Comic-Con 2012: Marvel Unveils Tony Stark's New 'Iron Man 3' Armor

July 14, 2012
Source: Twitter

Iron Man 3

We've gotten an official shot of Tony Stark's growing sets of armor as the sequel Iron Man 3 is in production. Some official concept art debuted just last week and is being handed out here at Comic-Con, but today Marvel made a big debut of the newest set of armor at the Marvel booth. We're currently waiting in Hall H for the Marvel panel (with plenty of surprises in store), so we'll have a lot more from the sequel coming soon, but this new shot of the armor should hold you over. Honestly, I think it doesn't have enough red, but this might be a suit Stark uses in the middle of the movie before getting a better one. Check it out!

Here's the new set of Iron Man 3 armor from the Marvel booth via The Avengers Twitter page:

Iron Man 3 - New Armor

And here's a couple close-up looks thanks to our friends at ScreenRant (head there for some more shots):

Iron Man 3 - New Armor FrontIron Man 3 - New Armor Front

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) from a script he also wrote with British TV writer Drew Pearce ("No Heroics"). Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark along with Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau reprising their franchise roles from the first two films. New cast members include Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton. Story details are unknown at this time but stay tuned. Disney sends Iron Man 3 to theaters next summer on May 3rd, 2013.

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uh....ok i knew it was going to be different but it looks like they just reversed the colors of MK6 with replacing the Triangle for a Circle...

Jericho on Jul 14, 2012


Epic failure.

Vince on Jul 14, 2012


don't understand why they feel its necessary to change the suit? you don't seem tony changing the suit in the comics

JBrotsis on Jul 14, 2012


Um, you do realize that there have been over 40 different suits in the comics? Tony is sorta like an inventor, so his whole thing is the constant improvement of the suit to meet the ever-changing and advancing threats within the Marvel U. In fact, the new suit for the "revision" of the Marvel U coming this winter and next spring will have a black and gold suit with red lights:

Secundus on Jul 14, 2012


it very well may be a new suit case armor or an emergency equip one, look how the joints are more exposed, it could also be that extremis stuff people mention since it looks more snug....

Jericho on Jul 15, 2012


Id rather they would have gone with that black an gold suit, thats looks so badass! But red and BEIGE?.. Hopefully it is just some sort of backup suit.. :/

LosZombies on Jul 15, 2012


suit looks like crap. Seems like this movie is shaping up to be another X mean No money out of my pocket on this one.

delwick on Aug 20, 2012


Almost looks like the Bleeding Edge armour. Apart from the colours being a little flat it's not that bad. Excited to see where this is going

Daiteechu on Jul 14, 2012


Finally, a comment from someone who obviously reads the comics.

Secundus on Jul 14, 2012


LOL! I wish they had his HULK Buster version.

DAVIDPD on Jul 14, 2012


I like the design, I even like the color placement, but I do not like how plastic it looks and I do not like how the gold is tan

DaftBot on Jul 14, 2012


Eh...perhaps it will look better in the film.

Xerxexx on Jul 14, 2012


one can only hope

Michael Lee on Jul 14, 2012



Big Boss on Jul 14, 2012



Akira Money ♕ on Jul 14, 2012


I had no idea Shane black was directing. That's awesome. Shitty suit though.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 14, 2012


definately fail

Zanpher on Jul 14, 2012


I don't like it either. Like many others, I dislike the color. The design is nice, but it should have more red than gold.

moutchy on Jul 14, 2012


didn't they 'test screen' the suit with fans? it's ugly as hell!

northdude81 on Jul 14, 2012


If the suit is that ugly I can imagine how awful the movie is going to be. If they have no sense in designing a respectable suit then they have no sense in story telling or directing I mean dam man!!! Even the old designs from the comics looked better than that ughh....

BinaryChaos on Jul 14, 2012


The "american flag" suit is based on the Iron Patriot armor, which was actually worn by Norman Osborn (a villain) during a major arc in the Marvel U. Besides, the studio claims the "american flag" armor is supposed to be a new War Machine suit, not that it makes the whole thing any better.

Secundus on Jul 14, 2012


I think it looks great. A radical departure but awesome none the less. I bet the suit is for a specific purpose and won't be his regular anyway. Just like the Hulk-buster had a specific purpose

rocky728 on Jul 14, 2012


it might be a new suitcase armor, look how more of the joints are exposed...

Jericho on Jul 15, 2012


Guys dont worry it looks alot better in the footage that was released at comic con

Zade_92 on Jul 14, 2012


keep in mind this is the start of an arc called the Armor Wars, obviously they figured out how to get one or steal one since he had removable reactors in the 2nd movie....

Jericho on Jul 15, 2012


It's champagne gold . I think i like the silver/red better with this armor

Dominic A on Jul 15, 2012


what have they done to you iron man?????????? why????????????

redskulllives on Jul 15, 2012



THEBATMAN on Jul 15, 2012


Patience everyone.

mooreworthy on Jul 16, 2012

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