Batman is Retired in Advance Tickets TV Spot for 'Dark Knight Rises'

June 5, 2012
Source: Facebook

The Dark Knight Rises

Well, if you didn't catch that bit of footage from the MTV Movie Awards we posted while it was still available, Warner Bros. has taken down the video across the web. Maybe it will surface in some sort of official capacity down the road. Until then, there's a new TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises that should tickle your fancy with a couple of great moments between Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman). Also, this is the first TV spot to tout advance ticket sales which begin on June 11th, and that's also when tickets for the AMC Theatres' Dark Knight Marathon on July 19th are on sale. Watch!

Here's the new TV spot for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises via the film's Facebook page:

Eight years after The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to the limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent.

The Dark Knight Rises is once again directed by Oscar nominated British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception previously. The script was co-written by Christopher & Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige, The Dark Knight), from a story by Chris Nolan & David S. Goyer (of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Warner Bros is bringing The Dark Knight Rises to regular and IMAX theaters everywhere July 20th, 2012 this summer. The Legend Ends…

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At the end of the tv spot, "hats will Rise" hahaha

Fidel Reyes on Jun 5, 2012


I'm curious as to why Bruce Wayne walks around now with a cane? And I know the story sets 8 years later, but geezzz, he looks like he's aged a lot coming from the first two films. 

Brotsis on Jun 5, 2012


Well, if the cane is the result of some vicious Bane treatment I think it makes perfect sense that he visibly aged beyond years passed, because in the comics Bane really, really drains Batman physically and mentally before he even applies the "final blow". Ugh, I cannot put into words how badly I want Nolan to actually do to Bruce/Batman what's been done in the comics. If he ignores the one action Bane is famous for I'll be soooo disappointed.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 5, 2012


I doubt that's how it would end. I'd expect him to make a shining comeback after that, to "rise" so to speak. 😉 But yeah, judging from the trailers (which is hard enough if not impossible), that probably wouldn't match up with the movie's possible timeline, I guess. Oh well, we'll see.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 5, 2012


Here's my theory: The fight with Bane will only be a part of it. I agree with your assessment to a certain extent but I know what Nolan has done.  It’s no secret that Nolan, his brother and Goyer reference these comics in the movies but he only uses them as guidelines and that’s where the real magic happens. I believe Nolan has created the ultimate hybrid of Bane with the intellectual execution stemming from the Knightfall storyline (in which he breaks Batman’s back.) and the physical execution stems from the Dark Knight Returns storyline with the Mutant Leader. Bane does not physically resemble his Knightfall counterpart in terms of size but he does in terms of his strategic brilliance and ruthlessness. (Blowing up Arkham to release the prisoners etc) His size is more like that of the Mutant Leader from Dark Knight Returns. It’s nearly identical. Even down to his mask which really resembles the Mutant Leader’s horrific teeth. Now like Dark knight Returns, the fight with Bane will be extremely significant but it’s only part of the story and Nolan is succeeding in getting us to focus on the fight than the rest of the story. First things first: the fight won’t be like Knightfall, it will be more like the one with the mutant leader which was no picnic but he was able to triumph in the rematch.

KeyserSoseOwnsYou on Jun 5, 2012


Wow, Keyser! You really know your shit! I NEVER thought about it from that perspective. That is so the logical way to go. Are you by chance Chris Nolan stirring the proverbial plot??



I am right there with you. As soon as they announced Bane was the villain I was like "If he doesnt break Batman I will be so upset" because how else do you end the trilogy? Some lame sappy happy ending would be so trite. 

jacobcrim on Jun 5, 2012


In my opinion I think nolan is gonna have batman and bane's first encounter during the beginning of the movie and that's where he will be injured and than he will come back and save gotham 

Luis Cuevas on Jun 7, 2012


It won't happen Bale said yesterday he'd be open to doing another Batman movie should Nolan want him to so the movie will not end with a broken bat or a dead one which in my opinion is the right thing to do. Batman can't fucking die, I'd be fucking livid.

StilesStilinski on Jun 5, 2012


It's not from Bane. The cane is a result of his fall from tackling Harvey at the end of The Dark Knight. They hint at it as he's talking to Gordon and stumbling to the Batpod. It's clear that he's fucked up!

