Check Out These Four Huge, Gritty Banners for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

May 24, 2012
Source: Collider

The Dark Knight Rises

Well, it really seems like the onslaught for getting the word out about The Dark Knight Rises is taking off in a big way this week. Not only have we seen an explosive final poster (which was somewhat disappointing), a batch of character posters for Batman, Catwoman and Bane, and a couple of cool TV spots with some great new footage, but now we have a round of four huge banners with the debris and ashes of Gotham all over the place. These are probably the coolest posters so far, but some of the placement of our main characters feels a little off-perspective, likely because of some Photoshop work. Still, they're all damn cool banners. Look!

Here's the new banners for The Dark Knight Rises from Collider (click for large versions):

The Dark Knight Rises - Banner - Batman

The Dark Knight Rises - Banner - Bane

The Dark Knight Rises - Banner - Catwoman

The Dark Knight Rises - Banner - Batman and Bane

Eight years after The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to the limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent.

The Dark Knight Rises is once again directed by Oscar nominated British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception previously. The script was co-written by Christopher & Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige, The Dark Knight), from a story by Chris Nolan & David S. Goyer (of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Warner Bros is bringing The Dark Knight Rises to regular and IMAX theaters everywhere July 20th, 2012 this summer. The Legend Ends…

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Jim on May 24, 2012


Argh, I hate saying anything bad about this franchise, but the Bane banner in particular makes me cringe. The placement of the tumbler with him on top of it just looks so wrong; it looks like they took his character sticker and slapped it the picture of a street riot. Well, I guess it's still a better PS job than most other movies (especially of the super hero/action genre) had to suffer through recently. But yeah, so far I haven't been too impressed with any of the posters for TDKR.

SuicidalOptimist on May 24, 2012


I dont see any tailer of movies, i hate spoilers, but What beautiful posters! Outstanding ! I think Nolan know what to doing But I don't wana batman ends. I can't wait until 2015 for batman reboot. I hope this one had good action because I believe in plot of Nolan's works I really hope Huns Zimmer give more new theme to this newcomer and go to the deep Cinematic World without Nolan's batmans loss something

Ehsan Davodi on May 24, 2012


DAAAAAAAMN!!!! That last one is SO freakin sick!! Its almost as if Bane is sayin "Come at me bro!" I MUST HAVE IT!!!!

LosZombies on May 24, 2012


 Right?? It's a SHOWDOWN.

Cracky on May 24, 2012


Is it wrong that I actually wanna see Bane annihalate Batman? lol :l

LosZombies on May 24, 2012


The marketing onslaught is on!

Rico Albarracin on May 24, 2012


Not a whole lot is known about the plot (in depth at least) but from what they ARE giving us, it looks like Batman is finally accepted as a champion by Gotham's Finest, against Bane and his army. I LOVE the grit and 'breaking point' tension of these posters.

Cracky on May 24, 2012


I love the last one!  That so epic!

Marc Callado on May 24, 2012


These make great Facebook timeline covers.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on May 24, 2012



Nielsen700 on May 24, 2012


I believed in Harvey Dent

Voice of Reason on May 24, 2012


Banner 1: Batman is ready Banner 2: Bane is ready  Banner 4: The fight begins Banner 3: Catwomen is gettin the heck out of there

MovieKing on May 24, 2012


Nah, Catwoman is evening out the odds, it's all those guys + Bane vs Batman-just not fair

David Banner on May 24, 2012


chris nolan loves floating debris

Norwan on May 24, 2012


More like the artists/marketing team.

Razor on May 24, 2012


and snow too 

Ricky on May 25, 2012


I've got to admit, this movie will bypass The Avengers.  Batman is the hottest superhero of all time.

findajobspot on May 24, 2012



Pendy16 on May 24, 2012


Cant wait for this movie, but these banners are garbage. WOW the work on them is very 2nd rate, terrible cloning and masking these are a first rough draft right?

Lou on May 24, 2012


I'd have to agree, unfortunately. Maybe it's just knowing what to look for, but there's poor photoshop work all around. The images are large, but not especially high quality, so that doesn't help. And, I'd say these things if they were for any film, but for movies that are expected to be at such a caliber, the design work this go 'round has been rather disappointing.

ambiguish on May 24, 2012


I like the last one.

Xerxexx on May 24, 2012


I expect A LOT of people standing on top of cars in this movie

bltzie on May 24, 2012


So bane and catwoman now have batman's vehicles? haha.

Brotsis on May 24, 2012


Catwoman one is my favorite. Dynamic and interesting, not photoshop disasters like the others.

Max Renn on May 24, 2012


Too big. Won't fit as my Nexus wallpaper :'(

Chris Amaya on May 24, 2012


Their all cool, but I can't help feel number 1 would be cooler if Batman was actually looking at the camera. 

Icarus on May 24, 2012


All of them looks like an amateur photoshop quickly done. the only one i like and think that actually looks like a banner is the one with catwoman. the rest looks fake, look at batman he isn't even standing on the car, neither is bane. quick time print screen. POOR 

abdc on May 25, 2012


bad photoshopped images who in Gods name is approving these posters the riots there looks like a cut out from elsewhere like a novice photoshop user would do waiting to see some really professional poster for TDKR

Han solo on May 25, 2012


What I don't understand is why are they advertising Catwoman so much with the Batpod? I understand that she's going to be using the thing in the film but it's not like you associate Catwoman on a motorcycle. She should be shown prowling or something.... 

Nathan on May 25, 2012


 that's because she doesn't anything to associate with.. everyone has a ride, and well they guess she should have something too. Not like they're gonna come up with a cat mobile or something.. That would be the movie joke of the year 😀 lol

Stevenfreestyler on May 25, 2012


Emmmmm, cat women riding on a batpod, bane riding the tumbler and batman riding a police car.. hey, wait a minute.. did i say that right? Batman drives a police car this time around?!!! that would be funny lol oh yeah, tumbler belongs to Bane now ha ha ;D and the Joker laughs!!

Stevenfreestyler on May 25, 2012


Banner 4:    - Bane: " Come at me Brah!!! "

redskulllives on May 26, 2012

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