Dark New Superman Logo Revealed for Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel'

March 29, 2012
Source: Facebook

Man of Steel

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's… the logo! A brand new Superman logo, one with some darker red colors and gritty look, has debuted on Facebook for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. Starring Henry Cavill as our new Superman and Russell Crowe as his father Jor-El, as well as a new cast of bright faces. But we don't get to see any of them here, as this is just the logo. We have yet to see any footage or a trailer yet, but I'm sure we can expect one this summer, at least with The Dark Knight Rises. In the meantime, it sounds like we should keep an eye on this Facebook page, as it looks like more will be hitting there soon. Thoughts on the logo?

Man of Steel Logo

In Zack Snyder's Superman, Henry Cavill plays the new Clark Kent, who goes toe-to-toe with General Zod, played by Michael Shannon. The main cast also includes Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and Diane Lane & Kevin Costner as Martha & Jonathan Kent and even Russell Crowe as Jor-El. Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Chris Nolan and Deborah Snyder are producing. The screenplay was written by David S. Goyer, based on a story by Goyer and Nolan. Man of Steel is now scheduled for release on June 14th, 2013, two summers away. We've still got a long wait, and have seen at least one first look at Superman, but not much else. Stay tuned!

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i like it! but this has no effect on me for the potential quality of the movie. the cast is stellar, the director fairly competant. I hope this will not disappoint.

bat0u on Mar 29, 2012


Quite nice. Although It has a bit of a Batman Begins feel in the way they've treated it - particulary typographically.

Carl Manson on Mar 29, 2012


I'm sure this will piss off some of the traditionalist nerds but I think it looks pretty awesome.

Groov on Mar 29, 2012


Snyder's been hit and miss so far at this point..., I'll just wait 'till the movie comes out...

Joseph F. Kerr on Mar 29, 2012


It seems very simple and straight forward, you really can't ask for anything more than that.  I mean its a teaser image.  

Michael Lee on Mar 29, 2012


well it definitely has a more alien feel than just an 'S' on a shield...i hope the movie will be stellar......

Jericho on Mar 29, 2012


The wavy grooves give it a fresh feel. I'm in.

Big Boss on Mar 29, 2012


The first thing i saw was the Nike swoosh

Tyler_S on Mar 29, 2012


Meh. I don't like it.

Blurb on Mar 29, 2012



Quanah on Mar 29, 2012


I've never been a huge fan of Superman, though I did enjoy the Christopher Reeves movies when I was a kid.  I'll say this, though; with Nolan producing and Michael Shannon as Zod, this is definitely worth taking a look at.  I'll watch just about anything that Shannon plays a major role in.

JL on Mar 29, 2012



Xerxexx on Mar 29, 2012


I totally forgot about this movie. After one and two, it has not been memorable.

ur_babys_daddy on Mar 29, 2012


They should have made the orange a little more blue. I'm all for updating, but this looks too different.

Jezebel on Mar 29, 2012


Looks good! looks like a superman logo...

Jimmy Love on Mar 29, 2012


I never was a big fan of 'dark superman', but I guess it will be more commercial, and a good way to differentiate more effectively from the previous movies.

Peter on Mar 29, 2012


Dig it. Can't wait to see what Shannon does as Zod.

grimjob on Mar 29, 2012


It's nothing special, but I can see a bit of Zack Snyder in there which I really like!

Davide Coppola on Mar 29, 2012


Spot on perfect

Alleycat4444 on Mar 30, 2012


June 2013?! WTF? Crazy considering that first look was months ago. Since I heard Snider was directing, I've been worried he's gonna mess it up. I don't mind the tweaks in the imagery, like loosing the red undies, so long as the character is nailed. I'd really like a teaser with just a voice-over monologue from Cavill to show how much attention they've given to the important aspects of the film, but that's probably not gonna happen any time soon considering it 2 summers away

Richie G on Mar 30, 2012


Yea, they delayed the release all the way until 2013, I guess it just didn't fit 2012 and better to let it finish for a while longer. I think they already filmed it though, so it's just in post-production for a while. Looking forward to seeing something...

Alex Billington on Mar 30, 2012


Darker? Superman? I don't wanna bitch around, but, the appeal about Superman is the light-side. I take my Batman dark and gritty. I don't want another Batman.

Manuel on Mar 30, 2012


 oh please, if it was too light you would say the opposite. people LOVE to complain

Adam Lubicz on Mar 30, 2012


But, it's just an opinion, my friend, not a complain. Bring the Man Of Steel on, I hope it will be a great movie.

