First Red Band Trailer for Seth MacFarlane's 'Ted' with Mark Wahlberg

April 2, 2012
Source: Funny or Die

Seth MacFarlane's Ted Trailer

"Put it on my fuzzy finger!" Universal has finally unveiled the first official trailer for Seth MacFarlane's Ted, the "Family Guy" creator's first feature film, that was written, produced and directed by Seth. Mark Wahlberg stars as a guy whose best friend is a teddy bear come-to-life after a childhood wish left him real. The story follows his relationship with Mila Kunis, and how Ted gets in the way, and how Ted is pretty much just a lewd, pot-smoking, chauvinistic piece of stuffed fur. This is a weird trailer and I might've liked it more if Ted didn't sound and act exactly like Peter Griffin again. Change up the voices, Seth! Look funny?

Watch the first red band trailer for Seth MacFarlane's first movie Ted, in high def via Funny or Die:

A story centered on John (Wahlberg) and his teddy bear, who comes to life as a result of a childhood wish.

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane brings his boundary-pushing brand of humor to the big screen for the first time as writer, director and voice star of Ted. In this original new comedy, he tells the story of John Bennett, a grown man who must deal with the cherished teddy bear (created with computer animation) who came to life as the result of a wish and has refused to leave his side. Patrick Warburton, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel McHale, Laura Vandervoort and more also star in this. Ted lands in theaters everywhere on July 13th.

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I got Ted sounding like a combination of Peter and Brian. Kinda makes sense to me considering it's a New England accent and, since it's Mark Wahlberg, I just assume the movie involves Boston somehow.

The Crisis on Apr 2, 2012



Quanah on Apr 2, 2012


How can you "maybe" this? Pissed my pants the whole time. Peter Griffin in a bear! AWESOME! Beats the shit out of some murderous hobo-shaman being re-incarnated in a doll!

Lowrider_83 on Apr 2, 2012


You're right, but I'm not saying "No." I'm saying "Maybe." Trailer cracked me up, but I can count on 10 fingers how many movie trailers looked great, or made me laugh in the last 8 months and then went to see the movie and was disappointed. Maybe, but not no. ūüėČ

Quanah on Apr 2, 2012


I was more impressed by Wahlburg's ability to rattle off 40 names than the actual trailer. Love Family Guy though, so I'll give it a chance.

McWetty on Apr 2, 2012


Just a short though eh? This isn't real.

Crapola on Apr 2, 2012


It is real. MacFarlane has since put a link to youtube via his twitter for the same red band trailer. I too was most impressed by the 40+ white trash names.. And it was definatelly Peter + Brian voices. That and the Thunder song will probably do it for me.

hectorconcarne on Apr 2, 2012


 You do realize that he was staring at a CG bear, right? Which is added post-shoot, right? Overtop a cheat sheet, maybe? Yeah... Not so impressive anymore.

Blurb on Apr 2, 2012


I laughed my ass off during this, I'm in. "Fuck You thunder!"

Clocker910 on Apr 2, 2012


I just wonder if the bear or Mark Wahlberg gets knocked out some how if they're gonna land in the trademark family guy way. That would be hilarious.

The Douche on Apr 2, 2012


this looks fuckin terrible. Stop making shitty movies!!!

Zach on Apr 2, 2012


This is his first movie...

sean on Apr 2, 2012


Remind me of a supernatural episode where the teddy bear came to life too.

Jordane Thiboust on Apr 2, 2012


This one doesn't look very suicidal to me though

HarryFiddleSticks on Apr 2, 2012


 true but the teddy in supernatural had a little girl for an owner and alcohol . . this teddy has weed and mark wahlberg a way much better combination 

james on Apr 3, 2012


looks better than Jack and Jill........

Jericho on Apr 2, 2012


I just left something in the toilet that looked better than Jack and Jill.

Groov on Apr 2, 2012


couldnt stop laughing at the thunder song

rockkicker on Apr 2, 2012


maybe, i did like how mark wahlberg was able to spit out 40+ names in what seemed like less than 30 seconds.  The song got me going too. 

Michael Lee on Apr 2, 2012


that Thunder Song lone sold me lol cant go wrong with MacFarlane

LosZombies on Apr 2, 2012


Pretty much a rip off of the show Wilfred on FX.

SS on Apr 2, 2012


but so much better if anything seth handeled the concept way better

Zade_92 on Apr 2, 2012


 And Wilfred on FX is a remake of the original Wilfred that was on SBS in Australia.  Just because its not a completely original idea, doesn't immediately make it a bad one.

Warren Carroll on Apr 2, 2012


How can people not find this funny!? I think if you can't at least laugh at the ridiculousness of this trailer, you either don't have a sense of humour, or you take life way too seriously.

Ryan Hancock on Apr 2, 2012


Tammylynn! FUCK!  haha omfg yes

tankatemysandwiches on Apr 2, 2012


This got me laughing hard, i am excited for some Mcfarlane fun and i find the voice to be suitable for this kind of character.

