'Child's Play' Sequel 'Curse of Chucky' is Heading Straight to DVD

June 25, 2012
Source: Moviehole


Back in March, there were rumblings that both a remake and a sequel to the killer doll horror series Child's Play were in the works, with the new take on Chucky in the hands of MGM and the sequel coming from somewhere else. Now we finally have the facts as Moviehole has recently learned that Universal Home Entertainment is working on Curse of Chucky, a sequel in the franchise that is going straight to DVD rather than hitting theaters. That means this is the last but of news we'll be covering from this project since it's not a theatrical release, but the fans surely want to know what's going on with the wise-cracking Chucky.

The killer doll creator and franchise director Don Mancini will be at the helm of the sequel, and he'll also write and produce the film as well. Shooting is slated to begin in September with Brad Dourif back as the voice of Chucky. This time the wild doll wreaks havoc on a family that has come together for a funeral. As the logline says: "In the wake of her mother’s passing, a young woman – in a wheelchair since birth – is forced to put up with her sister, brother-in-law, niece and their nanny as they say their goodbyes to mother. When people start turning up dead, the fearless Nica discovers the culprit might be a “strange doll” she was sent a couple of days earlier."

Sounds pretty dark, and apparently there's going to be an emphasis on making the series more scary rather than darkly comedic and silly. Moviehole points out that the sequel actually seems to disregard the sequels after Child's Play 3 and seems to pick up where the 1991 sequel left off. That means you're not going to see Jennifer Tilly return as Chucky's wife and so their demonic seed won't be showing up either. Fans should be pleased that Mancini is coming back, but a straight to DVD sequel isn't exactly the best deal. Maybe MGM will get that reboot off the ground at some point for a new theatrical take on Chucky.

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I Love First One Pity For Sequels

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 25, 2012


I'm all for abandoning Tilly and the kid, the series went really downhill from that point on....but I can't help but feel bummed out by this. Its easy to read "Straight to DVD" as "Straight to being let down"...and I was really hoping for a strong return from Chucky. Bummer.

Voice of Reason on Jun 25, 2012


This is... kinda cool.

OfficialJab on Jun 25, 2012


Chucky jerking off in Seed was pretty much the nail in the coffin for the franchise in my eyes.

LosZombies on Jun 25, 2012


I loved the first movie and kind of lost it after that. Still, it's a shame this is going straight to DVD.

Girl On Film on Jun 25, 2012


No no. You people got it all wrong. This gives Mancini the opportunity to make a film he wants to, not what any suits or number crunchers say he should. I love 1-4, but Seed was a steaming pile. I fell asleep in the theater. But I was also very high... Anyway, fuck remakes, fuck reboots! He wants to take Chucky back to being a sinister little bastard, I'm all in! And with Dourif still behind it, I don't see this as anything but good news. Just because its 'straight to dvd' doesn't necessarily make it bad. Unless it says 'National Lampoon's' in front of it.

grimjob on Jun 25, 2012


Chucky deserves better than this! He's a horror icon, this reboot/remake should be done right, not going the straight to dvd route...

jah p on Jun 25, 2012


straight to DVD??? more like straight to the shit waste of $$$$....

guido_jenkins on Jun 27, 2012


I bet this movie is really going to suck butt man

Sports chick on Jul 2, 2012


I m gonna boycott this film b'cos there's no continuity!!! Give me back my Tilly!!!!

Jennifer Tilly Fan on Jul 3, 2012


screw Tilly and her annoying voice she ruined the franchise i mean come on the original was dark and scary NOT FUNNY!!! comedy does not belong is a Chucky movie

mmaguy on Jul 6, 2012


Straight to dvd..really? a childsplay film with chucky and brad dourif is going straight to dvd, the horror icon that chucky is and has been for years alongside michael myers and freddy krueger!! surely they can do better than that!! the money on this could boom!!

Christie Hayes on Jul 8, 2012


I dislike Tilly but for god sakes put it in the theater! I wanted to go SO bad!

Jennifer Tilly on Jul 10, 2012


How the hell is this gonna be a sequel to child's play 3!?!? Chucky got ripped up to shreds and his body parts have been locked up. So I either there's some kind of twist or this is just a stand alone movie. Maybe they're making this because they want us to be prepared for the remake, cause now noones scared of chucky now he's funny but there gonna change that with the remake and this film and make him dark again

Jimmy on Jul 14, 2012


I want Andy Barclay to come back!

