First Look: Gritty Tyler Perry and Ripped Matthew Fox in 'Alex Cross'

May 18, 2012
Source: Kinopoisk

Alex Cross

We've seen a lot of Tyler Perry dressed up like a woman in a fat suit, and Matthew Fox seemingly always on the verge of tears on "Lost," but when these two seemingly unmanly men come together, they're throwing around a lot of grit and muscle. That seems to be the case in these first look photos from Alex Cross. Though it's based on James Patterson's novels featuring the recurring Cross character, the film is said to have a mostly original story. It's strange seeing Perry looking deadly serious as a detective, and even crazier seeing how ripped and absolutely insane Fox looks as the cage-fighting murderer. See the photos below!

Here's the first look photos from Rob Cohen's Alex Cross from Kinopoisk (via The Film Stage):

Alex Cross - First Look - Tyler Perry

Alex Cross - First Look - Matthew Fox Armed

Alex Cross - First Look - Matthew Fox Fighting

Alex Cross - First Look - Matthew Fox Looking Crazy with a Car

Alex Cross - First Look - Edward Burns

After Washington DC detective Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) is told that his wife has been murdered, he vows to track down the killer (Matthew Fox). He soon discovers that she was not his first victim and that things are not what they seem. Alex Cross is directed by Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious, xXx, The Skulls) and written by Marc Moss (Along Came a Spider) and Kerry Williamson (based on novels by James Patterson) with Edward Burns and Jean Reno also starring in the film slated to hit theaters on October 26th this fall.

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Holy shit, Fox is ripped!

Bobo_Vision on May 18, 2012


 I want to know what workout routine he did for that.

joshp on May 18, 2012


he's not ripped - he's fucking shreddddddddddddded lol

Nick Sears on May 18, 2012


The CC diet. Creatine & cocaine.

Grichmer on May 18, 2012


wats the point of making any sort of effort working out for a Rob Cohen film.

rock on May 18, 2012


The "studio will assign me a personal trainer, dietitian, and I dont have a do damn thing in between like regular people" diet.

mooreworthy on May 18, 2012


I don't care how many trainers you have to work like an animal to make that kind of physical change. Having a trainer doesn't do the work for you.

Chris on May 19, 2012


Oh I know that brother. I teacher sixth grade and im a personal trainer. Ive seen clients kick ass and others kick back. Its hard for me to do all that be a husband, father and find time for me to stay ripped. Im just saying its must be nice not worrying about going to a job(s) like most folks do.

mooreworthy on May 19, 2012


If anybody thinks he isn't on steroids they are stupid.

Rhythm Master on May 18, 2012


He's actually not that big. Look at the 4th pic. But he's ripped alright.

christox on May 18, 2012


there are steroids that specifically rip you up.

Christian Good on May 18, 2012


It's not his size alone, look at the ridiculous forearm vein show-age on the third pic. Veins showing aren't always a sign of steroid use, and are actually sometimes a sign that a person is healthy, but they are just insane. Then his shoulders, there are muscles showing there that I never even knew existed, of course he's on steroids!

Rhythm Master on May 18, 2012


 Or he could slightly dehydrate himself, allowing for that "shredded, paper-thin skin" look like bodybuilders do before a competition. No carb diet would also largely contribute to him looking so damned shredded. Just sayin.

LosZombies on May 19, 2012


paper thin skin only reveals where the steroids have been at work. At 45 years old he would be lucky to maintain his weekly erection without the help of paharmaceuticals let alone the physique of a top athlete.

tjmac7 on May 19, 2012


When you're that lean, everything will show.  And @tjmac7:disqus , where does this analysis come from, personal experience?  45 is not old, and as a healthy individual, you should be able to experience the same vitality as a 20 something.  That is given your skeletal system and joints haven't be wrecked by some other repetitive usage like excessive strain in something like construction work or as a mover.  As an actor who has been in his trade for several years, Fox is probably pretty well preserved.  I don't know about his earlier career, so he may have been a working man early on, but he's been able to take it easy for a while now.  There's no reason why he shouldn't be able to obtain that kind of physique without steroids.

JL on May 19, 2012


jl testosterone levels in a 45 year old man can be upto 30% lower than at 25 years, no amount of good living is going to change that and no amount of working out will give you back the gains you made at 20 (however there are a few substances readily available in Hollywood that will)

tjmac7 on May 19, 2012


Agreed with tjmac7 just take a look at The Rock, no way that's all natural!

Rhythm Master on May 19, 2012


 You're mother.

Xerxexx on May 18, 2012



Rhythm Master on May 19, 2012


 Rhythm Master, you sound jealous of Fox.  Do you angrily stare at guys at the gym who are more ripped than you and curse under your breath at them about how they are on steroids.

Bobo_Vision on May 19, 2012


Don't go to the gym, don't care, your not funny mate.

