'Deadpool' Creator Rob Liefeld Bringing 'Bloodstrike' to Big Screen

August 21, 2012
Source: Variety


We haven't heard an update about the long-in-development Deadpool adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds in quite some time, but that character's creator is apparently getting tired of waiting and is now looking to bring a few more of his comic book creations to the big screen. Variety reports Rob Liefeld will produce Bloodstrike, a film adaptation of his comic about an elite unit of supersoldiers who have vampire blood. 1984 Private Defense Contractors, the company responsible for the upcoming all-female take on The Expendables, is putting this project together, and no cast or director has been set quite yet. More below!

It's hard to complain about this adaptation trying to capitalize on the current trend of vampire movies when the comics came out back in the 1993, but it seems obvious that if there ever was a time to get this movie into production, now is the time to get it in gear. After years of Twilight movies dominating both the box office and the cultural consciousness, and "True Blood" seemingly losing some popularity as the show stretches on, I'm guessing that bloodsuckers are going to slowly start trickling off of the big screen for the next few years before they inevitably make another return to popularity in a decade or so.

Bloodstrike features superhero elements, action movie elements, and vampire movie elements, so on paper I'm sure it looks like a hit waiting to happen. But as with all projects, it all comes down to the script and the talent behind it, so we'll reserve judgement on this until we hear about a writer, director, or at least some actors being attached in the key roles. Any suggestions? Are you excited?

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Rob Liefeld sucks. He's one of the worst writers/artists in comic book history. His one good creation, Deadpool is good despite him, not because of him. Other people made Deadpool what he is today and Liefeld had better stay the hell away from him. The attached art is my case in point... Fuck this guy... seriously.

Kento on Aug 21, 2012


God thats awful

Richie G on Aug 22, 2012


Will all the actors be grossly out of proportion?

RedSkull on Aug 21, 2012


I wish I had the means to set up everything for Blade IV to start shooting July 19, 2013.

David Banner on Aug 21, 2012


Hey " Kento" you clearly don't know your head from your ass. Are you 12? Were you alive in 1991 when I introduced Deadpool to the masses? Did you know that New Mutants was selling 100,000 copies when I took over, selling 300,000 LESS than X-Men...near cancellation? When I left , issue #100 sold 1 million copies, went to 4 printings. No variants, no incentive, just cool comics. Those issues continue to go back to press again and again as trade paperbacks and hardcovers, there's an omnibus coming in November. These are facts not some fantasy that you and your goth buddies made up. Deadpool's first appearance was so popular that Marvel asked me to put him in the next available issue...which is why he is on the cover of X - Force #2....he takes up the first 10 pages because fans couldn't get enough of him. A character that sprang to life from my head and notepad. Did I mention that X-Force 2 sold 1 million copies??? Deadpool appeared in every other issue after that because of fan demand. He was given a spin off series in 1993 due to his overwhelming popularity in comics I wrote and drew. Nice try on the bullshit though. You might have also heard of a little character named Cable that I created....or X-Force....seriously you must be 12.

Rob Liefeld on Aug 22, 2012


is that really you rob?

yyz on Aug 22, 2012


:o) actually i like your comeback . Wish more artists would defend themselves against the trolls . Did this feud start at the72pins ? Kento has one thing right tho - that picture of Cap is Bizarro-world type of art . i must second Richie . Is this supposed to be a depiction of Cap's evil side ??

Dominic A on Aug 22, 2012


I didn't even hear about it until this morning. It started here and ends here. he can't defend his art.

Kento on Sep 10, 2012


Your art is still incredibly awful. Sales don't always equal quality.

Joom on Aug 23, 2012


Rob "takes one to know one" with all of that success u seem to be a little insecure. by the way the character u "created" is another version of "Deathstroke" aka Slade Wilson. maybe u should thank Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

Kruel on Aug 25, 2012


Really Rob? REALLY?! If this is you, then you need to learn how to shut up, and debate properly. Also I should say sorry for the late response. Had you actually clicked "reply" I might have been able to address you sooner as I would have been made aware that you wrote me back. First of all, I don't give a crap about your sales figures for something that happened 20 years. Hell in the 1990s The Macarena sold 11 million copies. That doesn't mean it's good. What I really love about your argument is that you don't bring up one of the biggest points here and that's because I think it's impossible to defend... your artwork. Your art has never been good. You're getting by on a name but what does that name mean anymore? You google it and the first thing that comes up after basic info sites is how shitty you've been on twitter and then your horrible art work. Can you tell me why your artwork is good? What makes it so great? is it the insane proportions? The horrible way you draw muscle mass? How about the fact you've never done a good foot on a character during your whole career. Depth perception? Angles of objects people are holding? The size of characters heads to their bodies? If there's one thing I can say about you it's this... you sure do know how to pack pouches onto people. HOLY SHIT! I've never seen so many pouches in one panel in all my life. But hey at least you're consistent and that's what counts in an industry where you have to draw the same characters over and over... continuity. The problem is you're consistently awful at all times. I'll never meet you I'm sure, but don't think I'm some 12 year old hiding behind a keyboard. If I ever met you at a con I'd love to talk to you about all this and ask you how you've come so far when so many people think your art is absolutely dreadful and that your writing is some of the worst in comic book history. I've actually met with art majors before and talked to them about comic books, pop art, and the like and when you come up they all wonder how you have a career. Oh and as for the goth remark... I think you really do live in the past. I don't think I've seen some one who's goth in... 10 years... Which according to you would mean the last time I saw a goth kid I was 2. But I'm actually 29. I grew up with your comics. But there's a reason I don't really remember reading them... I don't remember what they were about or how good they were. They're forgettable. Your characters are forgettable with the exception of 2. Two characters that you created still stand out as modern comic book icons. I guess you could be proud of that. But who wrote them best? Was it you? Nah. I think Gail Simone did more for Deadpool than you ever did. So ok stand by your sales figures if that helps you think you're doing well. That's awesome. You sold a comic in the 1990s and it did well. 1 million copies. Awesome. What have you done lately other than quit?

Kento on Sep 10, 2012


🙁 Bloodstrike still isn't Wade Wilson...

RobotProphet on Aug 23, 2012


Rob Liefeld created a ton of amazing characters that have yet to be exploited on the big screen. You can argue all you want about his artwork - I happen to have a soft spot for it - but his characters are dynamic, visually appealing, and in the right hands, some amazing stories have been told and have yet to be told about them. Check out Alan Moore's take on Supreme. Check out the new takes on Bloodstrike, Prophet and Glory that are currently on the shelves. Good stuff! The problem with Rob is that he got rolling with Image and got so exciting about creating new characters that a lot of them didn't get the proper care and attention they deserved. I have to say I loved and collected practically every book he put out by Image in the 90's. Bloodstrike was a favorite. But I was always under the impression that they were ZOMBIES, not VAMPIRES. Not a fan of the switch. Still waiting on a Youngblood and Brigade re-launch. And I'm no Liefeld "groupie". I just love comics. Deep comics and yes, sometimes, just plain fun comics.

Long Time Comic Book Fan on Sep 18, 2012

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