Fleischer's 'Gangster Squad' Likely Being Pushed Back to January

July 25, 2012
Source: THR, Variety

Gangster Squad

The latest update surrounding Ruben Fleischer's LA cop drama Gangster Squad, which may undergo revisions in lieu of similarities to the recent tragic theater shooting, involves an actual release date shift. Both THR and Variety are now reporting that Warner Bros is "in serious discussions to boot Gangster Squad from its Sept. 7 release date to sometime next year." Variety is saying they're looking at an early January release date instead of its current October spot, which almost sounds like they're trying to dump this after they make some revisions to the controversial theater shooting scene in the movie. More ahead.

Details are rather vague regarding this update, since Warner Bros isn't saying much publicly dealing with the repercussions and public pressure following the tragic shooting. But the reports from the trades seem to indicate the release date delay is indeed because they're looking to reshoot the scene. "A move that would buy the studio more time to reconceive and reshoot a pivotal setpiece," THR says. "The move is necessary to accomodate reshoots because of a scene of a movie theater shooting in the completed film that became problematic in the wake of the Aurora, Colo. massacre." So it looks like it's delayed and getting edited, too.

Many fans and moviegoers seem frustrated and considerably upset that Warner Bros is making this change, based on fear and one crazy gunman. But, it may be necessary given how much the entire nation is grieving, and they are still a business who must be concerned about audience. "Sources who have seen the period pic tell Variety that the assault comes during a critical moment in the film and will need to be rewritten and reshot to work within the narrative." They have to figure out if January is still a good timeframe, and if this is still a good idea, but it sounds like not many really want them to make any changes. We'll keep you updated on their plans with this, but for now don't expect to see Gangster Squad in theaters in September.

Update: It has been officially confirmed by Variety that Warner Bros is moving Gangster Squad from its October release and holding it until January 11th early next year. They add that this shift does indeed give "the studio more time to reconceive and reshoot a pivotal setpiece in which thugs spray machine-gun fire into a crowded movie theater from behind the screen." There will be changes made, and the release is being pushed back, it's definitely happening. We'll keep you updated on Gangster Squad from here.

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Yeah it seems like most comments were in support of no changes and IMO especially more so now that they've pushed the film back almost half a year. Isn't this similar to the argument or rather the claims that if we change our ways because of terrorism the terrorists win. I mean aren't we in a sense empowering this nut by doing this, aren't we almost in a weird way paying tribute to him. Am I reaching?

rocky728 on Jul 25, 2012


i don't know if 'tribute' is the right word, but i don't think you're reaching. none but the most cold could be anything other than respectful, sympathetic and heartfelt in their wishes towards Aurora's patrons. but if we censor ourselves in the peaceful majority in response to the despicable actions of a random nutter minority, we give his actions more credence than they deserve. many others on this very site have already given very eloquent arguments against cuts or reshoots to Gangster Squad. an individual's inability to separate fact from fiction is not the fault of those who created the fiction. as someone said before, this doesn't happen with books. no-one suggests banning or cutting American Psycho because of its very graphic content. my thoughts remain with the people of Aurora. i think a delay as a mark of respect is actually a very good idea. i think a recut or reshoot is not.

son_et_lumiere on Jul 25, 2012


That's bullsh**!! I was really looking forward to seeing this.

jware85 on Jul 25, 2012


Don't worry, Lawless will carry us through til this finally hits theaters. It's a bit different with Lawless being in the backwoods and GS being a city mobster film but both look amazing to me

rocky728 on Jul 25, 2012


That's true. Lawless looks like a very good movie.

jware85 on Jul 25, 2012


Man that sucks!! I was really looking forward to seeing this movie.

jware85 on Jul 25, 2012


Tis a shame, but an understandable shame.

DAVIDPD on Jul 25, 2012


I hope when I gets released on dvd they the original cut, even though they most likely won't

Hazedmind on Jul 25, 2012


They are simply giving this vile creature what he wants. I understand that some would be bothered by the scene in question...but removing it and pretending that the scene does not exist isn't going to do a damn thing for those victims. They were unfairly ripped from this world, others left eternal scars by a spoiled demented brat...the best thing to do is lock him away or execute him and move on.

Xerxexx on Jul 25, 2012


nicely put, cred x. i guess that WB feels that they must placate the media rather than uphold the artistic integrity. i think that's entirely understandable - what business would put itself at the risk of being branded heartless in this kind of media storm? i think they made a mistake saying they'd cut it, though. just say it will be delayed. as you and Illithid Dude says below, the world will move on, as it should, and must.

son_et_lumiere on Jul 25, 2012


January is also kind of awards season time, don't know if they originally intended for this to be that kind of film, but it's got plenty of strong actors in it, so maybe the plan is to take advantage of that? Seems like this happens a lot. As well as the real human victims of these events, the media also suffers by way of self-censorship to avoid offence. Remember after 9/11, The Strokes removed 'New York City Cops' from 'Is This It'? Sometimes I think it's a bit much, but in the case of Gangster Squad it sounds like a pretty uncanny and unfortunate coincidence, and I don't blame the studio for the decision. I'm sure we'll see the original version at a later date.

eurogibbon on Jul 25, 2012


There seems to be a lot of exaggerating and over reacting regarding this delay/reshoot. The fact remains: this is a scene depicting innocent moviegoers getting massacred. As Alex pointed out, WB is a corporation out for a buck. They just want to get asses in seats, see those ticket sales. How could anyone sit through such a scene and not be taken out of the film going experience? For WB to take the steps to delay and reshoot the scene is a classy, respectful move. I've seen the film, no spoilers or details here... But reshoots reworking the scene sans- Movie Theater Massacre, won't hurt the integrity of the film. It's a critical moment in the film, for sure... But the fact that it's a movie theater, is not. Understandably, it's disappointing to film fans that WB is delaying Gangster Squad. But to say that in doing so "The Terrorists Win" is a bit hyperbolic and silly. (posted a similar comment on Devin Faraci's plea for WB to not change the scene)

theig on Jul 25, 2012


I agree with you. It's a sensible and sensitive decision to reshoot that scene.

max on Jul 25, 2012


It makes sense that they would push it back, but to reshoot the scene as well? By January, no one is going to remember the massacre. That's just the way our media cycle works. Reshoots is not necessary.

Illithid Dude on Jul 25, 2012

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