Check This Out: An Impressive 23-Minute 'Y: The Last Man' Fan Film

July 13, 2012
Source: IGN

Y: The Last Man

An adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's Y: The Last Man has been gestating for years now. Shia LaBeouf was once attached to the project and director D.J. Caruso was going to take a stab at the film, but it never came to fruition. Just recently TV producers-turned-writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia were hired to do a new script for the adaptation, but who knows how that's going to turn out. In the meantime, how about we take a look at an impressive attempt by filmmaker Christian Cardona who decided to make a 23-minute fan film based on the comic book just because he loves it so much. Watch it!

Here's Christian Cardona's fan film adaptation of Y: The Last Man via IGN:

As IGN describes the video they unleashed online: Adapting some of the earliest portions of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's hit Vertigo Comics series, Y: The Last Man. Rising stars Travis Quentin Young as Yorick Brown, Kent King as Agent 355, and Rebecca Marshall as Hero Brown as their paths begin to converge in the wake of a global catasrophe that wipes out all the men on the planet, save for Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand. It's nothing short of impressive, especially for a fan film, and it just makes me want a big screen adaptation to get off the ground immediately. Make it happen, New Line! Pretty cool, right?

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watched it on IGN and while it's impressive from a technical stand point it misses everything that was great about the comics, mostly the characters. Also the fight sequences are the one highlight and they're pretty lack luster. I think there's a big lack of understanding about what made the series great and it shows. Why aren't fan films ever about the characters? Why doesn't anyone do a fan film about Spider-Man in his off time with his wife, or Superman trying to be a good reporter? Why is it always the flashy bullshit that keeps these characters from getting the respect they deserve? I'd much rather have had a Y short about the relationship between Yorick and his sister or his mother or the political structure of the world after the disaster.

DaftBot on Jul 13, 2012


Spider-Man 2 showed Parker trying to live a normal life as a photographer, a good portion of the movie. The problem with what you are suggesting is that it is not enough substance for a feature film, it would probably end up boring to most, though interesting to some. Audiences are more interested in what makes these characters special, not what makes them normal.

Sean on Jul 15, 2012


good thing I was talking about fan films and shorts then wasn't I?

Kento on Jul 18, 2012


Vida Guerra almost made this worth watching.

Zen on Jul 13, 2012


Vida Guerra's casting is proof they didn't understand the source material. Why do they need her to play a bit part of an amazon gang member in a fight sequence? To get attention for their short? They can't get a monkey but they can get a model? Priorities are all over the place.

DaftBot on Jul 13, 2012


have you ever made a short film? monkeys are really fucking hard to get.

purple on Jul 14, 2012


LOL! This could be my favorite comment. I was about to honestly be like "are you fucking crazy?!" and then I realized the true ironic intent.

DaftBot on Jul 14, 2012


ummmmm, I thought I saw a monkey? Several times in fact.

Drake on Jul 14, 2012


is this even a real comment? It's a digital fucking monkey

DaftBot on Jul 16, 2012


This comic would make an awesome feature film. This was pretty okay. But I guess considering the budget constraints its good. // Now for the Showtime Original series "CHEW".

DAVIDPD on Jul 13, 2012


Waitwut?? CHEW is being made into a TV-series? That's great! Might explain the jump in price on 9.8 SS CGC versions of #1 😉

David Banner on Jul 14, 2012


Sorry brother, no. I was just saying that as if its going to happen wishfully.

DAVIDPD on Jul 14, 2012


Would be way better as a tv series

Inpulse on Jul 13, 2012


I think this would be a good cable series.. the cable networks need to get smart and realize the potential for adapting graphic novels and long running comics series into mini series or seasons! think about the Live action AKIRA in the a fan of the series I know THERE IS NO WAY you can do that story justice without all the detail that made it great..

lando on Jul 14, 2012


Well that's why it's going to be 2 films.

DaftBot on Jul 14, 2012


A movie is just way too short runingtime for Y: The last Man. 1 season of 12 episodes might work out, 2-3 seasons would be best. Yeah, let's go for that 🙂 As fan films go, this is pure love for the material, I haven't checked out much about those who made this, but it does seem a little too good to be true, no? I mean, this is most impressive, as fan films go. They say the Portal film(s) were fan films, but it's not like it's made by kids with a video camera over a weekend, they do work in some way in the industry. Still, thanks guys, it was very good!

David Banner on Jul 14, 2012


Well that was pretty awesome! I want more please!

Drake on Jul 14, 2012


Dude that opening is sick! This is a fan film?!?! This felt more like a pilot, would love to see another installment, maybe they can get into the more intimate parts of the comic now that the world is established. Way to go guys! Keep it up!!!!

Bojuka Man on Jul 14, 2012


How tha? what tha? Holy shit, that was amazing for a fan film! Best fan film I've seen in a long time. Big fan of the comic. Thanks for finally someone doing something with it! Hope there is more.

Mouse on Jul 14, 2012


Good grief! Fan film? Really? Nice work. Really liked the three main characters, 355, yorick, and Hero. They were pretty spot on. They captured the quirkiness of the comic, especially after there talk outside the diner. " i'm driving, no I'm driving". Didn't really have a problem with no Beth. Great start. Love the cliffhanger, hope we get to go on this journey further.

Agent parks on Jul 14, 2012


That was so awful and a complete waste of such excellent material. Y is one of my favorite graphic novels of all time so to see it handled so poorly makes me sad. I just hope a professional film maker some day shares the same passion as I have for the book and provides the world with a worthy adaptation.

Matt Peloquin on Jul 16, 2012


Awesome! Very nice guys! Would love to see this go further!

kevin durante on Jul 22, 2012


That was a bunch of stuff to try to get into 21 minutes guys! Really great work though! I guess that's the hard part as a television series it's hard to set up everything in one pilot, as a movie it's not long enough to really explore all the great material. Two hour pilot, and the off to the races I say. In the mean time I'll take an episode 2 from these guys.

mike naney on Jul 22, 2012


This is just awful lol.

Guy on Jul 28, 2012


Love it!.....would of liked different wardrobe and the one breast for the amazon's but besides that this is great. Hope they do more.....

J Sinz on Jul 30, 2012


Ok, that was cool, did not expect that. Now I wanna go read the comic. Great job guys.

golum on Jul 31, 2012


give me more please!!!!

jo blo on Jul 31, 2012


saw this a couple of days ago, and it's pretty dam good, especially for a fan film.

B Nasty on Jul 31, 2012

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