Zade_92 on Apr 2, 2012


Wow, a children's toy being profane as the entire basis for a movie. Gee, I've never seen this done before. How original. Someone pinch me, I can't stop laughing. Bueller? Bueller?

Blurb on Apr 2, 2012


I think Mark does a KICK ass job in comedies, the humor of McFarlane is going to make this great and also Mila is super cute.

Astx9 on Apr 2, 2012


In it for Whalberg.

Xerxexx on Apr 2, 2012


first film to make me belly laugh in a long time .....

Tonker on Apr 2, 2012


I love how my comment was removed because it contained the F word on a page where you can watch a video that contains the same word about 15 times.

David Carlin on Apr 2, 2012


yea - all it takes is one fucking person to flag ya and.........OOPS!

beevis on Apr 2, 2012


Fuck Beevis! Look what you did!

grimjob on Apr 2, 2012


just because a fake bear has a potty mouth doesn't mean we have to as well. Ok? Ok.

DaftBot on Apr 2, 2012


Fucking A! Right!

Akirakorn on Apr 2, 2012


You answered yourself...weird. And my original post only used the F word in describing my thoughts on how they've used it too much in the trailer...I don't think They need to use it to be funny, unlike some other films, that's whats kind of sad about it.

David Carlin on Apr 4, 2012


it isn't awful - but mila kunis and marc walhberg could do MUCH better than this movie.

beevis on Apr 2, 2012


 I think most actors take these roles in order to take a break from serious films.

Xerxexx on Apr 2, 2012


well, that would definitely explain this.........

beevis on Apr 2, 2012



Xerxexx on Apr 2, 2012


Mark Wahlberg has done much worse.

Alex on Apr 18, 2012


well, "the happening" was just an awful film......but, other than that - this looks like the worst.

beevis on Apr 18, 2012


Wow I really really laughed hard... a few times.

DaftBot on Apr 2, 2012


I'm in.

Chris_G on Apr 2, 2012


Would've been so much cooler if it was an actually puppet bear and not CG.

Thisisstillmore on Apr 2, 2012


I agree, but I've gotta be honest. Most of the shots with Ted sitting or not moving a whole lot, looked damn realistic. Almost photo-realistic.

Aj Meadows on Apr 4, 2012


>_> that's cuz many of them were

DaftBot on Apr 5, 2012


Walhberg? Isn't he the guy who beat up a poor old Asian man? 

Christopher Batty on Apr 2, 2012


Yep, he was quite a dick when he was younger.

Xerxexx on Apr 2, 2012


Gotta admit I laughed at this one. Expecting another shitty comedy, but this is actually funny. Mark n Teddy/Seth have great chemistry and the jokes aren't over-the-top. Might go see this after all.

Akirakorn on Apr 2, 2012


its gonna rock lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beerassassin69 on Apr 2, 2012


Loved the thunder song! XD

D6 on Apr 2, 2012


i'm in too..when ted first came out,i think Ted was invisible to other people..but he's not

afid on Apr 2, 2012


That was perfect. 

Brandon on Apr 2, 2012


Yes please! This looks hilarious! Love MacFarlane!

grimjob on Apr 2, 2012


The bear should've been named Rupert

K1ng on Apr 2, 2012


Oh shit, now that made me laugh. That would've been classic.

The Douche on Apr 2, 2012


Oh! I cannot wait for this movie to come out....a must it

Lorie0406 on Apr 2, 2012


Facial animation sucks really on Ted

CookieMonster on Apr 2, 2012


Gods that was terrible. Like something a 12-year-old wrote. I guess that's the audience?

must be old on Apr 3, 2012


looks crappy, but the last joked killed me!

O'Ryan on Apr 3, 2012


hilarious! cant wait to see this!! I will admit my first thought was oh god its gonna be like Alf.

big guy on Apr 3, 2012


What is the song tittle of the second song in this trailer?

Alexsoleil on Apr 3, 2012


Artist: The Temper Trap Song: Sweet Disposition

Aj Meadows on Apr 4, 2012


Is this really going to be a movie? 

TRX on Apr 5, 2012


Nah, they just made the trailer to fuck with ya.

Aj Meadows on Apr 5, 2012


Can someone tell me the name of the song at the beginning?  when they are meeting? 

N√°gato Auditore on Apr 6, 2012


Nope - some funny ideas in here - but a stream of profanity is not a substitute for humor.

Mike Cannon on Apr 9, 2012


This is soo funny it made me cry

Cacorrell96 on Apr 17, 2012


to all u idiots that think this isn't a real movie...just go to and see for yourself. you dummies...

Dutchmn020 on Apr 21, 2012


Er, yea it is:

phil on Apr 24, 2012


haha, i love it! 

AHox on May 4, 2012


What is the club song at the beginning of the unrestricted Ted trailer.

frank on Jun 28, 2012

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