Check These Out: Even More Stunning 'Tron' Poster Art from Mondo

January 17, 2012
Source: SlashFilm

Tron Legacy

I love when Mondo does sci-fi. Especially Tron. Mondo Tees has announced two more new posters today on SlashFilm, one for Tron (1982) and one for Tron Legacy (2010), both designed by artist Martin Ansin (of the recent Dracula posters and Star Wars/Star Trek, too). This is the third series of Tron posters they've had, following Eric Tan's set and Brad Klausen's work, and they're both stunning posters, I think. Obviously not everyone will love them, but I quite like what Martin has done with each and the detail that he's put into the characters. I'd love to own a set of these, but I'm sure they're going to be very hard to get. Check ’em out!

Martin Ansin's Tron PosterMartin Ansin's Tron Poster

If you're interested in buying either of these fantastic, glow-in-the-dark prints, @MondoNews tweeted that they'll be on sale this Thursday, most likely in the morning. So follow their twitter or keep watching the Mondo website, as they'll have links up when it's available. This is a special limited edition set that will be sold together. Mondo and Disney have partnered, with Sideshow Collectibles too, and they're selling 390 of them on Thursday at a price of $90 for both. They're glow-in-the-dark and are printed 24" x 36" with UV varnish. That is awesome and might've just sold me right there. This is why I love when Mondo does sci-fi!

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I am sorry Alex, and I don't mean to be rude, but what is the point of Mondo making these posters? The movies have come and gone, some were great, some (Tron: Legacy) were not so great. Is it just to play at nostalgia or to show their passion for the selected movies? I just don't see why they need to be made.

DAVIDPD on Jan 17, 2012


Mondo certainly gets some praise regularly here, but I wouldn't object for a reason 'why' they're made. The posters are clearly really well done. They're obviously gaining attention since he or she keeps dishing them out.  Looking past FS giving props to Mondo on the regular, I don't mind seeing these at all. They're pretty iconic graphic design catered towards movie posters. 

Nick Sears on Jan 17, 2012


The point is they look fucking awesome. People buy thing that look fucking awesome. I'm going to buy one of these fucking awesome posters. Oh, and BTW, saying "I don't mean to be rude" doesn't absolve you from being a dick when asking a dickish question. Just ask the dickish question and own the responsibility of being a dick. It, ironically, make you seem like less of a dick that way.

Mayor McCheese on Jan 17, 2012


Wow, he was just stating an opinion and you blow up on him? Uncivilized if you ask me. Mayor McCheese. Did daddy keep his dick in your mouth too much when you were young? A, you need to definitely crack down on the hate on your comment section or it will come back to haunt you.

Dont Hate, Celebrate! on Jan 17, 2012


You do realize they're selling these for money, right? And consistently selling out almost every single edition they do. If that's not a reason, then my mistake. Also they really love movies.

Phillip Gockel on Jan 17, 2012


Even if you don't like the films, you should have enough sense to realize that many are fans of them. No film memorabilia "needs" to be made. I mean, what kind of stupid fucking question is that? It's being made because there are fans that will buy it. Because it will sell. It's being made for every reason in the world any film or film-related merchandise is made, because there are fans who love these films who will buy it. Tron is a very popular cult franchise with fans that will gobble goodies like this up. THAT's obviously why their being made. But of course, only the most ignorant person in the world wouldn't get that, so you were obviously just trying to slam these films and rile its fans up without being called on it. Sorry, no one's falling from it. Next time, just refrain from posting about things that you're clearly not a fan of.

ShutupDavid on Jan 17, 2012


Why does everyone hate Tron: Legacy so much?  I thought that flick was fantastic and everything I expected it to be.

peloquin on Jan 18, 2012



Xerxexx on Jan 17, 2012


I'm okay with this art existing. They're designed to go on T-shirts, right? I personally find the designs too busy and the color schemes bland, but I don't mind if others like them.

Max Renn on Jan 18, 2012


:¬O.....on the right poster his doing the devil sign and theres an upside down triangle....Blatantly, Why?

Abcd on Jan 18, 2012


It's because the film industry is run by the satanic Illuminati obviously. Even in a virtual world they are seizing power aaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Crapola on Jan 18, 2012


Seriously man, all what they want is fame and control quicktime which they get from satan and he gives it to them there and then without thinking what the person has done (good/bad). But God always gives wellfare if the people have done good in there life which is quite less in this world. That is why the illuminati (and most people) go to satan and lick his ass so they get what they want quickly. And if you think about it people do worship satan nowadays (mostly in america), what did satan want? to be worshiped as a god. Most people who will read this will think I am chatting BS. Do your own research and think about it. 9/11 , ritual, sacrifices.... God Is Watching..!  

Abcd on Jan 20, 2012

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