First Look: Stallone and Schwarzenegger as Prisoners in 'The Tomb'

August 12, 2012
Source: WSJ

Stallone & Schwarzenegger

Nice goatee! While you can certainly catch Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger together in The Expendables 2 coming up this weekend, the two action superstars are both booked in another movie coming up after this, called The Tomb, directed by Swedish filmmaker Mikael Håfström. The prison-break thriller stats Stallone as a "the world's foremost authority on structural security" who gets thrown in one of his own max-security prisons, and it looks like he befriends Schwarzenegger's Rottmayer to figure out why, who and how to get out. Thanks to a tip by The Daily Blam, we've got the first photo of the two in The Tomb.

This was debuted by the Wall Street Journal in a Schwarzenegger retrospective titled " The Human Sequel".

Stallone & Schwarzenegger in The Tomb First Look

The Tomb comes from a script originally written by Miles Chapman, written by Jason Keller (Machine Gun Preacher, Mirror Mirror), being directed by Mikael Håfström (Drowning Ghost, 1408, Shanghai, The Rite). Not only facing the challenge of breaking out of the escape-proof prison, Breslin (Stallone) also must battle the ruthless warden Hobbs (Jim Caviezel) and his corrupt guard (Vinnie Jones). However, he meets fellow prisoner Emil Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger) a wise, soulful and complex inmate who fights with other prisoners to keep their humanity, while they struggle to stay alive. This was shot mostly in New Orleans and will be released by Summit in 2013. The Tomb doesn't have a date set yet, but we'll keep an eye on it. Cool?

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Arnie has never played a 'wise, soulful or complex' character - but apparently now he does all three, interesting.

Guy who comments on things on Aug 12, 2012


Being the governator and a cheating husband grants you some acting chops.

it's_gonna_be_great on Aug 12, 2012


I really don't see the need to call out him as a cheating husband. I really do not see the big deal. So he cheated. Who cares.

netizen24601 on Jun 4, 2013


Arnold can really rock facial hair

Armeetapus16 on Aug 12, 2012


Prison break with stalone and schwarzenegger, and with out the blue print tattoo.... I don't know about this one....

Topher Riley on Aug 12, 2012


Probably going to be the best film ever made.

Carpola on Aug 12, 2012


truth! 🙂

Avi Smulders on Aug 13, 2012


Finally they are in a same movie together. I know expendables they are in. But this time is back to back between both of them. cant wait

handsomepig on Aug 12, 2012


It's going to be even better the Batman and Bane.Just imagine the dialog between them with Ahnulds akcent and Slys mumbling.I can't wait.

Everyone_else on Aug 12, 2012


Everyone else in this comment section is extremely gay for muscle men.

Bobo_Vision on Aug 12, 2012


Yeah and damn proud of it.

Everyone_else on Aug 12, 2012


I was being ironic. But is there anything more macho than muscle bound men caged together with no escape and only themselves for company? How would they pass the time? Probably with a bit of reach-a-round action.

Carpola on Aug 13, 2012


nothing wrong with that, heh..

qeeqwe on Aug 13, 2012


Reacharounds rule!

Carpola on Aug 14, 2012


Arnie getting into the roll and Sly just being Sly. It's just like the old days.

Johnny Neat on Aug 13, 2012


Like a hot dog roll or just a burger bun? Sesame seeds? White or brown bread?

i also cook on Aug 13, 2012


R rated Shawshank?

woozy on Aug 13, 2012


Shawshank WAS rated R.

Skab on Aug 13, 2012


Must have seen it one TBS

mooreworthy on Aug 13, 2012


is it from a geriatric prison?

Avi Smulders on Aug 13, 2012


Tango and Cash but better!! They both look old and gritty for the role (which is a good thing) but still they should have made a movie in their young days, it would have been epic, oh well at least they are together now.

Arnie+Sly>> 8D on Aug 13, 2012


somewhwere in this movie i am an extra and stallone and arnold are some cool dudes

UGLI on Aug 13, 2012


Schwarzenegger looks good, but he should donate his fee to California's economy (what's left of it).

max on Aug 13, 2012


The Beard! It is time to finally make King Conan!!!

KINGCONANMOVIE on Aug 13, 2012


thank you for this movie!

80s grew up on Aug 13, 2012


Adiran!! Get to da chopa!!!

Aldino Sinatra on Aug 13, 2012

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