'Chronicle' Director to Adapt 'Shadow of the Colossus' Video Game

May 23, 2012
Source: Deadline

Shadow of the Colossus

We already know that Chronicle director Josh Trank is unlikely to come back to direct the gestating sequel to the surprise found footage super powered film, but that doesn't mean he's not busy. In addition to developing a Fantastic Four reboot, a Spider-Man spin-off following Venom, and an adaptation of Red Star, it looks like Trank is heading into the video game world as well. Deadline has word that Trank has signed on to direct an adaptation of the video game Shadow of the Colossus for Sony Pictures. And for those who have played the game, this is an epic story that could very well make one hell of a fantasy action movie.

The game was released way back in October of 2005, and has quite an epic scale with the potential for some very impressive, gigantic monsters that would do well in the hands of Guillermo del Toro. The story takes place an ancient land where creatures the size of mountains roam the majestic landscape. Bound to the land, these creatures hold a key to a mystical power of revival--a power you must obtain to waken a loved one. And so one man decides to fight these Colossi all coming from the ground, air and sea. But is he only on a noble pursuit to bring back his lover, or has he made a deal with the devil and is being used?

Apparently Trank loves the game and actually sought out this job. Back in 2009, writer, Justin Marks of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li and failed Voltron, and Masters of the Universe fame was hired to write, but apparently the studio is now looking for a new writer to work with Trank. Video game movies have pretty much always disappointed, but with Trank involved, and being a huge fan of the game, I'm more than excited. It will be like a medieval Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but on a much bigger scale and likely without the same comedy. Visuals and setting will be much different, but I just hope it doesn't turn out like a generic monster mash of action like Clash of the Titans. Thoughts?

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Now THIS is an interesting project - that game was just so special, and we have a very talented director inTrank. I look forward to it ūüôā

Jack le Critic on May 23, 2012


well i heard they were going to adapt this at some point and wasn't really supportive of it. but now that i see Trank is going to do it i'm a little more optimistic. 

Armeetapus16 on May 23, 2012


"It will be like a medieval Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but on a much bigger scale and likely without the same comedy"...what the hell have I just read?! Are you on drugs ethan? :-p thats not the vibe of the game at all! Nor does it have to e compared with clash of the titans... I love thia game, top5 for sure, i just don't see it turning into a good movie. For starters, theres barely any dialogue, its just a guy exploring this massive world withs his horse and sword hunting this epic creatures. I'm not even sure how big of a budget they would need to pull this off...oh well, hope it turns out good

Ricardo_PT on May 23, 2012


 I have played the game, and I know how the tone is. I've clarified to explain what I mean, but the core elements are there. Fighting a series of enemies for the woman you love, in fantastical environment, and I could go on. Obviously the visual styles and tone is not the same, but the concept is there to be inferred.

Ethan Anderton on May 23, 2012


With so many other films where the main character has to fight off a set number of enemies to succeed, mentioning Scott Pilgrim is very misleading. Especially for those who have never played the game.

geoffcbassett on May 23, 2012


I would have to agree, the tone and atmosphere of the game itself is incomparable. Him fighting for "who he loves" is a bit of a stretch as well, because it's quite obvious their ideas of love are interpreted in a different manner. I would just think it's best to not even include SP in this article :p. It doesn't add any better understanding. Loved the movie though. But would definitely love SotC 1,000x more just because it's about the only game (literally) that has had me in such an atmosphere.

Daniel Vu Tran on May 23, 2012


I agree. Comparing it to Scott Pilgrim is ridiculous. Oh look, Empire Strikes Back has a dad/son conflict - it must be Red River.

Dirk on May 24, 2012


i dunno, the game had too much to be condensed into a movie even if it was four hours long....unless you make it a trilogy or four part anthology....

Jericho on May 23, 2012


I actually excited to see what this director does with it. It's my favorite video game, mainly for the tone its strikes. Mysterious and sombre. I hope they can find some way to pull it off close to the original. Ideally the fights with the large creatures similar in tone and mood to the origional game, with added bactstory that could sustain it as a feature (such as how he stole the sword, his and her love, her illness, how he finds out about this land etc.) Also, I hope they form a relationship between the Wander and his horse. That is a great aspect to play up in a film. Have the horse get him out of dangerous situations and help him, give them a bond. I'll keep my expectations low however, because I doubt it will end up as I hope it will.

geoffcbassett on May 23, 2012


This sounds amazing just by the thought of it being made. I'm a huge fan of the game for its tone and the simplicity of it all, no zombies, no war scenarios. Something like Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain where the battle for eternal love is in the prize. It can surely look epic but I can't wait to see what this dude is going to come up with since I already liked Chronicle.

Mathieu Godin on May 23, 2012


ugh. i dunno if this is a good idea. Great game tho. I like to see ICO myself.

happy camper on May 23, 2012


Just playing ICO was better than most trips I have had to the cinema, but I'd love a film company to have a go at either of them!

Crapola on May 23, 2012


SotC is a game that has earned a place in my heart...such a special game. Now as for a film adaptation, there cannot be any changes made is all there ripe for the picking. Trank I think will do it justice. 

Xerxexx on May 23, 2012


I agree, and him claiming to be a fan as well definitely helps. I hope he's able to capture the "David vs. Goliath" / "Complete abandonment" feeling of the game. And also at the same time, able to show the close relationship between he and his horse. I absolutely loved the game and have seen so many "movie" scenes in my head just imagining it by itself. And if shot the right way, I'm sure those feelings could be replicated once again. It's just a matter of length really.. that's where I see a potential problem arising.. I really hope they don't mess this up. Though Chronicle was a great movie. So I have hope, just not high, if not only for the length, because really.. to capture every moment, in a single movie, I just don't see it happening.

Daniel Vu Tran on May 23, 2012


 Hopes are low indeed. One thing that really needs to be conveyed is the as you said the relationship between Agro and Wanderer. Also when each colossi is killed we the viewer need to feel a sense of regret for each one killed. Wanderer while trying to save someone killed creatures that were relatively peaceful beings.

Xerxexx on May 23, 2012


Many people say video games cinematic adaptions is bad work. But I'm completely opposite with their ideas, only weekness in this adapts is directors than never know anything about those movies and their influence on the gamers, Paul ws Anderson take resident evil to what he want not what the game was but cristopher gangs knows what was silent hill. I think this one hit really hard

Ehsan Davodi on May 23, 2012


Ethan your description of it being "a medieval scott pilgrim" undermines not only the director, but the game and the potential film. I would NEVER see that movie.  It's a very somber and dark tale about sacrifice and while Chronicle has humor it has a very dark tone in the last 45 minutes and that's what I want to see the director accomplish... not some Scott Pilgrim, over the top farce.  I want Lord of the Rings not Scott Pilgrim. Just because something is a video game and Scott Pilgrim references games doesn't mean you should throw them together for your horribly awkward description.

DaftBot on May 23, 2012


poor ethan, i know what you ment to say, i got your back bud

angel figueroa on May 24, 2012


After Watching Drive, I'm convinced the main Characters doesn't need much Dialogue to make a kick ass movie. 

Rain Spider on May 24, 2012


Fucking right this game was badass and so is trank i am hella looking forward to this i hope it gets pushed all the way through its my favorite video game of all time i can play it multiple time and for hours wonder who would play the main character lol very supportive of this.

Jeremy Young on May 24, 2012

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