Extended Edition of 'The Hobbit' Already in the Works for Late 2013?

October 4, 2012

The Hobbit

Briefly: We don't cover DVD news on FS, but because I am a Hobbit/LOTR maniac, and we're all patiently waiting to see what Peter Jackson has cooked up this December, I thought this was interesting nonetheless. got their hands on a Warner Bros home entertainment 2013 guide, and besides mention of The Dark Knight Rises "Ultimate Collector's Edition", there's already a confirmed listing in Q4 (e.g. late) 2013 for an Extended Edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. While most of us assumed the "extra footage" Peter Jackson is filming might be spread out to turn this story into a trilogy, it looks like he has a LOT of extra footage. Enough, presumably, to make Extended Editions of all three The Hobbit movies.

Admittedly, I am a big fan of the Extended Editions of Lord of the Rings. I've sat through multiple 13-hour viewing sessions of all three 4-hour movies back-to-back and relished every last second of the experience. I'm still excited to see what PJ gives us, and how much of the journey we get in An Unexpected Journey this December. But I'm sure I'll be looking forward to the Extendeds anyway. Stay up-to-date with Hobbit news.

Update: Here comes the denial. Warner Bros has now issued a statement (via following the spread of this news that unconfirms an Extended Edition. Here's what they've released: "In the recently distributed calendar included in the Warner Bros. 90th Anniversary press kit, there was an erroneous mention of an Extended Edition release for The Hobbit film. This product has not been confirmed yet and we apologize for any confusion." Of course it hasn't been concerned, because Peter Jackson is still trying to finish up An Unexpected Journey before he begins thinking about the Extended Edition. We still expect to see it anyway, but we probably won't hear anything about it until the first Hobbit movie hits theaters first.

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Okay Peter Jackson there is something called doing it right and there's something called over doing it. Really more extra footage? Just the follow the damn book for once Jackson and stop adding in your own extra crap. We didn't come to see the story told by you but the story that was told by J.R.R Tolkien. He needs to sit down and realize how much of this is not necessary even with what happened with Lord of The Rings.

JerseyBoy on Oct 4, 2012


Get over yourself Jerseyboy and make your own version of The Hobbit if you don't like it. 10's of millions of Peter Jackson fans around the fart in your general direction.

Sanka on Oct 4, 2012


Couldn't agree more, Tolken is rolling over in his grave at the hack job he did to LotR. He may actually rise from the grave to seek vengeance on PJ for the liberties he will be taking with the Hobbit to stretch it out to a 7+ hour event.

Brian Sleider on Oct 4, 2012


Get real Jerseyboy! Only a moron would think that Jackson is stretching The Hobbit book over three extended movies. The movies are Hobbit by name only; he's using the appendices from the LOTR's books for the new material.

Anne on Oct 5, 2012


Swwwwwweeeeeeettttt!!!!! x infinity! Looks like we'll now end up with 24 amazing hours in Middle Earth with three extended edtitions of The Hobbit trilogy and the LOTR's trilogy . Bring in on Jackson baby; bring it on!

Hattori Hanzo on Oct 4, 2012


Rumor has it Peter Jackson wanted a prequel to The Hobbit called "Bilbo and the Adventures of Watching Grass Grow" but New Line said no way

RidgeRacer4 on Oct 4, 2012


Too bad they passed on it. Jackson would have given New Line another blockbuster and Best Picture Oscar

Hattori Hanzo on Oct 4, 2012


Kind of pissed, but mostly excited.

DAVIDPD on Oct 4, 2012


Technically only one movie (The Return of the King) of the extended edition movies is 4 hours. The first two movies come close, but then you still factor in the credits which most people never rewatch after the first time let alone the initial time. The Film NameOriginal Edition Length (mins)Extended Edition Length (mins)Extended Blu-ray Edition Length (mins)The Fellowship of the Ring178208228The Two Towers179223235The Return of the King201251263 -Source from Wikipedia So there you have it. Only one movie is only 4 hours+ long. But then again, credits are like 15min long lol.

True movie facts on Oct 4, 2012


Okay, 22 hours in actual Middle Earth, +2 hours of pausing the movies for food and bathroom breaks =24 hours. No sleep though.

Hattorin Hanzo on Oct 5, 2012

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