First 'Man of Steel' Costumes + New Promo Banners at Licensing Expo

June 12, 2012
Source: ComingSoon

Man of Steel Costumes

Look, up in the rafters! Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's only a few Superman costumes. One of the other big industry-related conventions every year (besides CinemaCon, Comic-Con) is the Licensing Expo, where product/brand owners show off their brands in hopes of licensing them to companies to make merchandise of all sorts. ComingSoon/ShockTillYouDrop got spy shots of the various marketing and promotion banners on display, including some for movies we have seen nothing from so far. They also found a display for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel showing off various Superman costumes, including Kal-El and Jor-El, it looks like.

Up first, we have to feature these costume displays from Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Russell Crowe as Jor-El. Some of these look pretty damn cool; I think one of them is Faora's suit, too.

Superman Costumes - Licensing Expo

Superman Costumes - Licensing Expo

Superman Costumes - Licensing Expo

Superman Costumes - Licensing ExpoSuperman Costumes - Licensing Expo

Superman Costumes - Licensing ExpoSuperman Costumes - Licensing Expo

In addition to those costume shots, ComingSoon snapped a number of photos of the various promo banners around the Licensing Expo 2012. Here's some of our favorite ones - click on any below for their full gallery.


RobocopAfter Earth

Jurassic Park 3D

Iron Man 3

There's more shots of banners for Despicable Me 2, Fast & Furious 6, The Smurfs 2, Rio 2, Turbo, Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers and Percy Jackson 2: Sea of Monsters in the ComingSoon Licensing Expo gallery.

I had to include that shot of the Iron Man 3 banner, even though it's just another simple teaser poster. The banner for R.I.P.D., which stands for the Rest In Peace Department, is looking good already. Robocop looks… interesting, but that's because there's nothing to it. All we know is José Padilha is now directing, and Joel Kinnaman is playing the new Robocop. And honestly, that early banner & logo for Shyamalan's After Earth looks pretty cool, I'm curious to see more from it beyond just that imagery. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more about all of these films and many others over the next few summer months. Stay tuned as always!

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That Robocop poster looks pretty sick! Looking forward to seeing the final design 😀

LosZombies on Jun 12, 2012


But the tagline sucks.

rennmaxbeta on Jun 13, 2012


I'd buy that for a dollar! (Sorry, couldn't help it....)

Scopedog on Jul 10, 2012


Digging the red on the "Iron Man 3" letters.

Faceman on Jun 12, 2012


did you notice a couple color differences between this Suit and his Avengers suit? and does the helmet looks a little streamlined?

Jericho on Jun 12, 2012


Yep, this is defenatley the Mark 8.

Faceman on Jun 12, 2012


or that extreme serum suit people mention on here

Jericho on Jun 12, 2012


maybe be the one with nano-technology

Faceman on Jun 13, 2012


The helmet looks like the the one for the Extremis armor...but we'll see. Liked the teaser poster though. Wonder if they got Adi Granov to do it?

Scopedog on Jul 10, 2012


Will Smith and M. Night.... should be interesting!

HazedMind on Jun 12, 2012


And by interesting you mean terrible

Geoffrey Shauger on Jun 14, 2012


Now that I have gotten a good look at the super-man suit I'm starting to dig it looks very alien like and not just some suit a boy scout sewed together, lol. Kind of sad to see the traditional yellow belt go but glad the brief is out. I'm not sure why they put a buckle on it but it probably serves a purpose just like Batman's horns making room for antennas underneath. I like Jor-Els suit it definitely has that organic look with that retro tribal style to it. Faora's suit is just badass. Everything else just looks Epic lets just hope they all can deliver it on screen.

BinaryChaos on Jun 12, 2012


Superman suit is cool, but I don't like those boots..

Davide Coppola on Jun 12, 2012


Not liking the scaly/spiderman design for the superman suit, looks weird. Especially the first image.

nathan on Jun 12, 2012


The scaly design doesn't look so bad there but in the promotional picture it was more prominent. I suppose it's bad lighting or they just wanted to bring attention to the texture of the suit.

BinaryChaos on Jun 12, 2012


the scales look a little to repetitive though, as if some game designer pasted it on there.

Drcherd on Jun 12, 2012


in a way that could be it, i just googled up the new back stories for the DC superheroes and supermans suit is now some sort of Kryptonian body armor..