KeyserSoseOwnsYou on Jun 5, 2012


but it is set 8 years after the dark knight...... but that would be kinda cool.

Rogers Sarah80 on Jun 5, 2012


Oh, derp! I didn't even make that connection; of course, that makes sense. He could have sustained a longterm injury in the fall, maybe problems with his back or whatever, which is plausible enough and would explain why he retired in the first place. Can't hobble after the bad guys. Are we gonna get a Rocky-style montage for when he comes back to get ready for Bane? 😉

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 5, 2012


That's a good observation and I pondered if he got hurt from the fall or maybe all the excitement including the shot from two-face left him dis-oriented for a while. If the fall was that bad though I don't think he would of lasted 8 years as Batman possibly he had another run in with a criminal within the 8 year gap that made it worse.

BinaryChaos on Jun 5, 2012


Are you kidding? I know a guy who jumped off the deck of a pool in the shallow end and now has to walk with a limp/cane for the rest of his life. It's not that far fetched.

KeyserSoseOwnsYou on Jun 5, 2012


Remember he is wearing an armored suit and like I said if the fall was that bad he wouldn't of lasted 8 years much less get back in the batsuit... We are just speculating on why he could be using a cane we won't really know until the film comes out.

BinaryChaos on Jun 5, 2012


Not trying to be a troll, but can you please explain how wearing armor will cushion the impact on your knee/legs after falling from that high in the air? If anything it would make it worse considering you fall faster.  And if he lived after it how could he not survive for 8 years? Just trying to make sense of your reasoning. If you ask me Keyser's argument is the logical of the two.

Lloyd on Jun 5, 2012


@e90fa22a36658d8cce050279c169e90c:disqus  Does that really need explaining? You should be asking yourself this question if you were a crimefighter knowing how physically demanding it is and suddenly found yourself one day walking with a cane would you continue crimefighting? You'd be dead in an instant. A little hard to use the element of surprise much less catch a criminal while limping. 2nd I don't think Lucious is stupid enough to create a suit without being capable of absorbing sudden impact I mean you did see when a thug tried to take the mask off in Dark Knight and he was shocked. I'm pretty sure Lucius had falling on his head in check when he created the suit.

BinaryChaos on Jun 5, 2012


Binary, How exactly do you engineer a suit to sustain a fall from high up? At some point gravity will do it's job and what you are wearing will be irrelevant. I understand where you might get confused but please stop because you just sound ignorant.

Lloyd on Jun 5, 2012


@e90fa22a36658d8cce050279c169e90c:disqus  Ok now you are starting sound like a troll. This is a comic book movie we are talking about not real life ass anything is possible in a fantasy world. Explain to me how Batman is able to glide? Is that kind of technology out there? Explain to me how he is able to design a hovercraft that manueavers like a jet? If you want to talk about a fall tell me how did Iron Man survive by getting hit by a missile above the stratosphere and landing on earth on full impact and yet gets up and walks away? You mind explaining those things to me Mr. Logical?

BinaryChaos on Jun 5, 2012


Ok, now your ignorance is in full effect! You are an idiot! Batman's gliding technology is based off of base jumping you moron! They explained this in Batman Begins. As for the Bat, the vehicle is based off of military vehicles utilized by both the Navy and Marine Corps. And are you seriously comparing Iron Man to Nolan's Batman???? Thank you. You have properly demonstrated my point. You are in fact an idiot!

Lloyd on Jun 5, 2012


@e90fa22a36658d8cce050279c169e90c:disqus  Then go dress up like batman and save the world since all those gadgets exists...I bet you believe the hoverboard exists too. Yeah kinda silly to compare two fantasy super hero movies, my bad. and stop giving yourself "likes" after every response.

BinaryChaos on Jun 5, 2012


Lloyd, stop arguing with a troll. It's a battle you can't win. This guy is obviously a Marvel tool so let him watch Avengers in endless repeat until his eyes bleed while you romp his mom next upstairs. PS you don't really have a batsuit do you cause that would rock!

