Gordon-Levitt Discusses (on TV) 'Dark Knight Rises' End/Continuation

August 15, 2012
Source: SlashFilm

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Dark Knight Rises

Though it has been out for about four weeks, we haven't had a chance to discuss the ending, final moments, and potential continuation of The Dark Knight Rises. Part of that is because Chris Nolan has said time and time again he is done, completely finished, with Batman (and that universe). Plus, it's unlikely they'd continue this with Christian Bale and the way it ends, but fans love to keep talking about it. And if studios sense the buzz, they may just go for it, pull together another spin off from where it ends. The person to ask is Joseph Gordon-Levitt - and that's exactly what Jimmy Kimmel did when he got Gordon-Levitt onto his talk show last night. Obviously this is a very big spoiler for the end of TDKR if you haven't seen it yet.

Here's the half of the segment where he talks about what happens with Gotham City's John Blake at the end of TDKR. Thanks to SlashFilm for the tip on finding this and posting it. Worth watching just for Joe:

Here we go with spoilers. "This is the truth - I don't think it's necessarily a setup. I think it's a great ending for that trilogy." There, he said it. No need to keep fighting about it, right? Plus there's Kimmel: "You're Robin, you're the boy wonder." At least that is what one moment at the end leads us to believe. Though I've heard every single theory inbetween, from Blake being Nightwing, not Robin, to Blake just being the "new" Batman. Either way, I was curious about seeing him continue after TDKR, because he's one of my favorite characters in the final movie, but I didn't think it would actually happen. I thought it was Nolan's perfect way of rounding everything out with the idea of Batman being a symbol, being more than one man, and Blake was the way of showing that. Do we need to see more? Only time will tell what happens.

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ive been thinking a lot about it and im pretty excited to see the new version of batman. Honestly i hope they go for a more comic book take on the character and villains this time through. i also hope the costume is more of the traditional Blue & grey then what we've seen before. also ive been trying to think of a actor who could redo the joker, and again turning more towards the comic character i think with slight prosthetic that Adrian Brody would have a great take on the clown. if anyone else has any ideas or inputs please share them!

DoomCanoe on Aug 15, 2012


Adrian Brody is an interesting pick. I dig it. Tim Roth would be awesome maybe.

Keitj T. Alin on Aug 15, 2012


Benedict Cumberbatch is my pick for Joker. I think he'd be great. He's got the right physical look, and he's a great actor.

Anthony on Aug 15, 2012


thats a great choice, ive never even thought of that actor

DoomCanoe on Aug 15, 2012


I also thought it was a great way to end the trilogy but it also opened up an exciting suggestion for continuation through Blake. They needn't necessarily pimp him out as Robin or Nightwing but take it in a different direction than the comics. That said, it was satisfying to watch Wayne put away his cape and live free and to know that his legacy continues through Blake.

syntaxterror on Aug 15, 2012


i always figured that new Batman Earth 1 comic would be a fantastic jumping point for Blake, i don't see how they could do a robin take since there was no robin themed circus accident involved but a caped nightwing might suffice....

Jericho on Aug 15, 2012


the ending of batman ended a very dissapointing movie for me, only one of many reasons is because the main villian bane lied that he was born into a prison but blatantly was not as it was ra ghuls daughter that was. it was a joke and slight by the director who lets be honest doesnt know how to END a movie so will leave it open. leave us guessing...i dont care any for this type of ending and many people dont give a toss....just end a movie for once.this shows lack of craft, youve seen it in inception, that magic movie and the one which keeps going round and round like ground hog day- so baddddd. best direct kung fu panda 3 or make a doco about alaskan oil platforms next nolan.

la chance on Aug 16, 2012


if you paid closer attention to the movie, every time they would tell the story it would only be Bruce who assumes it was bane, he was actually told no the first time by the cellmate but everyone still assumed it anyways, it was no slight, its just nobody payed attention..... and the best part of his endings is that an open ended one is one for both sides to enjoy because they get to personally pick how it ends. Inception still has people assuming if he was awake or still asleep and Batman is one that capitalizes on the fact that he is more than just one man and Bruce's story was over with.......

Jericho on Aug 16, 2012


Exactly!! at no point in the movie did they say Bane escaped from the prison, Bruce just assumes it infact all they say is "There is a legend of a child who got out" a Child! as in not specifically a boy or a girl. that doesnt mean Bane never grew up in the prison too right?? maybe thats why he protected Talia, because he knew what it was like to grow up in the prison himself.

Said on Aug 16, 2012


After reviewing one of the trailers I speculated about this on May 1st. My blog post titled, "The Dark Knight Rises, a prequel to Nightwing?"

ericfoster on Aug 16, 2012


I think this is the best way to give the opportunity to another great director, with the direct influence of Nolan, and make another story, maybe like Batman Beyond, with a kind of absent Bruce Wayne. But what ever will come in the future, I hope is half as good as this trilogy. (See how exited Joe is when he talks about Batman)

Alexander Gramlich on Aug 16, 2012


Still, 1 season on AMC/some cable network with balls with live-action Nightwing starring Gordon-Levitt would have been cool? 🙂

David Banner on Aug 16, 2012

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