First Peek: Inside the Ark on the Set of Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah'

September 25, 2012
Source: Twitter

Noah's Ark

"Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?" There's an interesting first look, or rather just a first peek, set photo straight from the film's cinematographer that is a must see. Oscar nominated DP Matthew Libatique (as @MattyLibatique via The Film Stage) tweeted this photo from the set of Darren Aronofsky's Noah earlier today (Tuesday). He only says: "Pre lighting on the holiest day of the year." We've seen a first look at Russell Crowe as Noah, but with this inside look at all the snakes and alligators, it's a hint at the more gritty, real version of this story we may be getting. I'm intrigued, can't wait to see more from it! View his photo below.

Darren Aronofsky's Noah

In Darren Aronofsky's take on the Biblical tale, Noah (Crowe) is a man who loves Earth and all of its animal inhabitants, but has become disillusioned with the way humans have treated their planet. Paramount/New Regency are behind the project, being produced by Aronofsky & Protozoa Pictures partner Scott Franklin with Mary Parent. Aronofsky & Ari Handel wrote the script, with a rewrite by John Logan. The cast includes Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins. At this moment, Paramount has Noah scheduled for release on March 28th, 2014 still a few years out. We'll continue to keep you updated.

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why would anything that can survive in water need to be on the Ark?

Brad White on Sep 25, 2012


Because God will destroy everything, except the Ark.

truong18 on Sep 25, 2012


Even fish?

Brad White on Sep 25, 2012


Yes, even fish. I'm no scientist, but if something like that happened it would probably kill most (if not all) living organisms.

Davide Coppola on Sep 25, 2012


So Noah is gonna need salt & fresh water aquariums on the Ark...

Brad White on Sep 25, 2012


I'm actually curious myself to see how they "solve" that in the film or if they show it at all.

Davide Coppola on Sep 25, 2012



DAVIDPD on Sep 25, 2012


Fish evolved after the flood maybe? I dunno, we're dealing with a story based in magic here. Be more open minded

Richie G on Sep 26, 2012


but no room on the arc for bacteria and plants? Also, good luck fitting all the whales on the arc.

Dan Hibiki on Sep 25, 2012


Then wonder where'd he put the octopus ?

Jesus on Sep 25, 2012


That is a lot of the snakes !!!

truong18 on Sep 25, 2012


How much environmental damage could a pre-flood civilization do? Or is Atlantis Steam Punk Coal Burning Powered?

Brad White on Sep 25, 2012


Geothermal. Duh.

DAVIDPD on Sep 25, 2012


lol agreed. In the real story, God uses the flood to destroy everything because the world became extremely violent and corrupt...IMO that would've made a much more entertaining storyline....but I'm just excited to see another Aronofsky film on the way.

Danimal on Sep 25, 2012


yes it would, since you'd have to paint a picture of a society that is on par with the Cenobites to justify the genocide.

Dan Hibiki on Sep 25, 2012


Thanks a lot for saying it. Its just ridicolous: "Noah has become disillusioned with the way humans have treated their planet, so he asks a psycho-killer god to kill everybody and everything, and God says, "Why Not?"

JM on Sep 25, 2012


That is a bigger boat.

DAVIDPD on Sep 25, 2012


March 2014?! That is a very long wait!

Ron on Sep 25, 2012


I find it entertaining that people are already debating the validity of the story because it's based on something written in the Bible; yet, the same questions are not presented for other films portraying events that are thought of to be true. I know, I know: it's because many believe it to be true and fashion their entire religious systems around it. That doesn't make this any less of a movie. It's a movie, being directed by an amazing director, who got writer John Logan to help write the script (Who's written some pretty good stuff mind you). I'm certain it will be entertaining and fascinating to watch the character dynamics whether you believe in Noah's arc or not. I say enjoy it. It's just a movie.

Quanah on Sep 25, 2012


That's what you get when the readership is primarily men of science... :'(

DAVIDPD on Sep 25, 2012



Quanah on Sep 26, 2012


I thought it was 2 of each kind. That is a ton of snakes.

guy on Sep 25, 2012


There a lot of snake species out there, I guess 🙂

Neuromancer on Sep 25, 2012


I look forward to seeing Noah's story arc

Sam Carey on Sep 26, 2012


Underrated post.

Anthony Lopez on Sep 27, 2012


Who was Joan of Arc? Noah's wife?

rennmaxbeta on Sep 26, 2012


Pee pee poo poo bum bum.

Bobo_Vision on Sep 26, 2012

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