DickGrayson316 on Jun 5, 2012


Who cares?!?! All of you guys are being idiots! We are all exited for this movie! Stop acting like children and get over your petty squabble! Nolan can put Batman in a wheelchair for all I care and it'll still be great! 

P. Truman on Jun 5, 2012


Binary, Umad bro?

Lloyd on Jun 5, 2012


 "Not trying to be a troll, but can you please explain how wearing armor will cushion the impact on your knee/legs after falling from that high in the air? If anything it would make it worse considering you fall faster." uh ... anyone care to explain why wearing armor would cause you to fall faster? Are we talking some super gravity accelerating flux capacitor? Just asking.

Galileo on Jun 9, 2012


I think his cane is the result of the fall with Two-Face at the end of The Dark Knight. We never saw what that fall did to him. But, who knows...I'm enjoying the mystery. And, at nearly 3 hours long, there's plenty of footage to show that doesn't completely reveal the story line. 

Quanah on Jun 5, 2012


I guess he became limp after fall from the building in TDK, or during the escape from the police...

Nuno Lopes on Jun 5, 2012


I think him walking with the cane has something to do with what Bane will do to him. Its not going to be pretty.

Ed Keefe on Jun 5, 2012


With a 250 million dollar budget this movie better be amazing the hype for this film is ridiculous. I never heard anyone say a thing when batman begins came out. I hope im blown away and i hope the action and story are both top notch.

Kmoreau on Jun 5, 2012


Well, prior to Batman Begins we had Batman and Robin. So it's understandable there wasn't much hype then. Also, Nolan only had Memento under his belt back then.

ShirtlessLocke on Jun 5, 2012


And Following and Insomnia...  both excellent films that I saw before Batman Begins was even announced.

Chazzy on Jun 6, 2012


You may have, but it's likely that Nolan was primarily known for Memento before Batman Begins was released, hence the lack of 'hype' Kmoreau mentioned.

ShirtlessLocke on Jun 8, 2012


It would/could be pretty trite, but this is the end of the trilogy... I personally am hoping for a sad/cold/unexpected ending

Fidel Reyes on Jun 5, 2012


ohmagwads es gunna be amazong! Gonnae be there in ma tights.

Crapola on Jun 6, 2012


What if Bruce (not as Batman) and Gordon got hurt at the same event as a result of something Bane did? Maybe they were both in the staduim when it collapses? They are both talking to each other in the hospital in the trailer. . . maybe Bruce was there as a patient as well, but not hurt as badly.

Diggy381 on Jun 6, 2012


After TDKR I think Warner Bros. should start developing a 'Batman Beyond' movie. It has the potential to be gritty as fucked coz it will take place in futuristic Gotham City where the crime rate would be even worse (coz Bruce would've been retired by then). The only problem would be the actual suit, coz it would resemble Iron Man's suit too much due to flying mechanisms and the actual mechanics of it, but other than that I'm all for it!

Anyman on Jun 6, 2012


Wayne gets kidnapped and dropped from an aircraft that is how he sustained the injury. He is not batman anymore - just Gotham's prince. Bane reeks havoc on the wealthy and Wayne is the most notable persona. the unmasking will be JGL as a stand in Batman

Adam_west on Jun 7, 2012


Dent was launched off the roof in Dark Knight, as opposed to Batman, who hung there for a second and fell at primarily the same distance, but his fall was broken on the way down by some of the wreckage sticking out, which is clearly seen. Combine that with whatever protection is available from his suits' armor, and it is feasible enough to believe he would survive, BUT- you can see he's not okay, exhausted, hurt, and struggling. After the abuse he took from the Joker, he then gets two bullets to the mid section and falls off roof. He barely gets away onto the Batpod after his pow-wow with Gordon. In a realistic setting according to Nolan's Bat movies, any human that puts themselves through what Bruce/Batman has physically, is going to have a toll on thier body. It may very well indeed explain why he walks with a cane, or retired in general. Who knows. Maybe he just retired, Bane came in later and broke him, forcing an injury requiring him to need a cane. You can break your back in real life and still make a full recovery. It depends on the injury. Obviously a severed spine will say you're screwed, but otherwise- I can see Bruce getting his back broken/severely injured and making a legitimant comeback.

Destruct26 on Jun 7, 2012

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