Check Out Mondo's Awesomely Pink Poster for 'Drive' by Ken Taylor

February 1, 2012

Ken Taylor's Drive

My top film of 2011, if I haven't said enough, was Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive, pure perfection in every frame. While the film didn't do well in theaters, I had a feeling it'd become a cult hit and it has, especially as it finally hits Blu-Ray. Since the marketing was incredibly lackluster, fans have created lots of their own art and posters for Drive, and many are quite good. But Mondo has gone the distance and hired Ken Taylor to design the official Mondo Drive poster, for an event that occurred last night in Austin. It has since debuted online and it's as gloriously pink as the logo itself, but awesome. I'm definitely going to try and pick one up!

Here's the new Drive poster created by Ken Taylor. Originally debuted by but now available in full:

Drive Poster - Mondo - Ken Taylor

Gotta love all that pink! When the Alamo Drafthouse got together to write their list of top ten movies of 2011, Drive was almost unanimously the staff's #1 pick. The Alamo's favorite film of 2011 came back in the theater for one night only for a special Mondo event! In honor of the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Drive, Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo teamed up with Sony Home Entertainment & FilmDistrict for a special screening of Nicholas Winding Refn's Drive and unveiled the Mondo poster for the film, created by Ken Taylor. Extra copies printed in 24" x 36" will be sold by Mondo (@mondonews) online starting Thursday, February 2nd. As I know there are many, many fans of Drive out there, I'm sure these will sell very quickly.

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this is sweet! Mondo is da man!

The Russian on Feb 1, 2012


Saw the film in theaters and I didn't like it.  Probably because I went in expecting one thing and got something completely different.  I blame whoever put the trailer together for that.  I decided to give it a second chance and rented it from red box yesterday.  I'm kind of glad I did.  I enjoyed it this time because I knew what it was, and wasn't expecting a car chase flick.  I don't know about other people but I did expect more action.  Does that make me a brainless movie goer?

Chris Amaya on Feb 1, 2012


 no it does'nt because i think Drive is extremely overrated  i gave it a 7/10 at best and was'nt even in my top 10 of 2011 list

Anonymous on Feb 1, 2012


Short answer? No. You just like other movies. I happen to love Drive, but maybe you prefer something like Fast & Furious.. I have nothing against that franchise (I actually like it), I just thought Drive was way better than any of those films.

Davide Coppola on Feb 2, 2012


*Sigh* more Mondo free advertising...

Blurb on Feb 1, 2012


Didn't do well in theaters?  It had a tiny 15 million dollar budget and made over 70 million.

THX on Feb 1, 2012


At least the poster is accurate to the movie: lots of standing around, staring blankly with no action. Compare with 1978's The Driver -- Even with Bruce Dern's awful acting (and missing 40 mins from the full version), I preferred it to Gosling's snooze-fest.

Max Renn on Feb 2, 2012



Agent Kid Society on Feb 2, 2012

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