Comic-Con 2012 Live: Marvel's 'Iron Man 3' Panel + Other Surprises

July 14, 2012

Iron Man 3 Panel

The final big, potentially huge, panel of Comic-Con 2012 comes from the other comic & cinematic masters - Marvel Studios. The panel is listed in the schedule as specifically for Iron Man 3, which just started shooting with Robert Downey Jr. and Shane Black at the helm. We expect both of them to be here today to talk about and, hopefully, premiere some footage. We've also been hearing rumors about news related to Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man that will be announced today, but we don't know any solid details. One thing is for sure - we can expect some big surprises. Follow our live updates from inside Hall H below!

6:00PM - Currently waiting in Hall H for the Marvel's big presentation. The information lists it as Iron Man 3, but I've got a feeling there might be some big Marvel surprises.

6:08PM - Still waiting for it to start… but hearing some interesting buzz on twitter: Was just asked to move my seat because "something big is about to happen right in front of you…"

6:12PM - Opening starts with a video recapping the 5 years at Comic-Con, showing the first time Kevin Feige talked about The Avengers and all of the iconic moments throughout the years here. The video ends with "Phase Two… begins now!" It's time, bring it on Marvel!

Kevin Feige takes the stage to talk about "4 upcoming Marvel projects."

6:14PM - They introduce Thor: The Dark World, the official title for that sequel. And he also introduces Captain America: The Winter Soldier for 2014. Two confirmed titles and announcements, but that's it, quickly moving on.

6:15PM - They also confirm that Guardians of the Galaxy is due out in August 2014, showing us our first look at concept art of the characters from the movie - some various animals, who are the Guardians of the Galaxy.

6:16PM - Edgar Wright is here! Talk about Ant-Man, and now he's up here… I wonder if he's going to talk about it or show us some of that new footage! Edgar: "I'm taking the Terrence Malick approach to superheroes…"

6:17PM - Edgar talking about Ant-Man. "I've always though there would be a great film out of it, and a character that would look better in live-action than on the page."

6:18PM - Edgar teasing the audience if we'd like to see the "unfinished test" of Ant-Man, even if it's just blue screen, since they finished shooting two weeks ago. Time to roll it!

6:21PM - A quick one-minute or so Ant-Man test reel, with him fighting and going big/small in a hallway. Looks badass. "Ant-Man will kick your ass one inch at a time," Edgar Wright says. No official casting information yet.

6:22PM - Robert Downey Jr. walks in the back entrance of Hall H where all the fans enter, dancing his way to some smooth jazz through the entire area, giving high fives to fans. Awesome, awesome introduction! "Thank you."

6:24PM - "Why aren't we watching any footage yet?" And the lights go down.

6:29PM - WHOA! The footage we saw looked awesome, seriously, another "holy shit" kind of moment. It starts with a big tech scene where he tries on his new suit, where the pieces of it just automatically fly onto his body. Lots of great action, intimate moments, his house gets destroyed, and at the very end - a big reveal of Ben Kingsley as Mandarin! Looks fantastic, man that has me pumped up. I want to see all that footage again!

6:30PM - Shane Black: "Sir Ben is lovely, and he's going to be fantastic." He recalls a story how he came up to him and told him about how he figured out the voice. "This guy is… the Mandarin."

6:32PM - Robert Downey Jr. has a Iron Man red metal glove on one of his hands while he talks about the film with the audience.

6:33PM - Don Cheadle says he gets a lot more to do with Robert as War Machine, and he's excited for that chance. They're getting ready to shoot the big climatic final moment right now.

6:34PM - Robert takes a moment to say that everything that happened with Avengers, if it all came down to one person, it's Kevin Feige. We owe him a big thanks.

6:35PM - Fan Q&A asks about hopefully seeing Pepper Potts in the rescue suit. Doesn't look like they really answered it besides "we'd all like to see that."

6:38PM - Shane: This is the same crew, the same guys back in, even Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan, who seems to have a bigger role in this. "Were half way through - if we don't fuck it up, this is going to be great."

"This time, Happy Hogan is so off the chain -- the things he says, it's like Swingers at 40."

6:39PM - Shane confirms Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen, and Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian.

6:40PM - Talk about Happy Hogan returning. "I've never had a chance to really have fun with the role, now I get to really have fun." Favreau talks about now getting to play with Robert as an actor, which he hasn't really been able to do yet. He feels like a proud grandfather "who doesn't have to change the diapers but gets to play with the baby" in regards to working as an executive producer now.

6:42PM - Guy comes up wearing a full Iron Man cardboard suit asking Robert "can I borrow your suit?" Robert responds: "Yea, it's like Rhodie, you can take it but not give it back." "You look hot."

6:45PM - Shane: How do you touch base with the movies before, but make something on its own. "To stay on top, you always have to touch bottom." That's what we're doing, we're actually going back to the roots, to dig out the myth of it. We need a little simplicity, and the simple straightforward return to the myths that drive us. "Working with [RDJ] has been a fucking dream." "He is Tony Stark!"

6:47PM - Question about more Demon in the Bottle and drinking stuff. "Robert does fall of the wagon in this one…" Shane says jokingly. Robert: "You like the idea of him struggling with this, but there isn't really enough plot." "What are we going to do, sidebar for 30 days? He's got to save the world! I think he's got the plug in the jug this time."

6:48PM - Favreau says Feige has a really good nose for the right people, and he's found that with Shane Black. "There's a lot of really nice personal nuance to it."

6:52PM - Robert Downey Jr. gets the audience to sing Happy Birthday to a 15 year old girl who's birthday present was to come here and see the panel. Aww, adorable.

6:53PM - Same girl asks the question, if you could choose any color for the suit, what could it be? RDJ: "Does mauve offend anyone?"

6:54PM - One last question about if we'll see Bruce Banner in Iron Man 3. "Well you remember at the end of Avengers he hoped in the car with Tony… but he dropped him off at Port Authority and we'll see him in a while."

6:54PM - Favreau tells Feige they need to show the footage again. So they play it one more time!

6:59PM - That's a wrap on the Iron Man 3 / Marvel panel, and end to the big day in Hall H. Had a great time, especially during this panel. Marvel kept it energetic, and exciting, and moving at fast pace, with some big surprises, announcements and more. Recap it all above!

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I'm not sure if I can handle Rocket Racoon on the big screen.

Andrew DiDonato on Jul 14, 2012


simple solution. don't go see it.

Karl on Jul 14, 2012


I meant because of his coolness factor. As in, having Rocket Raccoon on the big screen would be insanely awesome that my brain can't handle it. He's a talking Raccoon with a gun. I can't wait to see what they do with him.

Andrew DiDonato on Jul 14, 2012


I am so so so excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. The blending of sci/fi and fantasy is one of the aspects that always drew me to comics. AntMan clip sounds awesome as well and no need to mention IM. Marvel is just on a roll

rocky728 on Jul 14, 2012


Nice! Can't wait for Iron Man 3 and look at this footage!

LR on Jul 14, 2012


Alex, do you know if we as fans (who cannot attend comic con) will be able to see the footage you've seen for ant-man or IR3?

JBrotsis on Jul 14, 2012


My jaw was on the floor while watching the new footage of iron man 3, it was more than I expected and I really like the direction they're going. Plus seeing Ant-man was the icing on the cake

Zade_92 on Jul 14, 2012

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