Deleted 'Dark Knight Rises' Scene Would Reveal More of Bane's Origin

August 7, 2012
Source: GQ


Despite the fact that the films clocks in at nearly three hours, The Dark Knight Rises doesn't offer much in the vein of a backstory for Bane aside from a certain aspect of his past that helps tie the villainous plot to the origins of Batman (we won't offer specifics just in case there are five of you who haven't yet seen the film. One fact that does remain shrouded in mystery though are the specifics of Bane's injuries in his past and why he actually has to wear the mask other than being beaten brutally at a young age. Well, costume designer Linda Hemming revealed some details that were filmed, but ended up on the cutting room floor.

Hemming is one of those five people who hasn't seen the film, at least at the time of this interview with GQ (via, so she was not aware of some of this footage she describes being cut from the film, and actually seemed confident that it should have been in the film. Hemming talks about the sequence in which we see Bane attacked as he prevents someone he cares about (again we won't be specific) from being hurt:

"The other thing that you should have seen during that sequence is [Bane] being injured in his youth. So one of the fundamental things about his costume is that he has this scar from the back injury. Even if he hasn’t got the bulletproof vest on, he still has to wear the waist belt and the braces. In that scene in the prison, where he’s learning to fight the same way Batman learned to fight, he’s wearing an early version of his waist belt. It’s showing support, but it’s not the finished one he eventually wears. He’s also wearing an early version of his gas mask, all glued together.

If you look at the film, unless they’ve cut it—and I’m sure they haven’t—there’s a whole early section for Tom Hardy where he’s fighting and being taunted by people. He’s got chains on him, and he’s standing on a wooden thing while people are attacking him. And in that scene, he’s wearing a much more ragged, primitive version of the mask."

Hemming was informed that the scene was in fact cut and she said, "I suppose you have to cut things. I won’t elaborate on it too much, because it isn’t in the film, but there was another section that showed you why he had the mask and where it came from." Perhaps Nolan decided that more mystery about the mask was more intimidating and scary, much in the same way that a killer without motivation or reason is scary. This same train of though is what make The Joker such a terrifying villain, especially regarding the fact that he always fabricated a story about where his scars came from. There's a chance we might see these scenes show up on the Blu-Ray/DVD release, but in the meantime this is all we have.

Should these scenes have been in the film. Would they have made Bane more interesting?

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doesnt matter. Everything that made the character interesting was thrown out of the window with that twist 20 mins before the end of the film.

Brandon V. Fletcher on Aug 7, 2012


(Spoilers below for those who've not seen the film) Quite a common misinterpretation of the twist. Bane wasn't Talia's lapdog; it was obvious they both believed in what they were doing, and that they were partners in fulfilling Liam Neeson's plan to destroy Gotham. The only thing that twist changed about Bane's character is that it gave him a more human side. He was still as good of a fighter, speaker and manipulator as before. While the twist was poorly executed, it did not at all detract from Bane's character. As if that could just diminish what we saw him do in the prior two hours. Right.

ShirtlessLocke on Aug 7, 2012


Well said. The complaint that he is a thug for hire is for lack of a better word lazy. Talia had little to nothing to do with Bane taking over Gotham.

Xerxexx on Aug 7, 2012


Agreed. It's obvious that Bane cared for Talia. When her past is revealed you can see Bane crying. So he's not just some gun for hire. They worked together for a long time; Talia on the surface (getting Bruce to start the clean energy project, placing herself to be on the Wayne Enterprises board), and Bane was in the background (or literally underground) planning and building his army. It was a long, precisely thought out plan that took place on two fronts.

germss on Aug 7, 2012


SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!!!!!!!,!! SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER I completely agree with you shirtless locke, well said. But I also understand brandon's reaction and think it's a plausible one. I do think it all went very fast after the twist, does making Bane look like a mere pawn for Tania. i would liked if they explored the relationship between these 2 characters, Talia and Bane, so I could understand Bane's motifs better (he's loyalty was definetly with Talia, not Ras al ghul). i think it was love that made Bane do what he ultimately did to please her. That tear he shed on that scene (I am not sure everyone noticed that) had so much story behind it I wish we got some words from Bane on it (And what an amazing scene form Tom Hardy. With the voice and mask, and Bane's persona, I think people are not giving Hardy the credit he so deserves for, along with Nolan, briging this iconic (imo) villain to life

Paquete_PT on Aug 7, 2012


I think it was more: It was Banes mission to take Gotham "hostage" and it was Talias mission to seek revenge for her father. They were both partners from the league of shadows. More brother and sister relationship then boss-lacky.

