George Lucas & Kathleen Kennedy Talk 'Star Wars' Directors & More

November 9, 2012

Kathleen Kennedy / George Lucas

Ever since Disney dropped the bomb that it acquired Lucasfilm and new Star Wars films are coming, the internet has been on fire with speculation as to who might write and direct the newest entries. We have our choices for who might be the best fit, but let's take a step back and see what the true decision-makers have to say. We previously posted about a quick video of George Lucas and Lucasfilm co-chairman Kathleen Kennedy talking about the future of the franchise, now a second video has just been released that features the two talking about Lucas' role in this process and what exactly they're looking for in a potential director.

Here's the second video (watch Part 1 here) with George Lucas & Kathleen Kennedy, from StarWars.com:

The director's chair for Star Wars: Episode VII will be the hottest of all proverbial hot seats, and it seems like Lucas and Kennedy at least have a good idea of what they would like to see from someone vying for the job. It's interesting that Kennedy mentions that there are people she's worked with before that she's going to try to get to "join the fold," and I wonder what that does to rumors of Matthew Vaughn or Safety Not Guaranteed helmer Colin Trevorrow snagging the gig. There is a growing list of filmmakers who won't direct the movie, now we just have to wait to find out who will lock it down. However long that might take.

Just yesterday, news broke that Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt has written the treatment for the new trilogy and will be at least one of the (likely multiple) writers who comes on board to tackle the screenplay for Episode VII. It seemed as if fans collectively breathed a sigh of relief that the new trilogy wasn't going to be just a dusted-off copy of what Lucas had cooked up years ago, but instead that his universe will be in the hands of some fresh blood with Lucas just chiming in to answer questions or fill in the gaps. Honestly, that's probably the best possible outcome. What I'm happiest about is that Lucas himself seems to recognize and embrace his new position. He's no longer a guy who you'd have to fight to pry control out of his cold, dead hands; he seems okay with letting it go, and that's a monumentally good sign for the future of Star Wars.

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I love how George had a serious look on his face when he candidly expressed that making the last 3 films was him being the "keeper of the flame" ....more like "extinguisher" of the flame :p

Thomas Carroll on Nov 9, 2012


George brought Star Wars into this world, so he is really the SOURCE of the Flame, dont forget that

Landomar on Nov 10, 2012


Yeah, it was his flame to put out... even if it was... in our hearts *sniffle*

Richie G on Nov 10, 2012


I felt as though he was saying he was the keeper of flame for 4 5 and 6, the first 3.

imthinking.tyler on Nov 11, 2012


For fu*ks sake!Why don't they release the whole goddamn interview instead of these short "teasers"! It's not like they are going to loose any potential audience if they stop with the bullshit hype machine.Anybody who is not living under a rock is going to watch the new star wars movies just out of curiosity if not anything else. Bill Hicks was right.Advertising is a curse on the humanity.

I am getting really pissed off on Nov 9, 2012


Though it is advertising, I'd say there's a healthy amount of marketing going on here - & it would be entirely unwise to argue with Disney/Lucasfilm re: marketing. They're shooting for the people living UNDER the people living under rocks.

avconsumer2 on Nov 12, 2012


"look over the script". Please. Still lives in a complete state of disillusion. Besides her plastic surgery enhanced face, I dont know what to think of Kennedy. She seems more like a business woman then anything else. Personally, Disney will crank then out. Make a shit load of money. It's going to be on the level of Avengers im sure. Nothing more. The depth or brilliance of ESB will never be replicated again. I'd love to be wrong tho. But i have zero faith in these people. it's all about business anyways....

buzzfunk on Nov 9, 2012


It can't be replicated.Different times.They can imitate,but the effect it had at the time is unique.audiences today are too savy ,too jaded,too saturaded with tropes,stories and pop culture. I would like to see a different direct for each movie with a different aproach ,a different vision and different visual style,even going as far as to redesign the whole look of the star wars .it would make things interesting.But I doubt they will dare to brake the formula.

ChipChippersonRules on Nov 9, 2012


Helping with the script? God help us, Lucas needs to be kept away from any scripts.

guest@gmail.com on Nov 9, 2012


A little out of order when you consider he's the guy that wrote the story for the original trilogy. The problem with the prequels I believe is that he was surrounded by 'yes' men and so we ended up with Jar-Jar.

Steven on Nov 10, 2012


He does like cgi animals and will stick them in at any given moment.

Carpola on Nov 11, 2012


Totally, so its down to those around him to say hold on there, lets dial it down a little.

Steven on Nov 12, 2012


I would suck ol' Georgie boys pudgy little pecker to direct one of these.

Uwe Bolle on Nov 9, 2012


That's the dark side of the force right there.

Carpola on Nov 11, 2012


This is good. This is the same capacity that he serves in everything from the books, the first trilogy and games. Can't wait!!

LucasIsTheMan on Nov 9, 2012


They talked about how originality was key to star wars (unlike having books made like Harry Potter), so that's great to hear, and what I'd like to add to that is, I hope in the new star wars, they don't try and bring back characters that have died off. Example Boba Fett. I can easily say he was a badass and a great character to watch. But if they're making another trilogy, don't try and make a loop hole where he somehow didn't die, but make another original badass character that his saga of star wars can be known for and for future generations to come. So ppl can say "Episodes 4, 5, 6 had badass Boba Fett, episodes 1, 2, 3 had shitty Jar Jar and badass Grieves and episodes 7, 8, 9 have ? badass character!"

JBrotsis on Nov 10, 2012


A cloned Palatine that is 30 years old whom kills Luke!!

Steven on Nov 10, 2012


sucks that you never read a single star wars novel or comicbook

Anon on Nov 12, 2012


If you google for pics of Mark Hamill you'll see a pic of him last year with a beard looking just like old ben. 🙂

Steven on Nov 10, 2012


These interviews are super awkward. That Kennedy lady is super annoying, and George's chin is distracting.

Big Sal on Nov 10, 2012


To help make this a success I would like to offer my slow and bloody death in the opening scene! Yours faithfully, Jarjar.

jarjar on Nov 10, 2012


No template?

Maṇi on Nov 10, 2012


two words. KEVIN. SMITH.

alfred on Nov 11, 2012


I bet Kathy and Georgie is going get the dipsh that is doing Hunger Games 2. They only go for latest and greatest. Why not cast Jennifer Lawrence. Whomever the hottest upcoming star is in there will get a role in this movie. This going to be one painful experience. Get out the Pepto

harbaughj on Nov 11, 2012


Man, why had no one suggested Peter Jackson!?

Micah Wilkins on Nov 11, 2012


Wow how off was George with that interviewer? What a knob!

darthvader on Nov 13, 2012

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