First Reaction: Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' is Breathtaking, Thrilling

May 30, 2012


"Big things have small beginnings." One of the many fantastic and extremely memorable lines in the movie. I am currently in London, England to attend the world premiere and conduct interviews this weekend for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, his epic return to sci-fi that arrives in theaters in the next week or two (Europe this weekend, US the next). Last night I got to see one of the very early screenings of the movie, in digital 3D at the 20th Century Fox offices, and was (as expected) amazed. It lived up to expectations, in every way. Prometheus is truly breathtaking, incredible, spectacular, thrilling sci-fi at its best. Initial reactions below!

After getting approval from Fox this morning, Peter Sciretta from SlashFilm and I recorded a video blog in Leicester Square in London, talking spoiler-free about our initial thoughts and reactions to the movie. I can't wait to see it again, but to hear our first thoughts and buzz about Prometheus, fire up our video here:

I literally sat with my jaw-dropped the entire time watching Prometheus. As mentioned in the video, it's an intelligent, intriguing science fiction space spectacle the likes of which we honestly haven't seen in a while. The 3D is incredible, the performances all-around are excellent, especially Michael Fassbender playing the android David. Everyone in it gives it their all and what we discovered was a breathtakingly beautiful, totally mesmerizing, thrilling, intense film from the master of sci-fi. It may leave you with more questions than answers at the end, but that's what co-writer Damon Lindelof is known for, and that's not a bad thing - it just goes to show how smart this movie is, and how much there is to discuss after watching it. I loved it.

Do yourself a huge favor and try to stay as spoiler-free as possible before going to see Prometheus. Once you're watching the movie (especially in 3D) you'll get lost in the world and the story, and will be taken on an extraordinary journey. I hope this means the return of big space opera sci-fi, because this is the kind of stuff I've been missing. I will definitely be seeing Prometheus many more times over the next few months.

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I'm dying here man. Been waiting for this for 2 yrs.......cannot wait any longer!

bat0u on May 30, 2012


There's only 2 movies that really interest me this summer. This is #1. 

Quanah on May 30, 2012



Ehsan Davodi on May 30, 2012


I agree with most of your review (did not listen to your video blog): the 3D truly is amazing (definitely a must watch in the theater) and the performances of Fassbender, Rapace (she somewhat reminded me of a new sort of Ellen Ripley as the movie progresses) and Theron as the cold company bitch are excellent. Comic relief in the performances of Idris Elba and his crew. However, as I mentioned in another thread on your site, the story line isn't all that good, not to say quiet messy actually. Many questions remain open and not every plot line makes sense (I will not go into this any deeper to remain spoiler free). On the bright side, this truly is a alien prequel, no doubt about that. The movie sure is beautiful, thrilling and intense at moments, yet not that intelligent as suggested. I'd rather say Scott trades intelligence for sensation near the end and he openly clears the path for a sequel. I'd rather seen a final conclusion instead of this open ending. Nonetheless it's fun and entertaining all the way, yet not the masterpiece I expected.

Tom on May 30, 2012


mr.Tom you see movie. i am tribble wrighter,sorry please if you think this is spoiler dont tell anything Score was memorable like original? Is there anyway for sequel on this prequel or not? thank you sir

Ehsan Davodi on May 30, 2012


Dear Eshan, to be honest, I did not pay much attention to the score, which can be both a good and a bad thing. Good in a way it did not distract me from the movie or it was out of place, bad in a way it obviously did not make a big impression on me. The sound design on the other hand was excellent. With regard to your question about a possible sequel, I would definitely say: yes, there is going to be one. Enough material that is still unexplained and the end clearly suggests a sequel.

Tom on May 30, 2012


Thank You Sir

Ehsan Davodi on May 31, 2012


The movie is entertaining, right, but character development is a shame and make some parts of the movie completely stupid (spoiler : why the hell would they all go suicidal?).

Jojo on May 30, 2012


you REALLY needed to put some space for your was like saying 'heads up' in the middle of a truck hitting us....

Jericho on May 30, 2012


did the trailers spoil much?! 

Lucas Rios on May 30, 2012


Pretty much the entire film.

Snev De la Fontaine on May 30, 2012


I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

Jericho on May 30, 2012


I just got out of the theatre and it's everything you say it is and more, loved it, loved it, loved it.

Alleycat4444 on May 30, 2012


More detail please with spoilers!!!!