Rhythm Master on May 19, 2012


 I'm not trying to be funny, Rhythm Master.  I'm being serious.  The way you are stating your opinion that he is on steroids is not in a conversational's with hostility.  Now that you say you don't work out, it makes it even more clear why you're jealous of him.  I noticed you have another muscle man in your avatar.  What's your obsession with dudes with muscles?

Bobo_Vision on May 19, 2012


I love the film 'The Terminator', I work out at home, I enjoy muscle building as a pass time and have read up about it. If being a fan of body building, physique and keeping fit makes someone 'obsessed with dudes' or 'gay' (as that's clearly what your trying to get at) then I guess Arnold is gay, Sylvester Stallone is gay, Ronnie Coleman is gay and many other men of that trade.  Your so afraid of being gay, It would be more appropriate to believe that you are gay. I don't mean to speak with hostility, I'm sharing my opinion as I'm well read in the area, you took it as an opportunity to take the piss, people like you ruin this site.

Rhythm Master on May 19, 2012


 There's nothing gay about working out and being fit.  But there's something odd about someone who doesn't go to the gym but likes to look at dudes who work out and claims to know a lot about it.  However, I assumed that since you don't go to the gym you don't work out, but now that you claim to, things make a bit more sense. However, you still come off as someone who is jealous and insists that your opinion is fact.  I suspect the reason you workout at home and not the gym is because being around guys bigger than you is too harmful to your ego.  Just like seeing pictures of Fox and seeing people praise him really irked you.  Keep working out your anger in your basement, buddy.

Bobo_Vision on May 19, 2012


Don't live in a basement 'buddy', live in a house with 5 friends. We have our own multi gym, so... thats why I don't pay to use a service I can get for free at home, yeah, your argument makes no sense. And if I WAS gay, whats wrong with someone being gay? are you a homophobe? it seems clear that you are.

Rhythm Master on May 19, 2012


O.O Jack got big. The Edward Burns photo kinda ruins it. Is Billy Smoke still happening!?

Xerxexx on May 18, 2012



bat0u on May 18, 2012


I demand to see pics of yourself, so manly when you lie on your TV couch or go crying to the dentist etc, because, really, calling Matthew Fox a "seemingly unmanly man"???? Just bc of his emotional scenes in Lost...? and ignoring of course all the fighting, running, shooting... all-around badass scenes & badass dialog through the six seasons, including the last showdown with fake Locke = RIDICULOUS. Can't wait for his turn in Alex Cross! Talented (& manly) actor.

Manly guest on May 18, 2012


I dig Matthew Fox.  Felt since LOST he could play a great Daredevil. Would look better in the suit than Ben Affleck.

Ryderup on May 18, 2012


I think Matthew Fox is actually a good actor and he looks absolutely intense in this. The expression on his face in each of the pictures is pretty intimidating and psychotic. But then I see Tyler Perry and realize this movie will be a complete joke. And then there's the lame directory, which is also bad. I still can't believe Tyler Perry is in this...what is the world coming to.

Chemicals on May 19, 2012


 What did the world come to when he was in Star Trek?? :l

LosZombies on May 19, 2012


I have always liked Matthew Fox; I think I first noticed him in 'Party of Five' or something, and I think he is a good actor all around. I'm very much interested in him playing a sorta-psycho in this. The pictures look promising to me.  Now, I am all about fit, athletic men, but in that picture where he strains and flexes every muscle he just looks disgusting to me. >.< Nothing wrong with some nice, sexy veins in shapely arms (oh herro, Jeremy Renner!), but veins and tendons everywhere...that's just gross.

SuicidalOptimist on May 19, 2012


 He's 45...muscle tone goes a different route at that point.

Xerxexx on May 19, 2012


Yeah, I'm aware of that, but it doesn't change the fact that it's unattractive to me. It's crazy how much he changed since LOST, though.Steroids or not, he must have put a ridiculous amount of work into this.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it, haha. 

SuicidalOptimist on May 19, 2012


 lol, that's perfectly okay. I was more impressed that he garnered such a build while pushing fifty.

Xerxexx on May 19, 2012


So odd to see his tattoo, away from LOST. Much time was spent debating whether or not it figured into the lore of the show LOL Also, I know very little about bodybuilding, but the couple of 'older' guys that I know who still lift, etc. look like Fox does, where the skin appears to be stretched so thin that you can see every little thing beneath it. 

tati is not a twit on May 19, 2012


Fox looks like woody with out the cowboy hat next to that Cadillac XD

Joshy p on May 20, 2012


Holyshit, Fox looks insane. Wonder why he has allegedly been having drinking problems?

Johnny Neat on May 21, 2012


I don't think fox is on steroids, I think Fox was just on a very intense diet and workout plan. His diet probably wasn't even that intense, he's probably Vegan. I'm excited to See Tyler Perry play someone else's character rather than his own.

Xander on May 21, 2012

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