Check Out This Batty Mondo Comic-Con 'Dark Knight Rises' Poster

July 12, 2012
Source: Badass Digest

The Dark Knight Rises

There's been a little bit of a poster overload for The Dark Knight Rises lately, but I suppose it's better than seeing far too much footage from the film (we've been holding back TV spots and such so as to keep the film fresh). But it's Comic-Con this week after all, so there's plenty of geeky promotion going on. And who better to unleash a fantastic poster at Comic-Con then the collectible art house Mondo who revealed their poster for The Dark Knight Rises over at Badass Digest. There's actually two different variants of this poster, and two different ways to get your hands on this print at Comic-Con in San Diego. Details below!

Here are the two Mondo poster variations for The Dark Knight Rises from Badass Digest:

The Dark Knight Rises - Mondo Comic-Con Poster 1

The Dark Knight Rises - Mondo Comic-Con Poster 2

The poster is by an artist known as Jock and goes on sale at a random time at Mondo's very own Comic-Con booth (#437) on July 12th. The first design above has a print run of 375, measures 24 x 36 and will set you back $45. Watch @MondoNews for the announcement of exactly when it'll actually go on sale. Meanwhile, the second variant with all the franchise villains will not be sold, but rather given away as part of The Dark Knight Rises Hometown Screening Giveaway Event here at Comic-Con. 250 of these posters will be given away as part of the special event, and you have to keep an eye on @BatSignalSearch on Twitter for more.

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What's with the triangle on his chest where the bat logo normally goes? It's Batman not Superman.

ChrisIlls on Jul 12, 2012


My exact thoughts 🙂 I dont like these very much 🙁

Ricardo_PT on Jul 12, 2012


Yeah, these are crap

Nacht Theorem on Jul 12, 2012


It's pretty obviously a blurred version of Nolan's bat symbol. You've seen the films, right?

normstar2k on Jul 12, 2012


Yeah, I was just in the process of saying the same thing.

Agent13 on Jul 12, 2012


That's obviously the new Batman symbol. Stop hatin'.

Agent13 on Jul 12, 2012


It's not hatin' when you're pointing out a perfectly valid point. Yes I have seen the films, posters, etc. I know they like to do creative things with the logo, but in these posters the triangle instantly reminds you of Superman. It at least needs a pointy eared head on the triangle to differentiate it.

ChrisIlls on Jul 12, 2012


There is a pointy-eared head. It's not exactly a triangle, either. It looks way more like the Batman symbol than it does anything to do with Superman.

Agent13 on Jul 12, 2012


Nah, sorry disagree. Personally I would remove the white triangle, it's distracting, doesn't need it. The Cape and the Cowl outline of Batman is enough. A case of less is more.

ChrisIlls on Jul 12, 2012


Lighten up dumbass. Movie's not even out yet and you're bitching about a white, faded bat symbol on a remote poster... sounds promising.

TheCajun on Jul 12, 2012


It's very easy to resort to calling people names because the internet provides you with anonymity. I haven't been rude to anyone, I've just pointed something out that I feel is wrong with the posters and people start having a hissy fit. Can't people have an opinion anymore. Get a life will you.

ChrisIlls on Jul 14, 2012


Sorry disagree. I would get rid of the white triangle completely, doesn't need it. The Cape and Cowl outline is enough. A case of less is more.

ChrisIlls on Jul 12, 2012


The wings both dip down to the bottom of where the head is. There's nothing to disagree with. It's there.

Agent13 on Jul 12, 2012


Agent13. Sorry disagree. I would completely remove the triangle (it is a triangle, you'll find a three sided object is usually called one), doesn't need it. The Cape and Cowl is enough. A case of less is more.

ChrisIlls on Jul 12, 2012


My apologies for multiple posts of the same thing, my browser was not updating when I was posting. But before this turns into something stupid, let's just remember, it's a movie poster. More important things going on in the world.

ChrisIlls on Jul 12, 2012


Should've thought of that before you posted something silly. Not trying to be argumentative, but what you said makes no sense. "In these posters the triangle instantly reminds you of Superman", Superman never even crossed my mind until you mentioned it. Besides, Supes symbol is more diamond shaped, not triangle shaped. That being said, I do agree the the poster would've been better without the symbol altogether. Still, I would totally blow this up and put it on my bedroom wall.

Lamar on Jul 12, 2012


not liking these. has an "unfinished" feel to them. screams laziness, not awesomness.

quityosleanin on Jul 12, 2012


'screams laziness, not awesomness.' I think that's Mondo's slogan.

BeepBeepRichie on Jul 12, 2012


I don't like them. I get that he rises and all that, but it doesn't look great. Just my opinion...

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jul 12, 2012


awful just awful

redskulllives on Jul 12, 2012


Its definitely different. I think I prefer the other Mondo Dark Knight Rises poster to this one.

Tonto Murray on Jul 27, 2012

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