Manuel on Mar 30, 2012


I agree. However (and this is a response to Adam as well) I don't mind a darker turn on Superman if it is still in the spirit of Superman. I'm thinking about Superman: Red Son when I'm saying this. In a way it is a darker take on Superman without losing Superman's essence. He's still a boy-scout and he's still acting with the same intentions but the different context show an unintentionally darker approach.

Snev De la Fontaine on Mar 30, 2012


I don't think you're right about that actually. I'm named after Superman... my parents raised me on Superman and he's been a part of my life as a character since I was a baby. But my favorite stories are seeing him in Red Son, All-Star Superman, Death of Superman... the moments it gets dark and you see the boyscout crack. Like in Superman The Animated Series when he finally gets to let loose on Darkseid and not hold back and is happy that he finally get to let the gloves off and knock him around and be a violent and destructive force... Those are my favorite moments. And I'm a die hard fan.

DaftBot on Mar 30, 2012


No...No...I'm a bigger fan...

Kev on Jul 3, 2012


douche powers activate! ^^^^

DaftBot on Jul 3, 2012


No complaints, looks good

Adam Lubicz on Mar 30, 2012


Looks kind of...bubbly. I'm trying to be really careful about any enthusiasm of this movie. 

Miguel Angel Portela on Mar 30, 2012


This will probably be the only and last thing I like about this movie.....I have ZERO faith in Zack Snyder and his ability to execute a good movie, sadly, even one with the big blue boyscout.

Voice of Reason on Mar 30, 2012


I hate your non-registered account name... also I find it hard to believe that anyone really has a complaint with his take on Dawn of the Dead...  *Edit* Also I'd say watch Guardians of Ga'Hool (sp?) and see how well the man can work with a simple story (basically Star Wars) and how well he can execute an aerial battle.

DaftBot on Mar 30, 2012


youre a tool, get out of your moms basement and register my middle finger pointed in your direction

Voice of Reason on Mar 30, 2012


Yep I'm a giant tool yet I don't hide behind an anonymous name and talk down to them with cliche'd sterotypes.  Good job guy. Also I've been a home OWNER since I was 23.

DaftBot on Mar 30, 2012


i really couldnt care less. hate my screen name all you want and live in your home, dont start crap just because of a account name that was already taken. and yeah, believe it or not, im REALLY not a fan of Zacks work from a regurgitated zombie movie to flying CGI owls. really, congrats on the house and 72pins, youre a king among men, the world is yours, you know everything about superman and have my respect and apologies. better?

Voice of Reason on Mar 30, 2012


I didn't start crap. Honestly you brought it on yourself with a name like that. It's condescending. It very nature is argumentative.  You're the one who took it to a personal place by furthering negative stereotypes in the geek community but at the same time here you are doing geeky shit like arguing about a SUPERMAN MOVIE. Look at yourself before you judge others and realize how you present yourself, the first impression people have for your anonymous ass is that you're a condescending douche.  Get it? There's no context to who you are because you're not accountable for your words because the only thing ANYONE knows about you is "I'm the person who knows what's up and you don't... my screen name says so" ok thanks sweetums <3

DaftBot on Mar 30, 2012


I say Ban this "Voice of Reason"'s IP address, and either get him to leave or at the very least reset his router and inconvenience him hehe.

Daniel Vu Tran on Mar 30, 2012


Its a mess. Is that supposed to be steel or spagetti or what? It's Superman, right. Lets not make too complicated.

Maxalnutt on Mar 30, 2012


I like it more than I liked the Superman Returns take on it. The colors are fine by me. The only issue I have with the film so far isn't here but it's with the costume.  The lack of any kind of red to break up the giant amount of dark blue on the costume. I'm not saying he needs the underoos, but if you look at what they're doing in New 52 with Superman where he has red down the sides of his legs and thighs it's a good look and fits. If they had done something like that I'd be more in love with the costume. I do like the casting too.

DaftBot on Mar 30, 2012


I think that this logo is actually quite cool. The upper right hand corner I'm not diggin so much, but overall I like it and am looking forward to the film. I do agree with some of the people here that say a darker Superman is a bit odd; Superman is hope and light, the Batman is fear and dark. I just hope the writers of the film have focused on Superman/Clark's internal dialogues. For example, the thoughts in Loeb's Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, and Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Superman is very deep in these writings, and very human. This is what I hope for in this movie. Give Man of Steel the Dark Knight treatment, and let us feel that some where there is a Metropolis, and in that city is a Man of Steell; just like when I watch Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, I believe there is a city called Gotham, and I believe there is a Batman.