Buzzfunk on May 31, 2012


So Alex did it really deserve the R rating it got ?

Markj765 on May 30, 2012


germany has to wait two month longer than the rest of europe?! WHYYYY?!!! 🙁

Max on May 30, 2012


Sie müssen warten zwei monate? Das ist lahm.

LosZombies on May 30, 2012


Sehr lahm!

Max on May 30, 2012


bunch of nerds

Coolkid on May 30, 2012


Oh Damn! I thought this movie was coming out in August for some reason! Sweet! Now the wait won't be much longer!!!!!

Chris Amaya on May 30, 2012



CHAOS1979 on May 30, 2012


 I am showing 124 minutes.

Michael McRorey on May 30, 2012


8 days long. 

monroecolby on May 30, 2012


Having been a hug fan of Lindelofs writing with LOST, I'm willing to bet answers are more there than not, you have to watch his stuff a few times & think about it to get the full scope of it...can't wait...

Kamish on May 30, 2012


I haven't seen any of the Alien films is it necessary that I watch them before watching Prometheus?

Brandon on May 30, 2012


Based on the trailers for Prometheus, I would say that you might not NEED to see the first Alien film. However, it's definitely a modern classic and you should watch it as it's one of the very best sci-fi films of the last 30+ years. "Aliens" is a great sequel, also. Don't bother with the third one. 

Tilane7 on May 30, 2012


I've gotten to really like the directors cut of alien 3 and think the extra thirty minutes improves it,but people still dislike it.There's good arguement in july's total film magazine why its not as bad as people remember.It's certainly far better then most of the sci fi in the last few years. Anyway cant wait for promethues friday.

Tir na nog on May 30, 2012


I have to agree. You don't know how good you had it  until you spend the last 18 years or so trying to swallow some of the SCI FI junk being shoved down your throat. There have been the exceptions, Like Avatar or even the Star War Prequels but not much of the in between deserving flicks they called SCI-FI even come close. 

Frandango on May 30, 2012


sci-fi junk? obviously to your brain

david fincher on May 31, 2012


I liked it too. I think the beginning and the ending were controversial for most people and that's where the hate came from. I did not have a problem with that so I enjoyed it.

Isildur_of_Numenor on May 31, 2012


 thanks I'm probably going to go ahead and watch them anyway as a lead up to seeing prometheus

Brandon on May 30, 2012


Glad to hear that it's a good film, I'm very excited for this. I've only watched the trailer once (in theaters) and it really works for me. Not going to rewatch it and keeping my hands off of any spoilery material just in case!

Davide Coppola on May 30, 2012


Beautiful and even interesting at times, but it benefits more from its vagueness than from its intelligence and it's far from the quality of Alien or Aliens. I'm not sure if Prometheus has landed or just crashed with style.

Snev De la Fontaine on May 30, 2012


Ah no ways, I didn't realise you guys were there too! I would have loved to have discussed the film with you afterwards. What did you think of the two spaceships I had the privilege of working on? (VFX Digital Modeller)

Dogson on May 30, 2012


 Honestly, the VFX in the movie are some of the BEST I've seen in a while, especially the ships. That's really where "breathtaking" comes from the most - everything looked spectacular in it, all the FX were seamless yet looked amazing in their own ways. Great work! 🙂

Alex Billington on May 30, 2012


Sounds overly-effusive (maybe thanks to the screening AT Fox...), and LOST's writers can go to TV hell for all I care, but I'll wait and see this one for myself.

Max on May 30, 2012


I say movie of the year. Even over Batman.

john s on May 30, 2012


In my opinion it looks like just another sci fi piece of crap that is a dvd movie at best

Your socks smell on May 31, 2012


nice glasses

Noplz on May 31, 2012


I'm checking it saturday night in IMax 3d. Yasssss!

Crapola on May 31, 2012


Just watched it. I was a bit disappointed. Long build up for a slow finale. And a story that starts interesting and turns out to be completely cheesy My opinion...

PapaJustify on May 31, 2012


The art direction was great though...

PapaJustify on May 31, 2012


I dont even believe this one bit. Luckily, opinions are like assholes..

