First Official Poster for 'Red Dawn' Remake Reveals New Wolverines

August 9, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Red Dawn

This Thanksgiving, the fight begins at Dawn. There's your tagline for the new Red Dawn remake, which is finally getting revealed/released this year. The trailer is finally premiering tomorrow (Friday), but in the meantime, Open Road/MGM have debuted the official poster, which isn't as creative as I was hoping. Yahoo has the poster, which shows the new Wolverines: Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, Adrianne Palicki and Isabel Lucas. This poster is a bit too obviously patriotic, with a random flag in the background. Where is the dawn like the original poster? Don't screw this up now, we're so close! See below.

Red Dawn 2012 Poster

A group of teenagers living in America look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.

Red Dawn (2012) is directed by longtime stunt-man turned second unit director (Quantum of Solace, MI: Ghost Protocol, The Bourne Legacy) turned director Dan Bradley, making his feature debut with this film. The screenplay, based on the story by Kevin Reynolds, was written by Carl Ellsworth (Red Eye, Disturbia, Last House on the Left) and Jeremy Passmore (The Cleaner). This was filmed back in 2009, but delayed and the villain altered. Open Road Films is finally releasing Red Dawn in theaters on November 21st this fall.

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wasn't there already a remake of red dawn a few months ago?

Dan Hibiki on Aug 9, 2012


Yeah, but it sucked.

Jim on Aug 9, 2012


That was an Australian film called Tomorrow, When the War Began and it was not a Red Dawn remake, but it did share an identical premise.

Matt Peloquin on Aug 9, 2012


Are you referring to Tomorrow When the War Began? It was a book before it was the movie, but very similar to Red Dawn -- but in Australia.

hawk99 on Aug 9, 2012


Smells like disappointment.

DAVIDPD on Aug 9, 2012


North Korea, eh? They are pretty scary (sarcasm). I think they might invade Great Britain for real after the flag fiasco in the Olympics. Seriously, though, this film is going to suck like many films have sucked before.

racquetman on Aug 9, 2012


There's no such thing as "too patriotic".

Jim on Aug 9, 2012


I saw the Red Dawn trailer before Total Recall last night. It looked fun enough, probably like Total Recall. Fun, action-packed adventure. Not expecting anything with much depth. And North Korea in place of China (which was the original enemy) is probably the biggest disappointment. The original Red Dawn was great, because Russia really was a threat -- Americans actually worried about Russian parachuting into their town. While China isn't there yet, a lot of people do fear their rapid rise, and China is on it's way to being a potential, real threat.

hawk99 on Aug 9, 2012


The new Wolverines are very... very pretty.

theig on Aug 9, 2012



grimjob on Aug 9, 2012


where's the black kid?? hmmmmmmm!!

rick on Aug 9, 2012



Shitmaker on Aug 9, 2012



LosZombies on Aug 9, 2012



Nielsen700 on Aug 9, 2012


So they got Thor, Josh, and FireHouse Dog to be America's hope against Korean's? In the words of Captain Ron "We are all gonna fuckin' die!"

Rain Spider on Aug 9, 2012


Thor kicks ass.

ihatethenbatoday on Aug 9, 2012


Thor will save us all!

ihatethenbatoday on Aug 9, 2012


Apparently only models survived the initial much as I love the first one, Ill pass, unless the trailer blows me away

Cody W on Aug 9, 2012


Not too patriotic using those dirty Ruskie AK's.

Kim Andre Solhaug on Aug 9, 2012


Why didnt they just do what "Tomorrow when the war began" did and make it non-descript asian soldiers? Just dont mention China by name

prohass on Aug 9, 2012


im surprised no one is talking about how stoned the guy on the right looks

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Aug 9, 2012


who the fuck is the cave man in the back?

ryan on Aug 10, 2012


The Soviets were much more intimidating

Kolin Alayon on Aug 10, 2012


OH no its the wrath of Kia and Hyundai cars n parts of Saturn lol, invading some angloid town in the mountains somewhere in Colorado and for some reason U.S. forces surrendered so mercifully seriously thats just some anti something's fucked up fantasy, they went from Russian to China to North Korea how fucking pathetic can this Bradly idiot GET god this is one fine example of why this movie should of just stayed dead CLASSIC just another fucking excuse to cough more $$$$ some dumb ass punk bands to throw their new scores at us, and give a chance to washed up tv stars to rise up by mingling with the current best players of the big screen lol fucking HATE that this aint the only fucking movie thats been rebooted there is going to be a FAR worst one than this that will make plight soon.

Elliey Hollen on Nov 20, 2012

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