First Look: First Photo from 'Evil Dead' Remake Rears its Ugly Head

October 13, 2012

The Evil Dead

Another day, another remake. Screen Gems hit the New York Comic-Con this weekend with reveals for two of their upcoming horror remakes in 2013. One was Carrie with Chloe Moretz, the other is The Evil Dead, this one actually sanctioned by Sam Raimi and produced by his company Ghost House Pictures, directed by Uruguayan up-and-comer Fede Alvarez. So it is a legit remake, and as mentioned a few months ago even Bruce Campbell is defending it, despite not appearing in it. has posted the first photo online and it's a first look at the ugly undead vermin in the basement that will be tormenting the visitors. Take a peek!

The Evil Dead Remake

Evil Dead (2013) is a Raimi-approved-and-produced remake of Sam Raimi's original 1981 low budget horror classic, The Evil Dead. Directing is Fede Alvarez, a Uruguayan filmmaker who broke into Hollywood with his short film Panic Attack, making his feature debut with this. He helped write the script after he came on-board, with Oscar winner Diablo Cody credited on the original draft. The new cast includes Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci and Elizabeth Blackmore. Sony/Screen Gems will be releasing this new Evil Dead in theaters on April 12th next spring. It's not much, but good so far?

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It'll take a heck of alot more than this single photo to convince me that this is going to be any kind of decent. Nobody I heard of asked for a remake. Did you? My soul will not be swallowed by this

syntaxterror on Oct 13, 2012


No! I did not, in fact, ask for a remake!

grimjob on Oct 13, 2012


When this movie tanks, we should rise up against the Hollywood machine and burn em down... or just demand less or no more remakes and more originality and risk.

syntaxterror on Oct 13, 2012


i asked for a remake of this was a thursday and i was really drunk.....

Jericho on Oct 13, 2012


Ahhh, thursday drinking. Sounds like a cheap whiskey night. And only bad decisions happen on cheap whiskey nights.

grimjob on Oct 13, 2012


Fuck it, let it burn.

grimjob on Oct 13, 2012


Nope. I am still disappoint.

LosZombies on Oct 13, 2012



grimjob on Oct 13, 2012



LosZombies on Oct 13, 2012


Fair enough, if its good enough for Team Coco, you better believe its good enough for me.

grimjob on Oct 14, 2012


I agree with Syntax and Zombies, and probably most of whoever else decides to post here. This is bullshit! I am so goddamn SICK of all these pointless remakes! "HALLELUJAH! HOLY SHIT! Where's the tylenol?"

grimjob on Oct 13, 2012


Even if it IS Raimi endorsed... Like, c'mon! Do you not believe in your own product?? -_-

LosZombies on Oct 13, 2012


Why not just make a new one? Bring back Campbell for a new Ash adventure.

grimjob on Oct 14, 2012


he doesnt want a crystal skull moment.....

Jericho on Oct 14, 2012


Haha! Good call, NO ONE wants that.

grimjob on Oct 15, 2012


lol but yeah every time someone asks why he wont do a fourth he quips back if they still wanted Indy 4 after they saw it....

Jericho on Oct 15, 2012


Well, he's right. I think the best thing is just leave it all alone. I'd rather have nothing than some subpar piece of shit sequel or remake.

grimjob on Oct 15, 2012


... don't like don't look. Go watch the original and be happy 🙂

Yahzee on Oct 15, 2012


Yes. Yes, I will. Thank you.

grimjob on Oct 15, 2012


Looks more like THE GOOFY DEAD to me.

Sean Kelly on Oct 13, 2012


*Harry Plinkett's voice* "Oh.."

Big Boss on Oct 13, 2012


You know what would be awesome? If they remade Evil Dead. And discuss.

mooreworthy on Oct 13, 2012


How about a remake of Evil Dead 2, eh? Did I just blow your mind with that one or what?

grimjob on Oct 13, 2012


Dude, you just wrinkled my brain.

mooreworthy on Oct 14, 2012


I think my dick grew 10 inches with excitement for a second.

Majestic 12 on Oct 14, 2012


I get it, which made it a "majestic 12", but only for a second and now it's back to it's usual 2 inches

Richie G on Oct 14, 2012


Ugh, Diablo Cody. Oooh, her dialog is so cool and edgy; she totally has her finger on the pulse of youth! Nobody fucking talks like the characters in her movies, especially not in the situations they find themselves in. It's so annoying! /rage

SuicidalOptimist on Oct 13, 2012


same goes for Kevin Smith

syntaxterror on Oct 14, 2012


don't care i just want to see what the necronomicon looks like in this......

Jericho on Oct 13, 2012


I'm curious about that myself.

grimjob on Oct 13, 2012


Looks like "The Exorcist: The Return" with Linda Blair!

The Truth on Oct 13, 2012


LMAO I was just thinking that.

jsmith on Oct 27, 2012


when is the trailer?

truong18 on Oct 13, 2012


Big fan of the trilogy. Can't wait... girl looks like exorcist rip-off

Marc Callado on Oct 13, 2012


Its a sad day when I look over the site and the first two posts are pointless remakes of horror classics. Whatever can make these studios a dime I guess...

Professor Brian O'blivion on Oct 13, 2012


That doesn't look like Henrietta. It looks like a linda blair zombie wtf.

Jim Dawkins on Oct 14, 2012


Well that's good because It's not supposed to be Henrietta! Didn't you even see the first film? It's Cheryl! It's your sister Cherylllllllll!!! I liked what I could see in the trailer but I'll hold my review until AFTER I see it.

Adl842 on Oct 17, 2012


Agreed, it looks like it will be good, but Evil Dead wont be the same without Ash (Bruce Campbell). I just hope they don't pull what the makers of the Nightmare on elm street remake pulled. This has some potential, but the original movies will always be the classics

jsmith on Oct 27, 2012


the original scared the crap out of me and haunted me for weeks! I have a good feeling about this new one because it's not made for me but for a younger generation...

Avi Smulders on Oct 14, 2012


I'm open to the possibility of this being better than the original

Richie G on Oct 14, 2012


They couldn't even fucking release the trailer online. What asshats. We've been waiting for news for AGESSS and they go all corporate on our asses. And for what? Because it's not a polished trailer? Because it's too gory a cut to put out there? What's the reason? I seriously wanna know. All we get is a photoshopped picture of a a girl with noticeably crappy make-up. The original make-up looks far better which I predicted would be the case. I bet there won't even be any awesome claymation in this. They could keep it dark as hell and include that, but guess what this is likely a quick cash-in so effort is zilch.

Majestic 12 on Oct 14, 2012


" So it is a legit remake, and as mentioned a few months ago even Bruce Campbell is defending it, despite not appearing in it." At first I thought that this was a good thing, but then I remembered that Bruce Campbell has a Producer credit.

CrookedMile on Oct 14, 2012


I'm looking forward to it. if I don't like, I still have the original to go back to lol. All I hope for is that the original will get its recognition out of this, and so the younger generation could get exposed to its cult classic roots.

Jacob Denton on Oct 14, 2012


Damn you guys are a bunch of whiny bitches, huh? Word out of NYCC is this movie's gonna be absolutely vile and bloody as hell. That's literally the ONLY THING they could've done wrong. And if it's shitty who gives a shit? It's not like it'll erase the original. They don't even have an Ash so they can't possibly miscast him or mishandle he character. And whichever one of you said that they think the makeup in the original is anything but terrible is a fucking liar. It's not Gone With the Wind, Jesus Christ.

Buttass on Oct 14, 2012


that looks creepy but I think what realy made the movie was the cast (i.e. Bruce Campbell)

Said Samayoa on Oct 16, 2012

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