'Bullet to the Head' Delayed So Sylvester Stallone Can Recut the Film

March 5, 2012

Bullet to the Head

Originally, the next big action flick from Sylvester Stallone was going to be Bullet to the Head from director Walter Hill with a slated release next month. However, the film was nixed from the Warner Bros. release schedule last week. Now we know why as Twitch learned over the weekend that Stallone is taking the time to recut the film himself with an eye towards putting the film in theaters around November instead. That doesn't bode well for faith in the action production, especially since if you're not happy with a cut from the director behind 48 Hrs. and Warriors, then how can you possibly be happy with anything? More below!

Stallone has always been quite a control freak with his projects though, and knowing that he's been as busy behind the camera for The Expendables franchise as he has in front of it, there's really not much surprising about this move. Keep in mind that Stallone took director Wayne Kramer off the project and replaced him with Hill after creative differences forced Stallone's powerful hand. Anyway, the film still sounds somewhat intriguing as it follows a New Orleans hitman (Stallone) and a NYC cop (Sung Kang), who team up to take down the men responsible for their partners’ murders, with the conspiracy leading all the way to Washington, D.C. and a cast that includes Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Christian Slater, Holt McCallany and Sarah Shahi and the new Conan the Barbarian, Jason Momoa, as the villain.

UPDATE: IGN has received word from Warner Bros. and the studio says:

"Contrary to recent inaccurate and unfounded reports that Sylvester Stallone had taken over the editing of Bullet to the Head, director Walter Hill continues his editing of the movie. Walter Hill said today, 'I'm currently finishing up and locking reels on the movie -- as to the content and style of the film, Sly and I are in perfect sync. I'm delighted with the way the film is turning out and hopefully so will the audience.'"

I would like to think that this isn't damage control, but you can't deny the fact that the film is still delayed, which doesn't always bode well for a production. I guess we'll have to see how the film turns out.

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apparently not

Brandon V. Fletcher on Mar 5, 2012


Well if it is anything like The Expendables, then I'd imagine it could use two months of reshoots, a re-written script and about 40 percent of the running time edited out. What a fucking let down that film was. 

Lebowski on Mar 5, 2012


you're a f******g idiot lebowski, the expendables rocked and made $275 mill b****h.

Harry Mayborne on Jun 27, 2012


I'm not a fan of Walter Hill anyway. He could direct Brad Pitt and George Clooney in a Star Wars remake and I'd be skeptical. 

Quanah on Mar 5, 2012


if you're not a fan then what the hell do you care anyway?????

judith priest on Jun 29, 2012


Because this is a website engineered at sharing opinions. So I shared mine, just like you're sharing an opinion about me sharing an opinion.

Quanah on Jun 29, 2012


I don't know how you can't be a fan of Walter Hill. Look him up and see all the great films he has under his belt. But my god he fucked up The Warriors with his Director's Cut. I ended up leaving it with a roommate after moving just so I didn't have it to look at it. And I loved that movie.

grimjob on Mar 5, 2012


I'm fully aware of his films and still not a fan. Red Heat? Barf. 48 Hours? Yawn. Johnny Handsome? Garbage. Trespass? Pass. Wild Bill? Could have been so much better. He isn't a great director. Period.

Quanah on Mar 5, 2012


I think someone ate a Troll cookie...dont forget to swallow.

Buzzfunk on Mar 5, 2012


Excuse me? How much of a cliche is your statement? When someone disagrees with an opinion [insert obligatory troll statement here]. Sigh. Get original friend.

Quanah on Mar 6, 2012


He had to break out the Troll defense on a good-natured disagreement.  Classic. 

Solo_Calrissian on Mar 6, 2012


Last Man Standing? Badass! Deadwood? Tales from the Crypt? Yes please. Hard Times? Motherfuckin' Charlie Bronson! The aforementioned Warriors? You betchum. And I thought Trespass was great! Love William Sadler! Not saying this'll be great though, just hopefully a fun action flick with Stallone kicking some ass.

grimjob on Mar 5, 2012


The Warriors Director's Cut Was my first thought too. I really hated the comic book footage he added. It's just painful to watch.

Thavius on Mar 6, 2012


Completely ruined the tone of the film. I was so pissed when I watched it. I scrambled around the menus looking to see if there was an option for the original version, but to no avail.

grimjob on Mar 6, 2012


Quanah You should check out the long riders and Southern comfort

Loser on Mar 5, 2012


Amen brother! Southern Comfort is a cult classic!! a must see!!

jah p on Mar 6, 2012


Wow, that's no good. Hope the re-cutting makes it watchable. Stallone has been trying his damn best to make the action genre fun again. 

Johnny Neat on Mar 6, 2012


this is not happening

Brandon V. Fletcher on Mar 6, 2012


And I think he's been doing a damn fine job.

grimjob on Mar 6, 2012

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