Chris Pine Hypes Up 'Star Trek 2' Saying 'We're Not Making Batman'

September 1, 2012
Source: Total Film

Chris Pine in Star Trek

No - they're making Trek! None of this pansy billionaire in a cape crap, we're talking about huge starships that can travel anywhere in our universe and an extremely intelligent group of humans and aliens. While we still haven't seen a frame of footage, a single photo or anything at all for J.J. Abrams' still-untitled Star Trek 2 sequel yet, due out next summer, we do keep hearing quotes and buzz about it anyway. The latest comes from Kirk himself, actor Chris Pine, who in a recent interview spoke briefly about how "the threat is even greater in this one" and how the story is "like the original, but darker." But that's not all he mentions.

Here is Chris Pine's quote from Total Film (via ComicBookMovie) where he chats quickly about Trek 2:

"We're not making Batman. That's not our deal," Pine told us. "There's comedy, which I think J.J. does a great job of, but, like the first one, there's some serious issues being dealt with. And I'd say the threat is even greater in this one."

"The force [the Enterprise crew] are met with is much more frightening. It's relentlessly action-packed and in terms of character development it goes places you'd never expect. The arc is huge for all the characters. It's a really big story - I can't hype it enough!"

While, yes I know he is Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk and does star in the movie and want it to be a big hit, he even clearly admits "I can't hype it enough" and I'm right there with him. Even though this quote doesn't exactly reveal anything new, it does make me more excited for what we will be seeing next summer. And it also, kind of, addresses the criticisms with the first movie and its screenplay. At least he's making it out to sound like they really took things to another level with this sequel, not only darker, but with bigger character arcs and a massive story. Now I get why Abrams needed all the extra time he could get to finish this before next May. We'll continue to keep you updated on anything Star Trek 2 in the meantime. Cool?

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Fidel Reyes on Sep 1, 2012


take that "cool!" and TRIPLE IT!!!!

beevis on Sep 1, 2012


And 1 more time 🙂

rocky728 on Sep 1, 2012


Cool... beans? Cool beans!

Alex Billington on Sep 1, 2012


Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Kubaker1 on Sep 1, 2012


Cool to the Tenth...

wylles on Sep 1, 2012


Love the Abed reference, 'n it's nice someone understood beevis

Richie G on Sep 1, 2012


Not a single photo? Yep..many from a fight seen between Spock and Khan

coolit43 on Sep 1, 2012


That was an unofficial, unapproved paparazzi-taken crappy set photo. Barely a look at all, barely a glimpse. I'm talking REAL photos or a real frame.

Alex Billington on Sep 2, 2012


Can't wait.

Xerxexx on Sep 1, 2012


"We're not making Batman"? What does that even mean? It sounds like he's saying, our deal isn't to make an amazing Blockbuster that fans will love. If you wanna hype a movie say what it is like, as opposed to what it isn't.

JJ King on Sep 1, 2012


I think he just means 'they're not taking themselves too seriously' after all... why so serious?

Richie G on Sep 1, 2012


Right on!

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Sep 1, 2012


actually he should be saying ( if this isn't what he meant ) " we're not just rebooting the same character and re-telling ALL the same stories . We've got the same characters in name only , and they're going to be doing things you never dreamed the originals could do ! " Cause face it , Batman is Batman unless it's Adam-West-style Batman . Whereas Abrams has re-imagined all of the relationships between the Bridge crew , Medical , and Engineering . And them with Starfleet . Maybe only the Enterprise is the same ...

Dominic A on Sep 2, 2012


He isn't saying anything about Abrams's lens flares right? Blah!

Razor on Sep 1, 2012


He could of just said this is no Star Trek Wrath of Khan masterpiece thriller atleast he would be referring to something within the sci-fi genre people would understand better unless batman is some how tied into the star trek universe, lol. With that said I can't really listen to all he is saying but to expect the same level of fun and excitement the previous movie gave.

BinaryChaos on Sep 1, 2012


The first one sucked because of the comedy!

josh on Sep 1, 2012


No it would have sucked if it DIDN't have comedic tension among the crew . As any good Trek has had . The arrogant Russian , Kirk vs Spock , Uhura rebuffing Kirk , the quick-with-a-quip Doctor ...what milieu didn't Abrams get right ?

Dominic A on Sep 2, 2012


I remember watching the first one and realizing that it worked so well as an action film because I cared so much about each character, and the reason I cared so much for the characters was the comedy. Whedon does this well too and even Nolan made us really care about Bruce Wayne because of his whit when talking to Alfred or Luscious.

Matt Peloquin on Sep 2, 2012


I thought I read in an earlier article, the title of the film was gonna be Star Trek 2: Wraith of Khan? Anywho...totally stoked! And I know I speak for my dad too, who is a big time trekkie!

JBrotsis on Sep 1, 2012


JJ King nailed it.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Sep 1, 2012


Yep he's a pansy yet he just takes down the whole justice league, which would destroy everybody in star trek like nothing ever happened, like the justice league didn't exist

MetroidMan68 on Sep 1, 2012


The reboot was the worst Trek movie in history. Yes, even worse than Star Trek V.

rennmaxbeta on Sep 1, 2012


You're gonna have to explain that better , or your opinion will be considered trolling , just for the sake of being negative . it wasn't as good as the 2-3-4 trilogy , but better than 5 and as good as 6 . Close but not quite as good as any of the NextGen movies .And of course ANYTHING is better than 1 ....

Dominic A on Sep 2, 2012


I agree, the Genesis trilogy was the best. The new Trek had bad writing, way too many lens flares, a sewage works engineering, Simon Pegg mugging as Scotty, a lame villain, poor drama, poor humor, and a really terrible Enterprise ship design.

rennmaxbeta on Sep 2, 2012


Not to turn this into a debate thread but I'm with rennmaxbeta 100%. It WAS worse than Trek V - at least V tried to do something meaningful with the series and the characters. I really don't understand how people can think Star Trek 2009 is a great movie. The characters are hollow - there's no genuine affection between them unless they're sexing each other. The villain's motives were ridiculous (watch redlettermedia's review - he liked the movie but he nails this problem) and it's completely devoid of any compelling moral or philosophical struggle. Maybe, MAYBE "Nemesis" was worse because it had many of the same problems and also felt like such a slap to the face of fans. But I'm really disappointed in this new direction. I definitely respect your guys opinions but I really believe Abrams abandoned the entire purpose of Star Trek, and no one seems to notice. I just hope there's another TV series one day. A Trek show will always have more potential than a movie. (By the way, my favorite Trek movie is 6...)

Boiler Bro Joe on Sep 3, 2012


Oh, I actually will say that the humor was one of the only things I enjoyed in the new movie, so I won't knock that, but yeah, it's all just candy. Tastes good but rots your teeth. We have more than enough movie series to do that for us.

Boiler Bro Joe on Sep 3, 2012


The fact is, Pine shouldn't have even said that. There's no point in it. We all know your not making Batman Pine, because you would suck as a Batman just like you suck in everything else. See what I said just now was completely pointless and there was no reason for it.

Rain Spider on Sep 2, 2012


One does not simply criticize Batman.

Dhiram on Sep 2, 2012

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