Comic-Con 2012: 'Man of Steel' + 'Godzilla' + 'Pacific Rim' Video Blog

July 15, 2012

Superman: Man of Steel

One of the best Hall H panels I have ever attended in my 7 year history at Comic-Con happened yesterday in San Diego. Warner Bros, giving us a look at four or five of their biggest projects coming up, rocked the convention center and Hall H full of nearly 7000 fans with some of the most exciting footage we've seen and entertaining Q&As non-stop. The panel ran two and a half hours, covering Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, a reveal for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, Zack Snyder's Superman reboot Man of Steel, and of course, Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. It was this event where many of us emerged very impressed by what we saw.

Following the panel, I met up with Ethan and Ben, both writers with FirstShowing for a quick video blog outside the convention center discussing everything we saw at Warner Bros' Comic-Con 2012 presentation.

The more I think back to it now, the footage that impressed me the most came from Godzilla, though I also really loved what I saw of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, I think it's headed in the right direction. Both of these movies look incredible and we've barely seen anything besides just a first glimpse. As for Pacific Rim, since I wasn't a big fan of Hellboy 2, I've been nervous about Guillermo getting back in, but this reminded me why he's great and it looks like he's going all out with giant robots vs monsters. Finally, it was wonderful to journey back into Middle Earth with Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman and Sir Ian McKellen from The Hobbit, especially with a full 12 minutes of footage. I didn't want it to end! Why isn't it December yet? Soon.

We always love discussing this in person and hope you have enjoyed our video blogs from Comic-Con 2012.

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Thank you AB. You the man! // PACIFIC RIM is going to be the SHIT (...and the shit's good)!!!

DAVIDPD on Jul 15, 2012


The giant monsters In Pacific Rim are called kaiju (Japanese word that means "strange beast" picked up steam and is now used in American English to categorize giant movie monsters specifically) and the robots are being called Jaegers-i have nooo idea where that word comes from.

Nick S. on Jul 15, 2012


P.S. Oh, right... The movies all sound INCREDIBLE! Listening to you guys talk about Godzilla especially gave me chills (huge Big G fanboy over here) and as for Superman... did you say DOOMSDAY?!?!?!?! My god i hope you're right. Thanks for the impressions, guys. Makes a dude who couldn't be at the Comic-Con feel as though he at LEAST got to talk with his friends who went about it.

Nick S. on Jul 15, 2012


Jaeger is German for hunter. And no I didn't get it from Jagermeister, got it from RIFTS, an awesome RPG from Palladium books. I put RIFTS as my ultimate geek epic movie franchise that will never happen.

Akirakorn on Jul 15, 2012


Jäger is such a cool word for a Mecha and has been used a few times in fiction, rpg's etc. ( Heavy gear, Kerberos). Always reminds me of the German tank hunters during ww2.

Pilgrim_UK on Jul 16, 2012


Yup. Also was used in GUNDAM.

Scopedog on Jul 16, 2012


Not much Gundam being mentioned actually. I doubt Gundam could be translated that well to the screen, it's quite a full on political story. I remember having checked out the manuals and having many models of the mecha, being slightly disappointed that the show didn't have constant robot battles as a kid, much like a grown up Transformers fan now.

Carpola on Jul 16, 2012


Good call on RIFTS, man! Nice to see the mention of Palladium Books and what has to be one of the greatest RPGs ever created. It would have made an awesome film franchise....but who knows? It could happen....

Scopedog on Jul 16, 2012


Did you see the kaiju in the Pacific Rim's footage ??

Mr Cinemagic on Jul 15, 2012


Great video've got me stoked!

Geoffrey Shauger on Jul 15, 2012


Great video guys. Lois Lane did start with red hair in the original Sunday papers...FYI.

Quanah on Jul 15, 2012


I think that The Hobbit, Superman and Godzilla movies will exceed expectations if for no the reason than the fact that all three directors know that therir careers will take a serious hit from the fans of these iconic characters if they produce anything less than perfection this time around. I say that Del Toro has the least amount of pressure on him from his fans with Pacific Rim although he may be feeling the pressure of hitting one out of the ball park for the studio if he plans on stepping up to the list A list of directors.

Hattori Hanzo on Jul 15, 2012


Tx for the live coverage! Wish I was there!

Zirah on Jul 15, 2012


Godzilla will be AWESOME! I can't wait to see the teaser!!!!

John on Jul 15, 2012


omg doomsday holy shitballs awesome!!!!!

THEBATMAN on Jul 15, 2012


I was just thinking about the Beastie Boys " Intergaltic" with their giant robots playing with the Pacific Rim trailer!!!

Dfwil145 on Jul 15, 2012


Did you just refer to the movies as "products"? Yeeech.

max on Jul 16, 2012


I agree totally! The Legendary Pictures/Warner Brothers panel just blew everyone away! I was so entirely slackjawed from the moment of their "wrap-around" screen reveal to the more than 2 hour panel that I didn't even need to stay for the Marvel panel which was immediately after. And with all due respect to the Marvel characters and their creators, Warner/Legendary and DC simply kicked their butts right across Petco Park!

Mark on Jul 16, 2012


For what it's worth, it'd be great if some of this was written out. Im sure video blogs are the best for immediate reaction, but surely I can't be the only fan of this site who slacks at work by way of reading this site and can't fire up a 17 minute video in an office?

Voice of Reason on Jul 16, 2012


I know it's a little juvenile, but Pacific Rim, would be a good gay porn title. Good video, not so excited by Godzilla, but the rimming will be good I reckon.

Carpola on Jul 16, 2012


I'm so sick of that ugly old woman on the First Showing homepage, the wrikle advertisement.... it's been up FOREVER and it makes me want to barf everytime I look at it. Why the hell is it STILL THERE?

northdude on Jul 16, 2012


Thanks guys!!

JayC on Jul 16, 2012


Great job guys. Makes me excited for the upcoming films.

mooreworthy on Jul 16, 2012

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