First Trailer for Contained Thriller 'ATM' with Alice Eve & Josh Peck

January 6, 2012
Source: YouTube

ATM First Trailer

"He's one guy… and there's three of us!" Remember the Ryan Reynolds' film Buried set entirely in a coffin? Take the guy who wrote that, combine his ideas with Phone Booth, and you've got ATM, his newest "stuck-in-one-place" thriller about three coworkers who get trapped in an ATM booth by a menacing man outside. Thanks to The Playlist for finding the first official trailer for ATM, directed by David Brooks from Chris Sparling's script, starring Alice Eve, Josh Peck (from The Wackness) and Brian Geraghty. This looked okay until it gets really cheesy with the water and parka man hacking up people, but it could be fun. Enjoy!

Watch the first official trailer for David Brooks & Chris Sparling's ATM, via Playlist:

On a late night visit to an ATM booth, three friends and coworkers (Peck, Eve, Geraghty) end up in a desperate fight for their lives when they become trapped by an unknown man standing ominously outside.

ATM is the feature directorial debut of David Brooks, a producer and director of a short titled Gone from 2009 previously. The screenplay was written by up-and-comer Chris Sparling, who wrote Buried and An Uzi at the Alamo previously. While this hasn't premiered at any film festivals or shown anywhere else yet, IFC Midnight already has distribution but hasn't set an official release date at the moment. ATM was filmed up in Winnipeg, Canada last year, so we expect to see it arrive in theaters by the end of this year. Thoughts?

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Hah ah hah ha hahah ah ah a. Did babies think that plot up? Surely it's a spoof?

Crapola on Jan 6, 2012


hey, people keep going to see PA movies - i'm sure they'll eat this crap up too.

Anonymous on Jan 6, 2012


If he really wants to get in then why doesn't he just break the glass with his hatchet?

peloquin on Jan 6, 2012


dumb question

sillyboy on Jan 6, 2012


Why is that a dumb question? 

peloquin on Jan 6, 2012


Dumb movie.

JL on Jan 6, 2012


wha...? um he doesn't want to get in. he's trapped them in there. if he wanted in im sure he would use the door

Anonymous on Jan 6, 2012


Haven't you used an ATM like this?  You swipe your card to get in and the door locks behind you for security reasons like this so no one will put a gun to your back while your standing at the ATM and rob you.  I took the trailer as they stayed in the booth so that he couldn't get to them, hence him running back to the booth from his car and being able to close the door just before the killer gets there.  Turning off the heat and electric and running the water in there were tactics to flush them out I thought.  My main point is if he wants to kill them then why doesn't he just go in there and kill them?  I don't know, either way this looks pretty dumb. 

peloquin on Jan 6, 2012


Dude, you just gave a whole bunch of reasons why he can't go in there, then said you didn't get why he didn't just go in and kill them. Was that a mistake?  Just curious, because I wasn't even thinking about the security lock, I was just thinking he was toying with them, because he gains pleasure from it, like some sick psychopath.  But you brought up good points.

Mike P. on Jan 6, 2012


Yea well I think the logic is pretty flawed because they're staying in there because they think they're safe from him, but he has an ax that could be used to break the glass so why try to flush them out by turning off the power and running the water?  I've already dedicated way too much thought to this though so I don't even really care anymore.  You could be right too and he could just be toying with them.

peloquin on Jan 6, 2012


Can't wait for the poster tagline... "This is one withdrawal that you can't escape" "Cash your checks. Deposit your life." "Current Balance: DEATH." "Overdraft Protection can't save you here." "Anarchy Through Murder" "Next time, pay for your friend." Or is this a promo for Google's mobile wallet??

Nick Sears on Jan 6, 2012


I was thinking the same thing. Why didn't he spot his friend the cash... bonus points with chick... or... OMG... use his card wherever the f--- they was getting food?

Anonymous on Jan 7, 2012


I really thought it was a FunnyorDie spoof. honestly.

Nick Sears on Jan 6, 2012


Me too!

Crapola on Jan 6, 2012


Alice Eve could really get her butt eaten.  I'll see it for a glimpse of her cleavage.  

Brian Ricci on Jan 6, 2012


WTF, Mate.

Grichmer on Jan 6, 2012


Oh man this looks just awful...but I will watch anything that has Alice Eve in it.

Drandrenowzik on Jan 6, 2012


My only question is why did they park half a mile away from the atm booth? I'm baffled.   I mean, the whole movie looks like its full of stupid things like this..... it looks terrible.

Chazzy on Jan 6, 2012


When ever have you seen an ATM in the middle of a giant parking lot in the middle of nowhere?

Anonymous on Jan 6, 2012


I think if it was so removed, someone would come with a JCB and remove it. Like this one: By the looks of this, they stand by and watch two people get murdered too. Genius genius genius!

Crapola on Jan 6, 2012


HAHA! This is as bad or worse than PHONE BOOTH. Remember that?

DAVIDPD on Jan 6, 2012


ATM - a thriller staring a pornstar and her 2 hr quest to land some antibiotics to help kill the bacteria she just ingested while doing ATM during the shoot. Can she get the pills in time to stop the infection!? Will she continue her path of hardcore?! Don't miss it! Starring: Belladonna, Giner Lynn and Ashley Long

Agent Kid Society on Jan 6, 2012


that looks terrible, but the first thing that came to mind was the poster for The Thing because of the way the killer looks when he is first standing there

Nicholas Abramshe on Jan 6, 2012


Aw, come on, this looks fun!

Newt on Jan 6, 2012



P Man on Jan 6, 2012


I think Alice Eve is terrific but this isnt going to play in theaters. It will go straight to DVD. It might be a solid little thriller but it just wont play in theaters.

Nada on Jan 6, 2012


The strangers part 2?

Michael Baldwin on Jan 7, 2012


Looks meh, kind of DTV looking.

The_Kid89 on Jan 8, 2012


Thats one ATM that should be left alone. A bit like this film from the look of it, I'm not expecting much from this.

Bazzmosis on Jan 8, 2012


man you people are dumb. anyways....  i love these type of movies, DONT CARE WHAT YALL SAY... seein it. peace cya lata!

WhoopiGoldberg on Jan 8, 2012


This is a rich persons worst nightmare..LOL

Timnimbus on Jan 9, 2012


Reminds me of this movie

Dravas on Jan 11, 2012

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