Check This Out: Cool Fan-Made 'Dark Knight Rises' Credit Sequence

January 26, 2012
Source: Vimeo

The Dark Knight Rises

We're still waiting for another trailer for The Dark Knight Rises to surface, but a read pointed out that franchise fan Doğan Can Gündoğdu has crafted something that just might whet your appetite. Though there haven't been any opening credit sequences in either Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, Can Gündoğdu has put together quite a cool opening for the film. It feels like it's from a different director, not within Nolan's style, and could actually be used as the opening for a gritty new Batman crime series instead. We probably won't see any credit sequence in the anticipated, but this is still pretty awesome. Watch it!

Here's Doğan Can Gündoğdu's opening credit sequence for The Dark Knight Rises via Vimeo:

The Dark Knight Rises is once again directed by Oscar nominated British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception previously. The script was co-written by Christopher & Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige, The Dark Knight), from a story by Chris Nolan & David S. Goyer (of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Warner Bros is bringing The Dark Knight Rises to regular and IMAX theaters everywhere July 20th, 2012 this summer. The Legend Ends…

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really cool

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


really cool

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


I feel like it's trying too hard to be Se7en title sequence, but falling short.

Phillip Gockel on Jan 26, 2012


You are right. How does this fit into the world of The Dark Knight. Sorry for all the work. But this isn't good.

just a guest on Jan 26, 2012


Yeah, this doesn't fit at all.  It looks almost like it's ripped right from Se7en, but with the bat symbol and different credits.  Plus, the music was very irritating.  All the whiny noises in Zimmer's Joker music didn't annoy me this much.

JL on Jan 26, 2012


Yeah, my first thought was "this feels quite Fincher-y". The creator did a great job but it doesn't fit the general tone Nolan has set for his Batman movies. 

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2012


For some reason I think this would fit better if Mr. Freeze was the villain. Though, like you said it's not Nolan's style. But I'm sure he enjoyed making it 🙂

Neuromancer on Jan 26, 2012


Or maybe a severely deranged Penguin?

Thexn on Jan 26, 2012


Really, i thought Hugo Strange, only cause i played the last Batman game...

Roderick on Jan 26, 2012


Only problem is Nolan doesn't really do opening credit sequences. Goes for the "jump right in" approach. (ie - Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Inception)

David on Jan 26, 2012


Yeah every nolan film goes right into action except Insomnia.  Thats his only one with beginning credits.  I think beginning credits are pointless.  it takes the viewer out of the film.

Kjman04 on Jan 26, 2012


Sorry but that's just too fucking retarded!

Bob Ferreros on Jan 26, 2012


Seems like a parody.

Middenway on Jan 26, 2012


Looks like CSI: Gotham City

S Christian Roe on Jan 26, 2012


God, it was a chore to watch this. Had to stop watching after about 30 seconds. It took that long to give out 10 seconds worth of information. Stupid.

ryana on Jan 26, 2012


Looks class, but not for the movie. It'd be great for a gritty tv series like you said. Still very impressive

Richie G on Jan 26, 2012


Not really diggin' it. Sorry 🙁

Chris Amaya on Jan 26, 2012


just no

stfugtfo on Jan 26, 2012


This is so clumsily cut and shot. They are TRYING to replicate a style that doesn't fit AT ALL with this Batman universe. But regardless, it wreak's of being amateur.

Marty on Jan 26, 2012


and by "wreak's" I meant "wreaks". But even 1,000 typos would be easier to read than watching 10 seconds of this laborious video.

Marty on Jan 26, 2012


agreed lmfao

Daniel Vu Tran on Jan 27, 2012


I think by "wreaks", you mean "reeks". I agree with John below: to those that have nothing nice to say - let's see you do better.

littleup on Feb 17, 2012


Amateur or not, it's not that bad. It does not fit with Nolan's style. True. It feels like it's trying too hard. True. But, I can see some talent in there. It's unfortunate it has little to inspire excitement for the film.

Quanah on Jan 26, 2012


the opening credits for the next movie of batman Directed by  David Fincher and producers for Cris Nolan?

