Christopher Nolan Will Not Produce New Batman for 'Justice League'

July 9, 2012
Source: Associated Press

Justice League

With talk swirling around a potential Justice League movie following in the footsteps of Marvel's massive superhero ensemble The Avengers, there's been a lot of buzz round Christopher Nolan being involved since Batman will obviously have a place in the DC Comics team-up. This isn't just fan speculation as over a year ago Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov said that Nolan and his wife/producing partner Emma Thomas would be involved with a reboot of Batman, one that would fit into the more fantastical universe that Justice League would have to inhabit. However, Nolan recently said that this is simply not the case.

Thomas already said that she couldn't imagine Nolan ever directing another Batman film after The Dark Knight Rises, but the director himself took that a bit further when speaking to the Associated Press. When asked whether or not Nolan was planning to have any involvement in the inception if the new Justice League movie, he simply responded, "No, none at all. We're finished with all we're doing with Batman. This is the end of our take on this character." But does that mean he could still have some sort of involvement, much in the same way he's producing Man of Steel for Zack Snyder? It doesn't sound like it. Nolan says:

"I've got no plans to do anything more, and certainly, no involvement with any 'Justice League' project. Batman will outlive us all, and our interpretation was ours. Obviously, we consider it definitive and kind of finished. The great thing about Batman is he lives on for future generations to reinterpret, and obviously, Warners will have to decide in the future what they're going to do with him. We've had our say on the character."

I suppose that's a little disappointing, but that likely means that a new take on Batman will be so drastically different that we won't have to worry about it living up to the high standards that Nolan has created for the character. A Batman that fits into the Justice League universe can't be so grounded, especially with characters like Green Lantern and The Flash involved. Of course, Man of Steel has been said to not have any ties to Justice League as well, so who knows how all of this is going to work out. Frankly, I'm glad Nolan is wiping his hands of Batman in every way, and look forward to a brand new spin at some point.

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agreed disappointing and now im a little nervous this might hark back to the 60s variant...*shudders*

Jericho on Jul 9, 2012


or Schumaker Batman... *gag*

LosZombies on Jul 9, 2012


now im seeing visions of the 60s batman and childish antics...

Jericho on Jul 9, 2012


Might be a good time to call up Tim Burton to see if he is willing to go back to the directors chair for Batman or be the producer for the reboot atleast, lol. I respect Nolan for putting down the cape and cowl allowing someone else to bring a new spin on the character. I just have a weird feeling they might turn batman into the iron man character where out of the blue he has a bat armored tech suit that allows him to fly which would in some sense balance him out with all the powerful characters he will be surrounded with. Henry Cavil won't be in the Justice League movie then? If that's the case this could give Tom Welling a chance to be the blue boy scout on the big screen.

BinaryChaos on Jul 9, 2012


Kind of obvious, he wouldn't lower himself to doing the JL.

Steve on Jul 9, 2012


Dreams. Dashed.

DAVIDPD on Jul 9, 2012


I want 3 Justice League BACK to BACK with Gigantic Cast & Crew and Unblievable Effects and very Intriguing Plot. I Wana Avengers know if Justice League get assembled they must resign .(kidding,both huge fan) POWER with YOU , DC . Hurry Up , Life is Too Short for us

Ehsan Davodi on Jul 9, 2012


No Wonder Woman, no Flash, and no Aquaman movie yet? Those should have been out already! But nooooo! Those DC/Hollywood executives are idiots for not planning this like Avengers did.

The Truth on Jul 9, 2012


I would love a Justice League movie as a kind of disaster film. Like Cloverfield (without the teen-soap-opera part) or so. Very serious, very emotional. Long camera shots from the perspective of some people in the strees, witnissing the distruction, Supermans wrath for people he could not safe, Batmans crazy ability to hold himself in all this madness and so on. "What would it mean, if this was real?" The characters would be introduced, and you would see them a lot, but you would not be with them like in the Avengers. For me, this could be like Metal Gear Solid 2, where not playing Solid Snake, made me so much more wanting to play him. From there on, DC could do movies with each character individually, until they meet again. And that time, fans would get the full "service"...

OlliG on Jul 9, 2012


I could be completely happy if they never made a Justice League film and just kept it with The Avengers. Go Marvel!

JBrotsis on Jul 9, 2012


Same here.

Fidel Reyes on Jul 9, 2012


why not justice league? hollywood is pimping out (seemingly) every superhero possibility right now.

beevis on Jul 9, 2012


WB should have JJ Abrams do the Justice League movie..IMO, he's the exact equivalent if not better director than Joss Whedon..

jah p on Jul 9, 2012


DC doesn't have to follow Marvel. I want to see the Justice League on the big screen. Marvel hasn't done everything right. Punisher, fantastic four(s), dare devil, elektra, ghost rider(s), wolverine....

mooreworthy on Jul 9, 2012


Would it be ridiculous to suggest that instead of doing movies for all the characters do a few 30/60 minute tv spots as a kind of prelude to the film? Show them as a series of origin stories in a prime tv slot (pay per view if they have to to justify it). Then maybe have their own films later without the need for extensive origin stories. Box sales then etc. Otherwise it feels like this could take a long time to get going and the avengers wave may not be there to catch anymore

Ross on Jul 9, 2012


I'm very happy that Nolan is leaving the comic book world. He has clearly wasted his talent. He needs to make more movies like Memento and Inception.

Mahiya on Oct 21, 2012

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