Check This Out: Figure Out the Film Alphabet Through the Decades

January 11, 2012

Film Alphabet

Awhile back we featured a stellar alphabet tailored specifically with characters and more from the Star Wars universe. Now artist Stephen Wildish has taken the time to craft a line of images capturing 26 films from each decade in a compilation known as the Film Alphabet. called our attention to one of the decades, and we noticed that Wildish has actually gone all the way back to the 1960's and plowed all the way through the 2000's with this cool and fun art project. The artist highlights everything from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery to Zulu and plenty more films in between. See them below!

Here's each decade of The Film Alphabet designed by Stephen Wildish, first discovered by

Film Alphabet -

Film Alphabet -

Film Alphabet -

Film Alphabet -

Film Alphabet -

While many of the films are easily figured out, there are some that will stump even the most hardcore movie fans. The 2000's are riddled with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and X-Men, the 1990's features Dumb & Dumber, Home Alone and Men in Black, the 1980's pays tribute to Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T. and Back to the Future, the 1970's honors National Lampoon's Animal House, Enter the Dragon and Logan's Run and finally the 1960's, which I think is the most difficult, includes Planet of the Apes, Mary Poppins and more. Can you figure out all 130 films from the Film Alphabet?

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Of the 2000's I don't know what Y, U, P or C is.

Daniel Duarte on Jan 11, 2012


U= Unbreakable

Brad Decisions on Jan 11, 2012


C is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory???? i think

Red X on Jan 11, 2012


P is Phone booth. I don't know C, O, or Y 

John Heuer on Jan 11, 2012


C is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for sure. Which one is R?...

Anonymous on Jan 12, 2012


Road to Perdition 

John Heuer on Jan 12, 2012


I think U= Usual Suspects, and Y= Y tu Mama Tambien.

Xander on Jan 12, 2012


Oh wait sorry I was looking at the 90's for U.

Xander on Jan 12, 2012


U is Unbreakable, with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.  A very good movie, in my opinion.

Guest on Jan 11, 2012


you are correct

Gob on Jan 12, 2012



RAWGRAPHICS on Jan 11, 2012


I think Y is Y Tu Mama Tambien

Brian Ricci on Jan 11, 2012



Keewatin428 on Jan 12, 2012


O = O Brother Where Art Thou?

Maximumman on Jan 11, 2012


A=Amelie, B=Brokeback Mountain, C=Charley and the chocolate factory, D=Devil wears prada, E=Eternal sunshine of thee spotless mind, F=Flag of our fathers? G=Gangs of newyork, H=Harry Potter, I=the Illusionist, J=Juno K=Kill bill, L=Lord of the rings, M=Meet the Parents? N=Napoleon Dynamite,  O=O brother where art thou, P=Phonebooth, Q= The Queen, R=Road to perdition, S= Shawn of the dead, T=Team America, U=Unbreakable, V=V for vendetta, W=the Wrestler, X=Xmen, Y=? Z=Zoolander  

Zade on Jan 11, 2012


I only got 35 🙁

Davide Coppola on Jan 12, 2012


Y for Y tu mamá también

Robert L. Tuva on Jan 12, 2012


Wow for 90's movies they gave "J" to that shitty schwarzenegger movie of him being pregnant instead of Jurassic Park...huge wtf!! Glad to see though for 80's Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, ET, and Teen Wolf were mentioned! (could've asked for Goonies though in "G")

JBrotsis on Jan 12, 2012


so Devil Wear's Prada instead of The Dark Knight. What the hell

Clocker910 on Jan 12, 2012


Anyone else see a huge decline come the 90's and especially 2000's?