Courtney Runnels on Jul 16, 2012


I think this could have potential. NTM this wouldn't be the first movie franchise that disreguarded other sequals. Hulk, Halloween, Superman, and even the Toxic Avenger if that can be counted as a real movie. I just hope for a few things. Is his ressurection going to be explained and his connection to these new people. I hated the Leprechaun (can't compare the two but...) movie for that... how he inexplicably kept coming back, and they kept adding inexplicable weaknesses to kill him. I hope Chucky/Child's Play doesn't wind up down the same drain. I also hope they bring back his classic look. I don't know if they'll be able to get Kevin Yagher to come back and design the doll, but Tony Gardners version in Seed of Chucky looked horrible. Other than this I am fine with this, and happy to at least see some sort of Chucky movie coming out.

Horror Fan Prime on Jul 16, 2012


I don't think that they should have Glen, Glenda, and Tiffany as main characters, but have, like, a flashback from Chucky explaining where they are now or he killed them off (preferably the later) and then have them done in the series

Steve on Jul 21, 2012


Is their any way I can auditions for a part? I always wanted to see my self in my favorite horror 80's movie. Chucky it is.. of course. Pluse if you were to put me in a "Good Guy" outfit. I would look just like the doll chucky. My appearance fit's every description. on Jul 23, 2012


stop hating on tilly, she didnt ruin the franchise.. don did

thecrazeeartist on Jul 31, 2012


Okay, something doesn't add up here. Why would they want to make a dvd sequel, when they already planned to reboot the franchise? Why? Who even came up with that idea? The latest sequel that came out was in 2004 (Seed of Chucky). Fans probably lost interest already. I'll be honest, if the last sequel was terrible, a reboot has to be done. By that, I don't mean retell the same story we seen in the original one, I mean do it from scratch, let the plot take a different rout with originality and darkness. I've seen all of the films, and they were all garbage, except the original. The 2nd one wasn't good at all, and the plot was pathetic. The 3rd one was pure trash and the plot didn't make sense. Bride and Seed of Chucky was even worse in every camera angle. So why make dvd sequel? I have no idea. Besides, if a sequel did hit dvd, and then the reboot came along, it will just confuse the audience and the franchise would get messy. Nothing against Don Mancini, but why on earth would you do a sequel with a reboot? Now i'm starting to get confuse. But yeah, just please whatever you do, don't make another sequel, especially if it's directed to dvd. Don Mancini, I hope you're reading this, because i'm a film expert.

KMurda on Aug 2, 2012


Why can they not put it in the movies. It could get big if it was in the movies you know. It could be good becuace it doesit have tif or glen. Childs play 3 wasit good so how can this one be good 🙂

hgfffhhhfcchbvvgfffcff on Aug 14, 2012


y not have tilly in it? thts kinda stupid shes a good character if they want shitface out thts fine wit me but i wnt tilly

karah woytovich on Aug 18, 2012


its getting way too confusing tif is already a character too late so is glen y cut them out without tilly its gonna suck make her back into a doll continue from the 3rd movie and make her a full out killer keep to horror cut out shitface make a remake of bride of chucky if ppl wanna talk crap about tht particular film then give them the tilly tht shld have been made in the first place

karah woytovich on Aug 18, 2012


Honestly I love can you not. I have all 5 movies. I agree with leaving the funny out. Chuckie is scary not a comic. And I don't care if it goes straight to DVD. Just means I have to buy it to watch out for me. I don't have to waste 14 bucks at the theater and I can watch it in the comfort of my own home. Pleaseeee for adults that grew up to 80's horrors. Make another chuckie movie. Oooo. Talk to a toy factory and get a good Guy doll out again. Just in time for the movie; ) 2014 Halloween. Hey you ll have one customer from NC. Ahh I would love to b a extra. Or chuckie can kill me;:) a girl can dream.

jennifer on Oct 4, 2012


this is bullshit straight to dvd nobody wants that do it in theders damnit and make it a horror film bring him back and make this the best chucky movie man has ever seen and if u give in in a real body this time the make the childs play remake later thats even better than curse of chuck and have him kill tilly and glen people would fear him again if he was actuly unstopible this time i really hope ur reading this cuz its some gud tips in here! now get out there and do it im waiting

chuck on Oct 23, 2012


Seed was a travesty, Bride was an absolute genius movie. It's heartbreaking to me that they're choosing to completely ignore Bride of Chucky and Seed and forget Tiffany and Glen.

Klaub N Jeffy on Nov 3, 2012


loved the child's play series. I see the other 2 seperate from the franchise. they are better SEPERATELY. picking upwhere he left off is wayy better. although I rlly wish it was in theatres :/

unicorn matrix on Jul 3, 2013


If they wna forget seed of chucky fine, but why leave off from 3? Bride of Chucky wasn`t a bad movie and they should have started over after that...

BigE on Jul 13, 2013


I enjoyed it because it showed why he was running from the police and It gave the some real pointers

Guest on Oct 9, 2013


I felt the same way.

shortyredd on Oct 9, 2013


loved it better then seed

curiousone on Oct 29, 2013

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