Cody W on Aug 7, 2012


I didn't realize there was more to the origin of Bane.... SPOILER ALERT for the 5 people who still have not seen TDKR: He was in the Pit, got brutally injured, prison-hack-doctor messed up big time, hence he is wearing the mask (and brace). It was assumed he was injured while saving Talia (He was not wearing a mask when he was getting clobbered. This flashback scene was seen when Miranda Tate reveals who she really is). I think they tied it beautifully without the scene. I think Joker's origin story was more of a mystery, which does make him more awesome!

Ron on Aug 7, 2012


Throw them on the dvd

BoxOfficeFuture on Aug 7, 2012



Jericho on Aug 7, 2012


I would love to see this scene in an extended cut or something. MOAR MOVIE!

Reagan Fabry on Aug 7, 2012


I was only curious, I don't think it would have really strengthened the movie.

OfficialJab on Aug 7, 2012


Director's cut is a must.

BBrown on Aug 7, 2012


Meh, I guess I should consider myself lucky that I read all those comics back then. It made it much easier for me to fill in the blanks and explain all those alleged plot holes (many of which can be explained and puzzled together from the previous two movies, actually; no comics necessary) as well as Bane's backstory. Obviously, one can't expect every single person in the audience to be familiar with the comics and the backstories, I'm just glad I was. Probably because of that, I had zero problems with anything in TDKR which enabled me to thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. I don't think expanding on Bane's background would have furthered the movie in any way, in fact, I believe that additional exposition would have only caused people to bitch and moan about the excessive run time (provided they wouldn't have made any cuts and kept everything else in the movie as well). I'd be absolutely stoked to watch a 4 hours director's cut on blu-ray one day, though. *crosses fingers*

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 7, 2012



Reznik on Aug 7, 2012


why did they say bane was the leader of men and the big villian to escape the prison when it was obviuosly talia...the mastermind. basically this movie lied to all and the big reveal was -what- just that talia was behind it all...i mean this movie was inception PART 2-with wings...

boondock saint on Aug 8, 2012


They actually didn't...if you pay attention to the dialog only Wayne thinks that he escaped...the other prisoners never confirm this theory

Geoffrey Shauger on Aug 8, 2012


Talia is the mastermind but Bane is too. Just because Hitler is in charge doesn't mean Rommel wasn't brilliant. Same can be said for the Emperor and Vader.

John Campanella on Dec 24, 2012


somewhere out there your parents are wishing they hadn't gotten drunk that one night

Geoffrey Shauger on Aug 8, 2012


A month after seeing the movie I'm still trying to understand why Nolan had to kill Bane off the way he did, I was let down. To make up for it he should get Hardy to do a Bane origins movie. Like childhood up to the airplane scene. Would be interesting to see his journey to that point. Like how he reconnected with Talia and how they came up with the plan to take over Gotham and in the middle of the movie is Bane being a mercenary.

The_real_Bane on Aug 24, 2012


Start the movie with. Banes childhood and something crazy like his parents being murdered in front of him and the people that do it beat him and throw him in the pit (explains his back) then talia arrives and there is that part and after Rhas comes back for him and trains him it shows how he got excommunicated and he becomes a mercinary then later talia shows up saying how Rhas is dead and they come up with the plan to take Gotham and kill bruce leading to how he got into the truck in the beginning of TDKR and BAM their you go!

The_real_Bane on Aug 24, 2012


ye, i really agree. Nolan should get Hardy to do a Bane origins movie. Like childhood up to the airplane scene. Also explain more the relationship between Bane and Talia. what makes Bane character so amazing is its complexity of darkness and passion.

vivi on Sep 28, 2012


oh, also, i wish they would explain more about the mask. how does bane eat, drink? aren't anyone curious?

vivi on Sep 28, 2012


Dude, Bane reduces Bruce Wayne from billions to pennies, breaks his back and then tortures his soul in the worst prison on Earth. As for Batman, he is reduced to a cripple in a hell-hole and forced to watch his city turn into Somalia. Then he comes back, defeats Bane and saves the city from a nuclear blast. In neither of the films does Batman ever go through so much and come back on top. Heath Ledger was utterly fantastic but you should take his balls out of your mouth.

John Campanella on Dec 24, 2012


You….didn't watch TDKR at all, eh?

AnnoDomini on Jun 23, 2014

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