star Trek 3, Return of the Jedi, Matrix 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Blade III, Superman III etc. Hopefully TDKR won't make it to the list of crappy third movies of a trilogy. Instead I hope its more in line with Return of the King or Toy Story 3. The good news is we don't have long to wait to find out.

THUNDERCRUNCH on Jun 6, 2012


i dont think it will top avengers but i can gurantee it will be so much better, surre 3d helped the avengers make all that money but be prepared to have your minds blown!

trancemaster on Jun 8, 2012


who do you work for? you guys on crack or something? I'm with Downey Jr. and Loki! those guys are my frieeeeeendz!

David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


I am not sure why people worry about whether it will make more money than Avengers, (unless your getting a %) what you should hope for is a good movie. If it is good it will do well if not well because of hype people will go see it but they wont go back.  I am fan but I have reservations, the trailers don't do anything for me.  It doesn't look particularly original, more Bruce/bat soul searching, and lots of action scenes and explosions.  Bane just does not do it for me, he will not compare to the Joker, for depth of character or evil.  And the big army of thugs vs army of police thing doesn't work either for me.  They will be background noise and not add to the story or plot.  Much like the jedi vs droids scenes in Star Wars prequels.   I hope my impression is wrong, but I think this series will probably have peeked at Dark Knight and be a bit of a let down in the end.     

JD on Jun 8, 2012


No!, but I do think it will be a better film.

thaRiddler on Jun 18, 2012


Dark knight rules. Avengers was awsome Hulk stole the show, However, The Dark Knight will beat it out or come close. Im just a Dark Knight fan regardless. Oh and if they ever do Batman vs Superman. That would rule the record.

joejoe on Jun 20, 2012


Batman stands alone to take DKR to the top of the charts whereas it took 6 Superhero's to take the Avengers to the top. Nolan's Batman will out shine the avengers. Batman true superhero.

Niranjan on Jun 27, 2012



David Jacquest on Jun 30, 2012


IMAX tickets still cost more though and I would be willing to bet a decent amount of people see it in IMAX.

Blake on Jul 8, 2012


Finally. The hour The Dark Knight Rises is nigh. Can't wait for the epic conclusion to Nolan's great Bat trilogy. Reviews are in and they're positively gushing. I agree with the article though. TDK is the only billion dollar film to gross more domestically than overseas. The Bat is HUGE in the US, less so in foreign markets. TDKR matching Avengers' 600 mil + domestic gross looks unlikely. Plus Avengers is at 850 mil overseas and has yet to open in Japan, which could add another 100 mil. As to The Hobbit topping Avengers, well ... dude, you must be smoking better stuff than I do!Hook me up with your dealer. Prediction for TDKR: Opening weekend - 180 mil.Domestic total- 500 mil Overseas - 700 mil. One thing Nolanites, DC hardliners and Marvel fans should remember is - we, the audience, are the ones who win when these two comic behemoths(DC & Marvel)churn out great flicks like they're doing this summer. Nerdgasms in Nerdvana. The Oracle has spoken.

Delphic on Jul 16, 2012


This needs to be revisited since, you know, The Avengers kicked its ass.

BloodwerK on Aug 6, 2012

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