Beautiful New Banner Images Found on the Official 'Life of Pi' Site

June 14, 2012

Life of Pi Images

I really hope this becomes as big of a hit as it looks like it should be. 20th Century Fox has launched a brand new official website for Life of Pi, and it doesn't contain too much yet but is worth seeing. The studio just started an unconventional marketing plan for Ang Lee's Life of Pi adaptation, about an Indian boy stuck on a boat in the ocean with a tiger, showing full clips in 3D in front of their movies (Prometheus has one right now). The site shows a brief opening clip, but also contains five new beautiful images (integrated into the site) but they were all stunning enough to feature today. Plus, I'm going crazy with anticipation for this film.

Click on any of the five new images below to see their website, the first opening clip, and higher res versions.

Ang Lee's Life of Pi

Ang Lee's Life of Pi

Ang Lee's Life of Pi

Ang Lee's Life of Pi

Ang Lee's Life of Pi

Be sure to see Prometheus in 3D to check out the first full promo clip from Life of Pi playing before the film.

Life of Pi is story of an Indian boy named Pi, a zookeeper's son who finds himself in the company of a hyena, zebra, orangutan, and a Bengal tiger after a shipwreck sets them adrift in the Pacific. Life of Pi, based on Yann Martel's novel, is being directed in 3D by Oscar winning Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee, of Taking Woodstock, Lust Caution, Brokeback Mountain, Hulk and Crouching Tiger previously. The cast includes Tobey Maguire, Irrfan and Tabu, but is mostly the animals and Pi. Fox already has Life of Pi scheduled for release December 21st this year. We'll keep our eyes open for more Pi news and maybe a trailer soon.

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Amazing clip. This book made we weep like a child...

earthlingdave on Jun 14, 2012


Ugh, this is why I hate this new comment system. Why the hell would someone downvote a comment like this?!? Fuck!

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 14, 2012


I hate this new system too.

grimjob on Jun 14, 2012


Sorry guys. I wonder if we can turn off the comment voting specifically? I like everything else, it's a newer, smoother system, but some of these features need to be tweaked. :/

Alex Billington on Jun 14, 2012


Well, it's not your fault that people like to be asses on the internet, Alex. Don't feel bad. If they disagree with one's opinion they could always reply with a counter argument, even if it's just something like "Omg, u r so stoopid, lolz!" This just seems like a lazy cop out, and it makes it easy for people to just troll comments of people they might once had a heated disagreement with, you know. I know that slashfilm had this system for a while now, and at this point it has devolved into silly comments being upvoted into oblivion while other, well thought out contributions to the topic at hand often just get downvotes or get overlooked completely. Can't really start a discussion when everybody just thinks "Pfft, I disagree! *clicks dislike* "Hah, take that!"

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 14, 2012


Well, you can organize the comments any way you choose. Mine is set to "newest first" so it ranks in that order, not by what people vote. But I'll try to see if I can turn off voting in the meantime. Thanks for the feedback.

Alex Billington on Jun 14, 2012


thanks for looking into it Alex. i agree with @SuicidalOptimist:disqus . the new interactivity's good, but the like/dislike thing? i know it's popular elsewhere on the web, but i don't see any value in allowing someone to downvote or dislike a comment. why? because it's anti-community building. firstshowing has a great community who love film and want to chat about it. we should be encouraging that, not trolling. you don't know who is up or downvoting anymore, so there's no accountability, and no check on potential abuse. this isn't YouTube's trolling comment boards. on topic - beautiful website for the film, lovely images, super anticipated!

son_et_lumiere on Jun 16, 2012


the new comment system is NOT that bad. There will ALWAYS be haters lol

mmmmmmmm on Jun 14, 2012


Nice images.

Crapola on Jun 14, 2012


Gorgeous. I like the one with the tiger in the foreground (reminds me of Dali) and the one with the whale in particular. I would love have the latter blown up really big on my wall.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 14, 2012


I like very much the watercolour effect

JM on Jun 14, 2012


This actually annoyed me before Prometheus. I thought for a little bit that I was in the wrong theater. Then I assumed it was a tech demo or something.

Joel on Jun 14, 2012


Great book. I hope the movie does it justice. I especially can't wait to see what Lee did with the island section.

grimjob on Jun 14, 2012


Alex, you said the release is december 21st, but the ads say november. was there a date change?

Jonah on Jun 14, 2012


I think this may be a HUGE sleeper hit. Looks fucking gorgeous.

mmmmmmmm on Jun 14, 2012

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