Gabe on Mar 30, 2012


...or what i like to call: The Fat logo fo superman

Toonfed on Mar 30, 2012


As long as Lex Luthor dies in the first 10 minutes.

Max Renn on Mar 31, 2012


This is meant to reflect hot metal, like something in the works. So it's perfect.

Uribefilm on Mar 31, 2012


Looks like it should be emblem on a bottle of bad cologne.

Chris on Mar 31, 2012


Looks badass, love it.

AHox on Mar 31, 2012


What's with the black background? This isn't Batman it's beeping Superman. Superman is the light and is not about the dark. Where's the beeping blue Snyder. Frick you. First you take away the red underwear and then you cast a beeping red head as Lois lane and then no Jimmy Olsen. WTF? Seriously.

Last Son on Apr 2, 2012


To each his own, but I wasn't a fan of the "underwear-over-tights" look.  While it looks fine in the comics, it didnt translate well on the bigscreen.    Give it time bud.  Snyder did a good job directing heroes and sequences in the watchmen & 300, so with the Nolans steering him in the right direction, it should turn out to be a fairly good product.   

Solo_Calrissian on Apr 2, 2012


 It's not's blue. It's muted, as is the red, to make it more realistic, less cartoony. But it's not black.

Chris Graham on Apr 4, 2012


I'm tired of this crap that Superman is light and Batman is dark. Who defined it? Just a bunch of comic book writers. Superman was more badass than Batman in Jerry Siegel's golden age stories. Superman isn't Jesus, or a saint. He is a cartoon character that's created for mass entertainment. Let them make him more dark and badass than Batman if it's for telling a good story. I don't care a bit. In fact nobody in general movie goers will care other than the few psychotic nerds, who think they know it all as long as it's a good movie. These kind of fictional, cartoon characters go through enough changes and evolution all the time to keep up with times. Zack and Nolan are keeping me very excited for this movie. Love this gritty logo. Can't wait!

TRANSFORMERS13 on Apr 2, 2012


"Just a bunch of comic book writers." I don't even know how to respond to a statement this inane. No shit the characters were defined by a bunch of comic book writers. THEY'RE COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS.

Magic Xylophone on Jul 16, 2012


Sure, why not?  I'll always be a fan of the original logo first and foremost but what's cool about this one is that it does have an "organic-ish" look to it.  One thing I thought they nailed Snyder's last superhero flick was the updated outfits (minus the blue junk).    

Solo_Calrissian on Apr 2, 2012


I like the dark tone.  I hope I see other ways Superman looks vulnerable.  Its crazy what kryptonite can do to him.  

Marc Callado on Apr 6, 2012


Two summers away? Don't they mean one? 2012 then 2013... Two summers would put this movie coming out at 2014... I've been waiting for this movie since this past summer. But this logo and banner are sick 😀

Leo_darkheart03 on Apr 9, 2012


man, I hope they dont give him a tribal tattoo or anything...

lando on Apr 12, 2012


Superman Returns was a failure, looks like they are repeating their mistakes with Man of Steel.

Dave Harvey on Apr 29, 2012


certainly not the classic logo.  it's ok i suppose.  but the loss of the underwear on the outside look makes color accents difficult and a belt ludicrous (as can already be seen in new52... so hope they have some good costume sense.

jin choung on May 2, 2012


Superman should be lighter for a reason. Take away Batman and Superman dark stories and all of that. I don't know the new story, but we all know and fear they go for a story like the last crappy movie, and the first thing we see about Superman immediately reminds me of Superman Returns: the darker suit.

DannyLopuz on May 6, 2012


looks like NIKE embedded a swoosh in the middle of the S. 

michael interbartolo on May 29, 2012


Should be interesting, but I would prefer taking the Smallville version to the big screen with Tom Welling.

GF on Jun 15, 2012


haha,, at first I thought this is a mortal kombat logo,,

Geril Sandoval Getio on Jun 20, 2012


Looks like a snake ?,top right corner head snd going down the body . I like it pretty bad ass

Albert Davila on Jul 18, 2012


Man of Steel S symbol almost looks something from the golden age of comics in fact it almost like it came from the 30s or 40s superman

annoymous on Jul 19, 2012


I hate the new dark direction they are taking it. Superman fights Evil from the light. Batman from the shadow. What part of that do they not get?

Timothy Wenners on Jul 21, 2012


This is bullshit, the suit looks like shit and so does the movie.

Nabeel Chutkae on Sep 30, 2012

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