Director Carl Rinsch Pulled from Japanese '47 Ronin' Editing Room

September 20, 2012
Source: The Wrap

47 Ronin Cast

It sounds like Universal has a serious problem on their hands. The studio has already pushed back the release of the Japanese action epic 47 Ronin from next February, to Christmas 2013, and that came after a push from this November. Well, now we know why. The Wrap has learned the budget has gotten out of control, currently standing at around $225 million, and director Carl Rinsch has apparently been locked out of the editing room. This comes after the conclusion of a series of reshoots that happened on London which were supposed to "recapture key close-ups of lead actor Keanu Reeves and put him back in the center of the action in the film's most climactic scene." However, that seems to be a small issue in comparison.

One of the sources from the report describes the production as being a "nightmare," which is bad news for the story of a group of 18th century warriors who aim to avenge their master's death. Keanu Reeves was playing the lead in his first big action role since concluding The Matrix trilogy years ago, complete with a mostly Japanese cast besides him. Word from The Wrap says the commercial director has buckled under pressure, letting the budget spiral out of control with Universal co-chairwoman Donna Langley overseeing the editing of the film now, and trying to salvage a film with which they seem to be wholly unsatisfied with.

The Wrap, unfortunately, notes that, "firing Rinsch was not a possibility, as the Directors Guild of America requires that if a director completes physical production he must also take part in the reshoots. But with the reshoots done, the director was then pushed aside." This is bad news for the production, which is now trying to craft a marketable movie complete with a new final fight scene that has Reeves taking on a supernatural creature, not to mention a new love scene, close ups and prominently featured lines to give the actor a bigger presence on screen. In addition, the studio has stopped some of the visual effects production, shrunk the staff and only produced scenes that will definitely make the final cut. It sounds like a disaster all around.

This is bad news for those who were looking forward to a visually unique, Japanese-infused action epic with Reeves, but maybe the studio can salvage the movie, only time will tell. Yet another case of a Hollywood studio clashing with the work of a director, trying to get the product they want just so it plays well. We'll still be keeping a close eye on this movie anyway, and will be hoping for the best in the end. Concerned?

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sounds like a soon as you hear Jan/Feb graveyard release schedule for a's time for the studio to start writing off their impending losses. $225 mil? Ridiculous

Monal Valia on Sep 20, 2012


Now they have it scheduled for Christmas though. I was and still am looking forward to this. Of course now there's a quite a bit of apprehension. How can they let it get so out of control? Anyway fingers crossed that they can get a decent flick out of this.

rocky728 on Sep 20, 2012


this just makes me sad. I had high hopes for this. Rinsch's last 2 shorts(albeit a long time apart) were both quite lovely. but i guess this is just too different/big for a rookie. hoping for the best still.

bat0u on Sep 20, 2012


Putting more focus on Reeves to "improve" a movie.......that's a good one.

Nodin on Sep 20, 2012


I smell another Wolfman. Which is sad really, as I was looking forward to this. But now upon hearing about a supernatural creature and a vanity push approach on Keanu's role is killing any lingering interest.

Johnny Neat on Sep 20, 2012


Poor Keanu. DOA.

DAVIDPD on Sep 20, 2012


Too bad, I was quite interested in seeing this movie :-(. I like Keanu Reeves, to me he deserved another good/great movie.

Neuromancer on Sep 20, 2012


Looks like it's headed to the DVD shelf, sadly I had hoped it would be distributed as it is a classic tale............entirely I still remember seeing a version of it when I was a teen in Japan.

Rosalee Adams on Sep 20, 2012


This kind of thing happens a lot with first-time directors...

producer2 on Sep 20, 2012


"In addition, the studio has stopped some of the visual effects production, shrunk the staff and only produced scenes that will definitely make the final cut. It sounds like a disaster all around." This quote, however, makes it sound like the director doesn't know what he is doing. People rarely produces FX shots that aren't going to make the final cut, that what animatics are for. They are placeholders during editing so that money isn't wasted on FX that don't make a final cut

Greedo on Sep 20, 2012


that's shame, I was really looking forward to this movie.

truong18 on Sep 20, 2012


Wait, let me get this right. "47 Ronin" was shot on a digital camera that captures 50% less image information than (the lowest resolution) 35mm film? They paid $200 million for half the image information? Uh-oh, this is starting to look like the wonderful digital revolution that was sold to the sheeple in the music industry. All promises. What happened to all of those cost and time savings we were promised by shooting digital? Sky rocketing production costs. Pushing the release dates. Not enough coverage on Keanu's scenes. Come on digi wonks, lie to me some more. I really want to believe in your magical pixel fairies -- from the mystical land of 'ones-and-zeros'! A digi director crumbling under the blazing shooting pace of 5 set-ups per day, and the resources of $200 million. Shocking. A digi director showing up unprepared. Shocking.

Food for Thought on Sep 20, 2012


Yeah, all of his problems probably stem from filming digital... or you're a crazy person. Definately one of those two

Richie G on Sep 20, 2012


Reeves seemed(s) very passionate about this film...hopefully they can salvage what appears to be a sinking ship.

Xerxexx on Sep 20, 2012


i have Jonah Hex running through my mind all of a sudden.......

Jericho on Sep 21, 2012


Definitely concerned. As a fan of Keanu Reeves and swordfighting I was hoping this would turn out great. A one year delay doesn't bode well for this film.

Marc Callado on Sep 21, 2012


"complete with a new final fight scene that has Reeves taking on a supernatural creature" Crap.I thought they were going for a realistic approach not some live action anime.

qwert on Sep 21, 2012


A Really RONIN Movie

Ehsan Davodi on Sep 21, 2012


sounds like a real cluster-fuck of a movie!

logat890 on Jul 24, 2013

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