Jericho on Jun 12, 2012


Super crotch

conspiracy nutt on Jun 12, 2012


That was the only thing got tour attention?

Valvg on Jun 12, 2012


 prob not, but i'm sure that got everyone's attention

bat0u on Jun 12, 2012


Can't wait for Jurassic Park 3D and I also am looking forward to The Smurfs 2.

Night_Fright on Jun 12, 2012


Soooooooo amazing.... lol.

Daniel Vu Tran on Jun 12, 2012



Xerxexx on Jun 12, 2012


Mr Billington, As you may or may not know I am a huge fan of Ghostbusters. In the photos for AfterEarth and Cloudy 2 (No, really, who asked for that?) I noticed Stay Puft? Could we do some more digging and find out why he was there? Did they secretly unveil GB 3 posters too??? I understand my zealousness is taking over here!

Jon Chamberlain on Jun 12, 2012


what pictures of Cloudy 2?

conradthegreat on Jun 12, 2012


Nah, I just checked the photo you're talking about and nope, Ghostbusters 3 is a vaporware project. It won't ever see the light of day, or it won't for another 4 years at least, and Sony knows that. The Stay Puft guy is just a symbol of the series, they're still selling Blu-Rays and it still is a licenseable property. I highly doubt it, these guys (or SOMEONE) would've said/found something if anything was there. GB3 is still stuck in development hell, I honestly suggest forgetting about it for now. We already stopped writing about it for now.

Alex Billington on Jun 13, 2012


Man Of Steel looks like the treatment of Supes we have all(& by 'all' I mean only all of the mentally sane) been waiting for! And for the record the suit is not 'scaley' whatsoever. Rather, naturally enough, there is a more medievil chainmail quality to it's base material, perfectly in line with the forthcoming film's  re-imagining of The Planet Krypton & it's society. Absolutely nothing to do with a certain Spider based hero's duds, sorry!

Bigjanuk on Jun 12, 2012


Just waiting for someone to say the costumes or posters look "amateurish". I'm constantly amazed at how many professional graphics artists and costume designers come to this site ready to interject their opinion. My take: everything looks awesome. 

Quanah on Jun 12, 2012


I dig the look of the costumes and the posters too--and yeah, I hate that "everything sucks and looks amateurish" s**t. I mean, sure, give honest criticism, but seriously, let's see these critics bust out their mad art skills....but I'm guessing they can't even draw stick figures. Oh well.

Scopedog on Jul 10, 2012


Not only that, they more than likely live in their parents basement and just celebrated their 47th birthday and 23rd year of unemployment.

Quanah on Jul 10, 2012


Wow looks good! And I liked Cloudy! Just because you didn't doesn't mean they shouldn't make another.

Jimmy Love on Jun 12, 2012


THE MATERIAL FOR THE SUPERMAN COSTUME SHOULD BE THE MATERIAL FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA COSTUME! That gore tex material is closer to the way Cap's costume looks in the comics.

AmericanSheild on Jun 12, 2012


Oh it looks like the same costume designer for Amazing Spider-Man got tapped for this too. Hollywood sucks. 

Christopher Batty on Jun 13, 2012


What--upset that they didn't ask you?

Scopedog on Jul 10, 2012


Haha there was a lot to dump from the Expo, but I thought the costumes and a few of the promo banners were the coolest to feature. RIPD only because we haven't seen anything for it yet (besides some footage at CinemaCon). Plus, people like looking at banners, but usually criticize and debate costumes.

Alex Billington on Jun 13, 2012


I like the way they're going with Superman. Costume look's great! Also, am I excited for A.E... Robocop as well. WOW! Next summer is looking to be a pretty good movie experience!!

cj on Jun 14, 2012


I think it's time for spandex-donning superheroes to incorporate a little skirt onto their costume. But holy crap! I want to go to there! And duuuude. More gold on Iron Man, I noticed. Looks dated. Not sure if I want. That one suit going around on the Internet, the one where it looks like Iron Man and Captain America had a baby, looked kind of awful. I wonder what After Earth is about. Besides the post-apocalypticky title.

fem!anon on Jun 14, 2012


The Shield and the boots should have remained without the overbearing textures. It looks stupid just like the Green Lantern outfit.

Thanos on Jun 20, 2012


Don't know anything about After Earth except Jaden Smith, that's all I need to know to never want to see it

Aided on Jul 4, 2012

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