Mark Digianni on Jan 26, 2012


This has a really high production value. It has to be commended on that alone! Well done. This must worry title sequence developers who charge thousands for this kinda thing and here comes a fan who does a great job on a shoe string budget. Interesting.

Dom on Jan 26, 2012


Totally agree. Like everyone has said, the style is definitely not consistent with the series or with Nolan's work, but wow. A great-looking, clean cut, and artistic sequence made by a fan is something to be applauded. It may have dipped into the Se7en school of thought a little much, but the end product looks good.

Anonymous on Jan 26, 2012


I like this.  To those who have nothing nice to say, I'd like to see you do better...

John on Jan 26, 2012


It's not bad, truly.  It doesn't feel quite like Batman to me but it's not bad.  I agree, people should be nice.  If I may offer an exemption for myself to criticize, some of us might actually do this for a living 🙂

Sco Jo on Jan 26, 2012


John! Go F*** yourself! I don't need to do better... Nolan will do that 4 me. Leave the credit making to real film makers, this just doesn't look like Dark Knight to me... It's more like Seven. So shut up and I'll say what I wanna say.  this is a free country you idiot! Edit Reply

Bob Ferreros on Jan 26, 2012


LMFAO @ real film maker, the only thing that makes you a real film maker is  a camera. so you fail idiot.

Anonymous on Jan 26, 2012


Bob, you might have overreacted a little bit. Nolan's Batman films have no opening credits, it's just the standard end credits.  I actually prefer this method, because the film starts and you are immediately thrust into the first scene. But it's nice to see fans try to do something creative like this. Again, if you can make something better than this I invite you to share it with all of us.

John on Jan 26, 2012


It seems like the intro to a TV show about serial killers, or maybe like the intro to "Se7en".  (part of me even thought of "House").  It's neat for sure.  I don't think it feels Batman-ish, but whoever did this could probably crank out a cool title sequence.

Sco Jo on Jan 26, 2012


John! Go F*** yourself! I don't need to do better... Nolan will do that 4 me. Leave the credit making to real film makers, this just doesn't look like Dark Knight to me... It's more like Seven. So shut up and I'll say what I wanna say.  this is a free country you idiot!

Bob Ferreros on Jan 26, 2012


dude get a life lol its not that serious being a hater gets you no where in life.

A Villa88 on Jan 27, 2012


CSI: Gotham

Chazzy on Jan 26, 2012


I'd like to see all you mother fuckers do better!

Gilbertglrz on Jan 26, 2012


Argumentum ad hominem.  Why don't you tell us what you liked about it so much instead of personally attacking others who have offered their own criticisms?  Furthermore, do you have a stake in how this credit sequence is received?  Did you make it?  Why such an emotional response?  Perhaps you should find an outlet for your anger issues.

JL on Jan 26, 2012


to tell the truth if freeze was the bad guy then yeah this would work and it is well done its just not really the thing for bane

Greeney on Jan 27, 2012


Made me realize what an awesome cast this movie has lined up!

Davide Coppola on Jan 27, 2012


I thought it was fine,would probably suit a batman tv show more,HBO you listening.

tir na nog on Jan 27, 2012


Good effort.

Alienlickwid on Jan 27, 2012


gotta give credit for the guy, but it just does not fit for the movie.

Truong18 on Jan 27, 2012


alot of hate going on in here,,,have to admit, eventhough its heavily pulled from seven,,,decent technique.  Good Job man, keep pushing it.

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2012


Felt too much like Dexter to me...

Dean Bergmann on Jan 27, 2012


I feel like this is more of a David Fincher opening title sequence. But still good work just not Batman or Nolan. Always did kind of want to see a Fincher directed Batman mystery movie.

The_Kid89 on Jan 27, 2012


i like it

Michael Baldwin on Jan 28, 2012


Hey cuz yall natches straight in myu zone quit be happening LIL NIGGA@!

Csikimeti on Feb 1, 2012


Nigga we prevail by gang banging and taking notes from souljahs you shall see how MARKS get wasted by ak';s and BULLETS nigga!

Csikimeti on Feb 1, 2012

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