Discuss: Could Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man' Movie Be Ready by 2014?

July 17, 2012
Source: Collider

Edgar Wright Ant-Man

"Ant-Man - kicking your ass one inch at a time." It was finally revealed and confirmed at the Marvel Studios presentation at Comic-Con last week that Edgar Wright will indeed be making an Ant-Man movie. He recently shot a test reel, about a minute or so in length of an action sequence in a hallway, that was revealed and shown to fans inside of Hall H during their Iron Man 3 presentation on Saturday evening (video blog). Wright was there to show it, even though he's already preparing to start on The World's End, the final film in his own Cornetto Trilogy with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. So when will he get to Ant-Man?

We weren't expecting to hear much of an update from Edgar Wright and Marvel for a while, but there is an update already thanks to an interview with Marvel's Louis D'Esposito on Collider, found via SlashFilm. D'Esposito is the co-president of Marvel Studios and directed the short film Item 47, which also premiered during the Con. In his interview, he was asked straight up if there's a possibility of fitting Ant-Man into the 2014 Marvel Studios line-up, which already includes: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (on April 4th, 2014) and Guardians of the Galaxy (on August 1st, 2014). D'Esposito explains in the interview:

"Listen, that might be an opportunity where we do a third film, depending on his schedule when he finishes World's End. But he's such a competent filmmaker; the script is in great shape. The test will prove a lot of things on the visual effects front: how do we handle the shrinking, obviously, and the scale issues, because when he's small he's a half-inch. So we’re gonna work that out, maybe that's when we do a third film."

So there you go. There's a lot more from D'Esposito in that interview if you want to listen. This has always been the question with Ant-Man - when will Edgar get to it? Everything came together on World's End, so he's definitely shooting that later this year, finishing it up for release next year. Then he could quickly move onto Ant-Man and get it ready for late 2014. Might that be how his schedule works out? Only time will tell, and it's obviously too early to say anything is a definite. But for the sake of discussion, it's a possibility, or an "opportunity" as D'Esposito states, and that means 2014 could be a good lead-up year for The Avengers 2.

Marvel is currently lining up Guardians of the Galaxy and another Captain America movie for 2014, with another Thor movie and another Iron Man next year. There's no mention of another solo Hulk or Nick Fury or Black Panther or Hawkeye movie yet, so it might be Ant-Man's time to shine along with the Guardians and the other Avengers. I've also been wondering when or even if they'll show the Ant-Man test footage to the actual public, on a DVD release or in front of an upcoming Marvel flick. Only time will answer all of these questions, but there's an exciting future ahead for Marvel and Edgar Wright, that's for sure. You in?


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I am a comic fan and an Avengers fan but I still wonder why anyone would want to see an Ant Man movie.

That guy on Jul 17, 2012


i think maybe if they went from ant man to giant man in one film it would be good.

Matthew South on Jul 18, 2012


Q. Tarantino and R. Rodriguez have both made commitments and followed through with them regarding their film making. I am confident that Marvel and E. Wright could do the same if they really wanted to. // On ANTMAN, the IP, I think it would indeed be hard sell for most Americans, you would naturally get the nerd-core fans and the Wright fans, but finding a way to sell it to the masses, that would not sound absurd would be the key here. If E. Wright directs could it be a comedy? That way people would not laugh at the man talking to ants set to dramatic music. // They already got me, regardless of their marketing strategy.

DAVIDPD on Jul 17, 2012


First, "Kicking your @$$ one inch at a time" is quite possibly the coolest tagline for a Marvel movie EVER! Second, Nathan Fillion totally needs to be cast as Hank Pym. Lastly, with Edgar Wright directing and Nathan Fillion staring (fingers crossed) this movie totally needs to be a comedy. I am so there opening night.

Joshua m on Jul 17, 2012


Not too comedic in my opinion, but more along the lines of Iron Man 1. Lots of action, and just the right touch of comedy. Just my 2 cents πŸ˜‰

LosZombies on Jul 18, 2012


This is what I like to hear! See what I mean!

Alex Billington on Jul 21, 2012


The more I hear about this, the more I get so hyped up for it! πŸ˜€ You cant go wrong with Wright!

LosZombies on Jul 18, 2012


I'm with most of you guys, really excited and with Wright at the helm feel pretty confident of a great film. I also worry about whether or not it can appeal to mass audiences but that's the same question that was posted about IM, Cap and Thor. So yeah I think with the right story which they appear to have, right director and proper casting I don't see why not.

rocky728 on Jul 18, 2012


Yep, I think this little glimpse shows he's capable of pulling it off, I want to see it happen. Let's go Marvel!

Alex Billington on Jul 21, 2012


Sorry, but size does matter.

rennmaxbeta on Jul 19, 2012

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