Bryan Singer Confirmed to Direct 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Next

October 30, 2012

Bryan Singer

Fox might be pretty sad that they won't be handling distribution for Lucasfilm anymore now that more Star Wars is coming, but they have their own big news today. As we learned last week, director Matthew Vaughn was stepping away from X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to X-Men: First Class. It wasn't the first time he left an X-Men sequel as he also departed X-Men: The Last Stand years ago, but it was still some disappointing news. But then it was revealed that X-Men and X2 director Bryan Singer was atop the shortlist to take over. Now Deadline has confirmed that he has signed a deal, and it will be his next film.

Vaughn will still produce the sequel along with writer Simon Kinberg and longtime producer Lauren Shuler Donner. Singer certainly did a hell of a job launching the X-Men franchise and the success of that film was responsible for the plethora of comic book films that followed and still continue every single year. Does this mean that Days of Future Past might have more of a link to the original franchise than we think? Will the time travel elements of the comic story allow it to break free from the original continuity or help tie it in to the original trilogy? We hope for the former, but can't wait to see what Singer does with X-Men again. Hell, Singer on X-Men and new Star Wars? It's time to party like it's 1999!

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I loved Singer's take on the original X-Men movie, and he only surpassed that with X2. I am certainly looking forward to seeing a new X-Men movie under his direction and will be waiting anxiously for any further news on this development. Between this great news, a plethora of new Marvel films slated for the next few years, the recent announcement of future Star Wars films, a new trilogy of Hobbit movies from Peter Jackson, and a potential Justice League movie being mulled over by DC it's a hell of a good time to be a geek at the movies!

Thexn on Oct 30, 2012


STAR WARS STAR WARS STAR WARS AAARRGH. It's overflowed from the adjacent articles!!!

Richie G on Oct 30, 2012


x men 2 almost 10 years later is still the best movie on a marvel property cant wait

Nelson Ortiz on Oct 30, 2012


Pretty pissed Vaughn isnt doing it, Singer is cool but Vaughn had a certain visual style I really liked in first class.

Cody W on Oct 30, 2012


Well, he's doing Bond I bet next.

Ryderup on Oct 30, 2012


That's great news! Singer's X-Men movies were the best in the franchise!

moutchy on Oct 30, 2012


Singer blows chunks. I loathe his propaganda. X-Men needs to go back to Marvel.

Rpin on Oct 31, 2012


Great news we can thank his X-Men films for rejuvenating comic movies. Avengers wouldn't have been possible if singer hadn't succeeded with X-Men in 99 (Alex I agree it's time to party like Prince)! People saying Singer's a hack is uncalled for. Spielberg made Jaws then Close Encounters and flopped with 1941 then made 2 of his greatest pics ever ET and Raiders. Singer is no Spielberg but he is hardly a hack just because he made a sensitive Superman movie. yea Supermans kid was dumb and the kryptonite planet rock thing at the end was dumb but I liked Superman just for the nostalgia of hearing John Williams music again!

Solaariz on Oct 31, 2012


I hope he is able to fix his tarnished rep with fanboys

Solaariz on Oct 31, 2012


Yes, I also enjoyed the titles and some of that shuttle/plane sequence, but the rest of the movie was less entertaining than Superman IV.

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


Singer destroyed superman and for that he will be on my shit list. I like DC better than Marvel. But I do love the fist two x-men movies. The writer (Simon Kinberg) and directer (Brett Ratner) of x men-3 should be shot and killed. LOL. It was awful. Killing off two main characters and having phoenix not have an alien origin was just rediculous. I wonder what Singer said about the third movie. They only pet peve I have with the first x-men is why is Sabretooth not wolverines brother in that movie but he is in wolverine origins?

timnimbus on Oct 31, 2012


Sabertooth and Wolverine are not brothers. You problem should not be with the original X-Men film. Origins made them half brothers, but that is just another example of terrible writing/film-making/ruining X-Men.

NamelessTed on Nov 3, 2012


Hell, I still didn't like X Men and barely enjoyed X2 so like the rest of these films, I have no hope. They need to go back to Marvel so I can enjoy some of my favorite Marvel characters on the big screen like I have others.

Nate Carroll on Oct 31, 2012

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