'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank Top Choice for 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

January 13, 2012
Source: Showblitz

Josh Trank / Fantastic Four

One of my most anticipated movies coming up in just a few weeks is Chronicle, an original found-footage movie about kids who get telekinetic superpowers, and looks awesome. The film is the creation of up-and-coming director Josh Trank, making his feature debut on this at 20th Century Fox. They must like his work, because Variety's Showblitz blog is now reporting that Fox is considering Trank as the frontrunner choice to direct their Fantastic Four reboot, announced a few years ago with Akiva Goldsman developing. No offer has been made and it's not final, but apparently "studio execs expect Trank to land" the gig. Damn!

There have been details and rumors off and on about this Fantastic Four reboot, which is supposedly titled Fantastic Four Reborn, but not much else has come out about it actually coming together yet (though I'm sure Fox only has the rights for so much longer). It sounds like this might be them moving forward and extremely happy with not only Trank, but Chronicle as well, which I am incredibly excited to see myself. Their post states that Fox "is expected to wait to see how Chronicle opens over Super Bowl weekend before extending an official offer." If Chronicle lives up to my expectations and turns out awesome, I think Trank deserves to land a major gig next, and if this Fantastic Four Reboot is what he wants to make, then go for it.

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After the last two X-Men films and the FF series I can't take Fox serious when it comes to comic book films, I hope they lose the rights before they do an awful rush job.

Imthinking.tyler on Jan 13, 2012


really lol x men first class was one of the best comic films of last year and imo was superior to both of marvel's efforts of 2011

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2012


Origins of wolverine was pretty good. Better than xmen 1 and 2

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Jan 13, 2012


you might be a fan of film my friend, but in no way shape or form are you in ANYWAY a fan of marvel with that comment.

Chad on Jan 15, 2012


I totally forgot about First Class but Origins and X3 were fucking awful movies.

Imthinking.tyler on Jan 14, 2012


How is, "An original found footage movie" in the same sentence? There's nothing original about this..

Gigerbrick on Jan 13, 2012


You're referring to Chronicle? Well, it was written and conceived by Josh Trank and Max Landis, it's an original idea of course inspired by many other great films, too. Found footage is more of a style. So, I'm sorry, but I don't see what's wrong with my wording.

Alex Billington on Jan 13, 2012

8 My favorite part is where this film is in no way a found footage film whatsoever.  Handheld 'realism' shakycam ≠ found footage film.

nope on Jan 13, 2012


Wrong wikipedia link, here's the right one:

Alex Billington on Jan 13, 2012


Touche. I guess I'll have to take the proverbial 'beef' to whoever came up with that name for the category. Sorry, but Film Studies majors (and minors) (and in all likelihood professors) are all cringing at the naming of that horror category.

nope on Jan 13, 2012


Totally burned by Alex!

JBrotsis on Jan 14, 2012


Wow, let's make a movie about bros with Jedi and sith force powers . Weak sauce.

Jon on Jan 13, 2012


X-men first class was garbage

Whatsxhisxname on Jan 13, 2012


maybe if you are an idiot with terrible taste in film

Anonymous on Jan 14, 2012


no more captain america as the human tourch :p

Bertkerremans on Jan 14, 2012


The Universe can breathe another day. No more paradoxes, please. Now we have to get a reboot of Green Lantern without Ryan Reynolds.

Manuel on Jan 14, 2012


This, not that I care about Green Lantern (if you do, then 🙂 more power to you) but Reynolds could've already had made Deadpool instead.

Guest on Jan 14, 2012


Exactly! Deadpool can have Ryan Reynolds. And if he wants the entire GL cast (Blake Lively also includded!), be my guest.

Manuel on Jan 16, 2012


This sounds like great news. Wicked.

DAVIDPD on Jan 14, 2012


superhero movies are starting 2 go downhill man

Davidbryan949 on Jan 14, 2012


How??? Recently Thor, Cap America, X First Class did well...Green Lanten was a flop but seems like the genre is looking up. and this is just a small view considering the genre has been around for decades.........

McWilly on Jan 14, 2012


People could told that in 1996/1997, when we saw things like "Batman & Robin" or the awfull "Spawn". But today the superhero/comic book films are stronger than ever.

Manuel on Jan 16, 2012


"Thor", was pretty awesome! "Captain America", was fantastic! "X-Men: First Class", was actually a lot better than it had to be! "Green Lantern", was pretty cringe-worthy, awful. I believe that comic book flicks got their second wind this past year and "Dark Knight", is poised to ROCK the box office once again, along with, "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Avengers"! I am really hoping Neveldine/Taylor got the, "Ghost Rider", sequel right, though!!!! .....But, yes, bring on the FF reboot. The time is right to prep, "Daredevil", too!!!

Spider on Jan 14, 2012

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