Buzzfunk on May 31, 2012


I couldn't take it anymore so I went to the pre-premiere.... The movie was everything I expected plus that little bit extra which left me buzzing, even now, 8 hours after I watched it I can't stop thinking about it! Hardly any words can describe it really 🙂 Sci-Fi at it's very finest! And I'm sure I'm not the only one who got the deja vu from some of the chilling moments just like the first Alien movie, even though they were a different thing, the scheme just looked so well crafted to give you that feel.. Probably should gather my thoughts before I write comments but I just wanted to be one of the guys that tells whoever hasn't seen this movie yet, and is a big Sci-Fi fan (or Alien fan for that matter)- watch it in the best cinema you can, it is totally worth it! PS: Was this converted into 3D, because since the Avatar 3D thingy, this was the first movie that I watched and it didn't bother me that much, plus I think the effect was rather neat..

Heci on May 31, 2012


Absolutely amazing. Ridley Scott has done it again and created another science fiction landmark. So many layers which are left to your own imagination and understanding. Quick quick the sequel. I TOTALLY LOVE IT AND WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN ALREADY

ChristopheNice on Jun 1, 2012


 I'm a huge Alien and Ridley Scott fan so this had to been seen to complete the experience but this episode was dissapointing given the huge build up to it I guess that was to be expected. Judging by mutterings of the other viewers as we left the cinema at 2.30am, I wasnt alone, only one person in the audience clapped at the end. The Visuals, effects and audio were truly stunning and faithful to Alien but the plot was weak, the acting for the most part awful verging on dire. Many of the key links to the original Alien movie were flawed and generally there were far too many echos of the original film for my taste. I'd rate it 6/10. I'm sure I saw somewhere this wasnt intended as an Alien prequel but clearly that is exactly what it is and doesnt break much new ground. My wife, who is not scifi horror or alien fan, very surprisingly, seemed to love it, no accounting for taste. I guess thats what you get when the real talent becomes an exec producer instead of the director.

DRW on Jun 1, 2012


Maybe you expected Scott to re-invent what he had already invented. The plot of the original Alien is far more simple than Prometheus, and didn't have depth, but it was original, groundbreaking, new. You can not expect that from a movie in the same universe as the original. If you were expecting a Blade Runner like then you were in the wrong universe. There was far more character development and intrigue than in Alien. As far as acting is concerned : compare to blockbusters as 'Captain America' or 'The Avengers'. The latter is a good movie, but only thanks to a great director with a wonderful view on the concept. Scott did a far better job with his crew. Fassbender was magnificent. My criticism on the movie is that I didn't need to have the first Alien movie explained. Why explain what is genuinely excellent? Just accept it as excellent. I would have preferred him making a totally new scifi project.

Peter on Jun 7, 2012


I was pretty into it. Haven't been to the cinema in a long, long time. First 3d movie I've watched too, weirdly the trailers for Spiderman were what people were talking about after seeing the movie. As I couldn't get into the Imax showing I got the Abe Vampire movie trailer too which looked great also in 3d. Anyways enough with the 3d chat,Xerxex would be boxing my ears for that! I thought it was one of the best things I've watched in a long time, I liked that it opened the door into a universe that I only had imagined after watching the original Alien film before, also that to me at least it answered enough. I don't want a sequel, it doesn't need one. The explanation was fine for most stuff. Walking out the cinema I heard so many people with gripes about continuity, but really it's just a story from the 'alien universe', not the one in the actual alien film. Lindelof and Scott already said this in their interviews so it's not a spoiler. I thought it was spectacular, in that, there was many spectacles to behold. But think yourselves lucky this film was made, people are getting excited about Expendables 2, that gives you an idea of how must shit most of the cinema-going public are willing to eat.

Crapola on Jun 2, 2012


what's up with the Braveheart beginning? and the Braveheart music Fuck this film!!!

Sebastiaan Vos on Jun 3, 2012


ah ha ha ha. Fuck Braveheart indeed. Though I think it was set well before Mel Gibson ruined Scotland.

Crapola on Jun 3, 2012


SPOILER/question: Why did the alien engineers leave a bunch of maps all over earth directing humans to a massive weapons cache? Maybe thats why they wanted to destroy the earth: a few aliens left cave paintings, as we might right a phone number on a napkin, and then realised they had left us directions to where they keep all their best stuff

Richie G on Jun 4, 2012



adsdsd on Jun 15, 2012


This movie was a disgrace to the concept and logic of a SCIENCE fiction movie... Scott decapitated his role as a good director for even following the schlock that is Lindoffs script... disgusting...

Albert T. Colon on Nov 30, 2012

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