CEO of MGM Says 'Carrie' Remake to Employ Some Found Footage

April 27, 2012
Source: Reddit


The new adaptation of Stephen King's classic story Carrie is already looking good with Chloe Moretz taking the titular role and Julianne Moore playing her psychotic mother, all in a film from Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce. However, some new information may make you somewhat skeptical about the project. At a talk at the University of Denver, MGM CEO Roger Birnbaum talked about some of the studios' upcoming projects, including Carrie. Apparently the film will employ the recent found footage trend to help tell at least part of the story. Before you roll your eyes, there are some things you need to know. (who found the story at Reddit) points out that we already know this remake is supposed to be a more loyal adaptation to King's original story. In the book, there are plenty of official documents that recount the events of the bloody prim night in the film. The site explains that this is a writing technique called epistolary, and essentially the literary cousin to found footage in filmmaking. That means the film could easily have interviews with students after the events of the film, or even cell phone footage from the prom, etc. Although, the film could easily be told by various video diaries from Carrie herself. However, I'm betting that the film will not be told entirely through found footage. It just seems like a waste. We'll try to keep you posted as the project develops. What do you think of found footage in Carrie?

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It will be cool to see how they utilize it. As more of an evidence and/or interview perspective would be interesting. As long as they don't make a run of the mill remake and bring something halfway fresh it should be fine.

Jake on Apr 27, 2012


You know I was actually skeptical at first, but once I thought of the possibility if utilizing cell phone footage during the prom scene with everybody dying, that would actually look pretty badass...just as long as they dont over use it of course.

LosZombies on Apr 27, 2012


Woops! I just found some more footage! I stepped on it.

Jimmy Love on Apr 27, 2012


King, like Lovecraft and many writers before and since, has often woven in fictional newspaper accounts into his stories, along with more modern items like transcripts of TV newscasts. If this is what we're talking about, then it is perfectly appropriate, true to the author and story, and will probably come out great. But I don't consider this "found footage" technique, nor is it "epistolary" when King puts it in a story (although King certainly does use the true epistolary technique as well--and to good effect).

Mark Koltko-Rivera on Apr 27, 2012


^this guy^ should be your teacher

Jericho on Apr 27, 2012


If this remake Wana be win condemned to give new styles, I think this idea is very tough, I love chloe/Moore/pierce but weight of this remake is on back of Carrie herself and if Chloe was Terrific Grisly Macabre Carrie , half of way passed on I believe this remake catch us

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 28, 2012


Oh, I was rolling my eyes long before I read this article. Didn't they remake Carrie just a few years ago already? That one blew too.

norm on Apr 28, 2012


'Found footage' ranks up there with '3D' and 'pointless remakes' as one of the worst things happening to cinema these days.

Chris on Apr 28, 2012


Agreed. It's another gimmick that won't go away.

Max Renn on Apr 29, 2012


whats up with the deletion of comments? no1 can express their love/hate of a movie on this site? I can only type praises of a movie i think is garbage? i've been deleted time an time again , ridiculous , makes me wanna not even stop on this site anymore. i spend alot of time reading your articles an going out of my way to check movie news just to have it thrown back in my face when i get deleted. WTF i've seen worse comments than the stuff i've typed. Sux cause this site is informative but i can just as well find another as or maybe better "shrugs"

Horseflesh on Apr 28, 2012


As much as I hate most of the recent found footage films, I'm hopeful that these people will do something clever and not insult King with another garbage remake.

Garrett on Apr 29, 2012


Disturbia was to Rear Window as Chronicle is to Carrie...

peloquin on Apr 30, 2012


Y'know, in some ways, its not completely out of its element (, Donny). Most schools today are wired with cameras and surveillance, as are the kids, too. If thats a source of the found footage, its appropriate nature might make it a little less annoying.

Voice of Reason on Apr 30, 2012

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