Zacmars on Jan 12, 2012


I know all the 80's except for U through Y. I agree though...J should been given to Jurassic park. But i'm diggin these a lot

Danimal on Jan 12, 2012


U - Untouchables  Y - Youngblood

Gob on Jan 12, 2012


I think V is Vice Versa. W - Weird Science and X has got to be Xanadu

Gob on Jan 12, 2012


W -  Wayne's World

Ailuhin on Jan 18, 2012


1960s... A - Alfie ?B - BarbarellaC - Cool Hand LukeD - Dr StrangeloveE - Easy RiderF - A Fist Full of DollarsG - The GraduateH - Help! ?I - Ipcress File ?J - Jason and the ArgonautsK - KesL - LolitaM - Mary PoppinsN - The Nutty ProfessorO - One Million Years BCP - The Planet of the ApesQ - Queen of BloodR - ?S - The Sound of MusicT - ThunderballU - The UnforgivenV - Viva Las VegasW - Where Eagles DareX - X Man With X-Ray EyesY - You Only Live TwiceZ - Zulu

Madeup on Jan 12, 2012


R- Rosemary's Baby

Mikaela Garcia on Jan 12, 2012


H-Harry Potter

Ya_artistka on Jan 18, 2012


F = Flight Of The Navigator

Pok on Jan 18, 2012


1970 A- Apocalypse Now!

Basook on Jan 19, 2012


Woot Woot - finished! ONLY READ ON IF YOU WANT TO CHEAT: 1960s Alfie, Barbarella, Cool Hand Luke, Dr. Strangelove, Easy Rider, Fist Full of Dollars, The Graduate, Help, Ipcress File, Jason and the Argonauts, Kes, Lolita,, Nutty Professor, Mary Poppins, One Million Years BC, Planet of the Apes, Queen of Blood, Rosemary’s Baby, Sound of Music, Thunderball, Unforgiven, Viva Las Vega, Where Eagles Dare, X the man with the x-ray eyes, You Only live twice, Zulu   1970s Apocoypse Now, Blacula, Clockwork Orange, Deliverance, Enter the Dragon, Fiddler on the Roof, Get Carter, Herbie Rides Again, Ilsa Shewolf of the SS, Jaws, Kramer vs Kramer, Logan’s Run, Mad Max, National Lampoon’s Animal House, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Poseidon Adventure, Quadrophenia, Rebel Without a Cause, Shaft, Taxi Driver, Up in Smoke, Veldez is Coming, Westworld, X, Y and Zee, Yanks, Zulu Dawn   1980s Airplane, Back to the Future, Coming to America, Dirty Dancing, ET, Flight of the Navigator, Ghostbusters, Honey I shrunk the Kids, Indiana Jones, Jumping Jack Flash, Karate Kid, Labyrinth, Mannequin, Nightmare on Elm Street, Octopussy, Princess Bride, Q (the winged serpent), Rambo, Short Circuit, Teen Wolf, Untouchables, Vice Versa, Working Girl, Xanadoo, Youngblood, Zelig   1990s Austin Powers, The Bodyguard, Cool Runnings, Dumb and Dumber, Edward Scissorhands, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Ghost, Home Alone, Interview with a Vampire, Junior, Kingpin, Look Who’s Talking, Men in Black, Nutty Professor, Outbreak, Pulp Fiction, Quiz Show, Rocketeers, Speed, Trainspotting, Usual Suspects, Very Bad Things, Wayne’s World, X-Files, You’ve Got Mail, Zorro   2000s Amelie, Brokeback Mountain, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Devil Wear’s Prada, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Flags of our Fathers, Gang’s of New York, Harry Potter, The Illusionist, Juno, Kill Bill, Napolean Dynamite, Lord of the Rings, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Meet the Parents, Phonebooth, The Queen, Road to Perdition, Shawn of the Dead, Team America, Unbreakable, V for Vendetta, The Wrestler, X-men, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Zolander

Marlye on Jan 23, 2012


80's "w" is wierd science...

bill on Jan 27, 2012


How could they have left out STARWARS from the list in the 70s

Keif_chin on Jan 24, 2012


WTF...they can put freddy but not jason or pumpkinhead!?

Beetleburn on Feb 3, 2012

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