Check These Out: Stunning Neon Sign Pink 'Drive' Logo Poster Set

February 27, 2012
Source: RopeofSilicon

Drive Neon Sign Logo

One of the best films of last year which sadly did not win any Oscars last night was Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive, which had one nomination but it didn't win (Hugo did). While many complained about the film's odd, lackluster marketing—some didn't even like the pink logo in the film—I thought it fit well considering it was Refn's artistic choice and I love absolutely every last frame of the movie. There have been handfuls of fan-made posters since, but this one takes the cake. RopeofSilicon has found a poster set for Drive designed by Belgian artist Rizon Parein that features a stunning 3D pink neon sign made as the logo in the film.

It looks amazing put together, and I want a copies of all of these right away. Hell, I want the neon sign itself!

Drive Neon Sign Poster

Drive Neon Sign Poster

Drive Neon Sign Poster

His site says he made these "because Drive just screams for neon." I can agree with that. Like I said, I wish I could own an actual neon sign like this, no question. But the next best thing is getting a copy of the posters themselves, and he's trying to make it happen. Rizon told Brad at RopeofSilicon: "he is waiting for approval from FilmDistrict to hopefully sell these and he'll let me know when and if he's able to." Excellent. I'm just a huge fan of Drive and I love this design, all these posters, instantly impressed me at first glance. And as Brad says, "makes me want to watch the film again." If anything, a great poster should be able to do that and I agree. Time to pop in the Blu-Ray to watch one of the best films of 2011 that didn't win an Academy Award.

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I love it.

Xerxexx on Feb 27, 2012



Zeus on Feb 27, 2012


You really think Drive should have won an Oscar? Come on. 

Buzzfunk on Feb 27, 2012


You're absolutely right.... it should have.

AgentKidSociety on Feb 27, 2012


What for exactly? You mean Drive is a classic like the godfather? The Shining? Alien? Pulp Fiction?  Get over it. Its a decent small movie. Its slow. Lots of blood, But Oscar? nah

Buzzfunk on Feb 28, 2012


It should have won... rather atleast nominated. Ohhhh and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close deserved a nomination?...right. As well as Julie and Julia did a few years back? Why you are arguing classics in the conversation of oscars is beyond me, Pulp Fiction won best writing thats it not best picture and Alien only won best visual effects. We are saying Drive should have been nominated and definitely had the potential to win, and as far as the classics, its a classic in his own genre. Your a pompous ass like the academy if you cant sit through 'a slow...lots of blood' movie. You went in expecting an all around shoot em up action movie? As for classics ill raise your shining and show you Touch Of Evil, ill raise your godfather and show you The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. I could go on forever, once you start opening your eyes to the art of film, then we can talk. Drive was an all around great movie, well shot and well executed.

Mike Brown on Feb 29, 2012


Drive.. I love the font. This looks like a 3D poster. Cool. 

Selena @ Poster Printing on Feb 27, 2012


 Uninspired font (Miami Vice font) for an uninspired movie title.

Blurb on Feb 27, 2012


why is the title uninspired? It has two meanings, one of which you expect while the other seems much more important after you've seen the film. I think that's pretty acceptable for a title. 

littleup on Feb 27, 2012


I like that the title (like the movie) is deceptively simple.

John Heuer on Feb 29, 2012


How do I pin these!!!!! Love them!!!!

Markysri on Feb 27, 2012


I want the blue one! It looks like how I felt for a couple of days after seeing the film. Great design! And if I had the place to put it, yes, I too would want the sign itself 😉

littleup on Feb 27, 2012


Also, I love the way he integrates the ratings logo in there. 

littleup on Feb 27, 2012


Makes me want to... DRIVE 🙂

Davide Coppola on Feb 28, 2012


bandwagon art. yippie.

Tim on Feb 28, 2012


Drive fanboys never give up.

Max Renn on Feb 29, 2012


It has been proven over and over again that a film doesn't need an oscar in order to be great... Drive was great.. The Academy Awards is only one group of people and their opinion .. 

Simon on Feb 29, 2012


True, their approval doesn't actually matter but I don't disparage people for wanting something that they appreciate to receive more accolades from a reputable organization.

John Heuer on Feb 29, 2012

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