First Teaser Trailer for Bigelow's 'Zero Dark Thirty' Navy SEAL Movie

August 6, 2012

Zero Dark Thirty Trailer

"Where was the last time you saw bin Laden?!" The very first moody, eerie, tense teaser trailer has debuted for Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, her new military film about the US Navy SEAL Team 6 hunt for Osama bin Laden and the mission that eventually caught and killed him. This is Bigelow's follow-up to The Hurt Locker and the project has been shrouded in complete secrecy while shooting this year. There's not a lot of good looks at the cast in this teaser, but it does certainly set the tone. Mark Strong, Kyle Chandler, Jessica Chastain and brothers Nash & Joel Edgerton all star, seen in EW's first look. "I want targets!"

Watch the first teaser trailer for Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, originally from

A break in the manhunt for Osama bin Laden is the backdrop for the gripping story about the combined efforts of an extraordinary group of Navy SEALS. About the most daring military op of our generation.

Zero Dark Thirty, which has gone under the title Kill Bin Laden, is directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow, of Near Dark, Blue Steel, Point Break, Strange Days, K-19, Mission Zero and The Hurt Locker previously. The script was written by her partner, Oscar winner Mark Boal, a former photojournalist embedded in the Iraq War, who went on to write The Hurt Locker for Bigelow. Columbia Pictures will be releasing Zero Dark Thirty in theaters everywhere on December 19th later this year. First impression?

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Holy Shit! it has all intensity of The Hurt Locker! & more!

Tey on Aug 6, 2012


Brace yourselves! Muslims, Conspiracy Theorist & motherfucking Jew haters are coming!

Tey on Aug 6, 2012



DAVIDPD on Aug 6, 2012


Ya know some people who think Osama is still alive. And most of them are just anti-USA/Israel. Islam is a peaceful religion... tainted by the aforementioned person.

Tey on Aug 6, 2012


Huh! I thought the overwhelming majority of conspiracy theorists believed that Osama was dead long before the seals busted down his door, what with him allegedly being deathly ill for a long time and stuff. Also, agreed. There are too many people that lump in a whole group of people (or nation) with a few bad apples; of course, that doesn't just apply to the realm of religions. Well, those people are stupid and ignorant and need to diaf, imo. Religious fanatics are always dangerous and scary regardless of the god they pray to.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 6, 2012


How are conspiracy theorists any worse than those who believe everything they see in the news? Or those who choose to wilfully believe anything their governments tell them?

jacobcrim on Aug 6, 2012


"Prejudiced" conspiracy theorist 😉

Tey on Aug 7, 2012


Lol wow....well Osama was a CIA lacky soooo theres that.

Cody W on Aug 7, 2012


Oh yeah sure! Along with Saddam, Assad, Gadafi, James Holmes and every single villain out there for that matter.

Tey on Aug 8, 2012


Epic shitstorm's a brewin'

Trollhunter on Aug 6, 2012


$10 says this film will be banned in Pakistan, and in some parts of the Middle East.

Mithun Divakaran on Aug 6, 2012


i won't go as far as HL sucking.....but i didn't think it was all that great.

beevis on Aug 6, 2012


your right, it wasn't that great onley good!

Avi Smulders on Aug 6, 2012


Looks to be a sure winner.

DAVIDPD on Aug 6, 2012


first impression?......meh. nothing here gets me excited to see the film.

beevis on Aug 6, 2012


O my god this is want to see!!!!!

Avi Smulders on Aug 6, 2012


Mmm...errr...I mean it's hard to picture this movie's climax. A decrepit old man hiding out in a dump offering zero resistance. Hollywood tends to not like their villains being old and weak and shot unarmed. People don't get your panties in a wad, not questioning the mission or the people who carried it out, questioning how it will play as Hollywood entertainment.

harveywilkinson on Aug 6, 2012


Only if we're lucky.

JP on Aug 6, 2012


That would be soooooo dope. LOL

S17H on Aug 8, 2012


The Hurt Locker was garbage lol, I fell asleep after 20 mins.

Lagoya on Aug 6, 2012


you brain is garbage that cause you see things a garbage! look to your fucking mirror and see the real garbage!!!!!

Bob on Aug 6, 2012


Wow man you need some counseling or something seriously. The guy didnt like a movie that you did, its called an opinion jesus.

Cody W on Aug 7, 2012


because it was more realistic than Transformers 3?

Jericho on Aug 6, 2012


Dude, it doesn't get more realistic than Transformers 3.

JP on Aug 6, 2012


A perfect storm from Bigelow! a must watch movie of year.thank you dear Kathryn! thank you

Bob on Aug 6, 2012


Wonder if they will re-enact the scene where they had to drag Obama off the golf course to give the go to take Bin Laden out.

Ed Keefe on Aug 6, 2012


"Ooooo, Naavy Seals!"

grimjob on Aug 6, 2012


Compelling. A tease by definition.

Quanah on Aug 6, 2012


Meh. More U.S. warmongering bullshit.

guest on Aug 6, 2012


Since when are movies warmongering? Besides, its base on the hunt of a cowardly sociopath, it's not a "war movie", and even if it where is not "warmongering".

hitmarkv on Aug 6, 2012


Ha! And I suppose you're one of those glib Americans who still thinks Bin Laden attacked you on 9/11.

guest on Aug 9, 2012


Half these comments sound like they come from those who have never even seen The Hurt Locker...

Stavi on Aug 6, 2012


Awww my post was deleted. Anyways, Osama's not dead, Hurt Locker sucked. Move along.

Pepe on Aug 7, 2012


Hurt Locker sucked? I think you need to go watch it again.

Kwaz on Aug 7, 2012


I was trying to be nice by saying that it just sucked, it was much worse actually 😉

Pepe on Aug 7, 2012


Hollywood trying to rewrite history, again...

Nicolas Bessette on Nov 5, 2012


Excited to see it but wondering how realistic it'll actually be

Willie on Nov 26, 2012

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