Dimension Films Slashes 'Halloween 3D' from a 2012 Release Date

March 8, 2012
Source: Shock Til You Drop


It's a sad day for Michael Myers fans. Last we heard, pre-production on Halloween 3D was shut down by The Weinstein Company due to rumors of layoffs and the company essentially being out of money. What a difference a couple years can make, as the mini-major studio has grown back into a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer, the guys behind My Bloody Valentine 3D and Drive Angry 3D, were hired to take over the franchise from Rob Zombie, and they even had a script ready to go, but now Shock Till You Drop reports the film has been removed from Dimension Films' 2012 calendar.

Insiders tell Shock that a new 3D version of Halloween is still a priority and they're fielding fresh pitches. I didn't even see Zombie's Halloween II because I heard such terrible things about it, but that was all the way back in 2009. The horror landscape has changed so much since then, since it's now all about the Paranormal Activity franchise and other low-budget found footage horror thrillers. The Halloween movies are iconic, sure, but they don't seem relevant right now. Maybe they'd be better off doing a 3D conversion of John Carpenter's original 1978 classic. Anyone disappointed?

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Stick a fork in'em.

DAVIDPD on Mar 8, 2012


the Zombie version is just the original but with spoilers so who cares. AMC may just show them up by having the original on TV at the same time as Zombies hits theaters...

Jericho on Mar 8, 2012


No Rob Zombe.... that's worrying. Just like H2, it literally can't be worse than the old sequels past Halloween 2. In fact I liked H2... ....mostly...

OfficialJab on Mar 8, 2012


Zombie's H2 was great in the beginning. The hospital sequence was awesome. Then that ended, and the rest of the movie was shit. I love Zombie, music and films, but that one took a nosedive. Looking forward to Lords of Salem though.

grimjob on Mar 8, 2012


i thought it was a good date.  if they hyped th movie up some...and didnt mke a shit film...they might have something ...the remakes were alright.  the hospital seen was awesome.  YOU KNOW THE NURSE is the Oscar winner for best supporting actress for THE HELP  

Charleym1978 on Mar 9, 2012


I loved both the rob zombie versions. The new directors said they were going to continue the rob zombie story line with their script and i was pretty interested in seeing where they were taking it. Im definitely disappointed

Adam Lubicz on Mar 10, 2012


I would really Love to see HALLOWEEN 3D  come to Life .   I hope this story is just a Rumour ,  to get more attention for Halloween 3D.   I Loved  ROB  Zombies Versions  very much and the characters .   Rob  Zombie took a very Gory and Realistic take for Halloween .     I hope that Patrick Lussier & Todd Farm Really  Blow us away &  Continue on From Halloween 2  .   I Really enjoyed Scout Taylors Compton's  Take on her Role as Laurie Strode .  It was also good to see one of the originals  Daneille Harris come back and Act in the Halloween Films again .    Please  I  very much Hope That  HALLOWEEN 3D will  Be a Theatre  Near u  very soon .   Hopefully around  Halloween .   One can Pray 🙂

Michael Falconi on Mar 14, 2012


I think it would be good to do another without Rob Zombie's involvement.He did a great job on the first remake seeing that he stuck to somewhat original format.When he had full reigns to do what he wanted in H2, it sucked bad!!!!

Dawntackett10 on Mar 14, 2012


Ya it sucks but still waiting for hell raiser redo also.!!!!!

Kennethduanesmith on May 5, 2012


halloween is halloween rob zombie made halloween how he did because as time went by michael myers became less terrifying so he wanted to put the fear back into michael.  

burnettecorey31 on May 13, 2012


Idc wat movie it is. Take michael bck ti the carpenter day. Dont get me wrong tge rz version was awesome bur steed away fron the mystery of myers. Rz, he just killed everyone. Btw I think scout compton is goregous as laurie. Antway as long as if goes with the story a 3d version would b great.

Tyler reel on May 27, 2012


So i just found out that Halloween 3D production stopped. I am disappointed beyond belief. I had read the story would resume where zombies 2 ended but they were going to return to the classic halloween feel. Someone needs to get this thing going again. I had been preparing to watch it this halloween in theaters but now it would be atleast a year or more out. With the economy dragging alot of the major movies makers are putting off making and releasing movies in the hope that they would make more money once the economy picks back up. As is why there has been no Friday the 13th Part2 and no Hellraiser reboot yet.

Erdrick on Jun 3, 2012


zombies version wasn't even bad at all people are only hating on it because michael talked and that white horse stuff and the fact you saw his face even comeing from my family every body hates robs version because theres to much gore and violence so what.over time the fear of michael was lost now robs version came along and put the fear back into him.i love the originals its just rob went further into the life of michael and how crazy he is a just because he went a little off track doesent mean you have to get all crazy about it yes the originals are better but rob did NOT ruin halloween rob did a very excellent job and he should remake the whole series especially the curse of michael myers and Resurrection.putting the fear back into michael was hes major purpose

HI-C on Jul 29, 2012

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