'Gremlins' Remake Will Not Happen Without Spielberg's Permission

August 8, 2012
Source: Crave Online


With The Bourne Legacy hitting theaters this weekend, producer Frank Marshall has been making the rounds to all the press outlets, answering questions about all his past franchises, from Back to the Future to Indiana Jones. There's even been questions about sequels that will likely never happen including follow-ups to The Goonies and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Thankfully, it seems remakes and sequels for those films are not happening, and we can add one more to the list of classic favorites that won't be touched by the remake brush. Marshall says a Gremlins remake cannot happen without permission from Steven Spielberg.

Whew! While there was once talk of a Gremlins 3, it sounds like any decisions made on that film have to be run by Steven Spielberg and his Amblin Entertainment arm before moving forward. Marshall comments on the idea of a sequel to Gremlins rather than a reboot telling Crave Online:

"You know, we’ve had people call us about it but I think that’s another one that’s kind of now left to be its own. It’s like doing 'Goonies 2 ' or 'E.T. 2.' I think it’s another time, it’s another era and they should just rest where they are."

And on the subject of a remake rather than a sequel, Marshall said:

"No, I don’t think so. I think by now we have something in our contracts, or at least Amblin does, where it can’t be remade without Steven’s permission."

So there you have it. That's at least one Spielberg produced classic that won't be mucked up by a remake of a sequel. Of course, a remake doesn't ever really take away anything from the original and ruin it, but it's just upsetting to fans who just want to cherish the classic version and want people to enjoy that one rather than a contemporary take on the material. Nowadays digital animation makes a sequel to Gremlins worrisome because it might replace the glorious puppet and animatronic work that made the original such a great little horror comedy. Therefore it's good we can rest easy about a remake not coming to fruition for now.

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i barely read beyond 'Gremlins Remake Will Not Happen...' in the heading, but i'm glad i did. 'I think it’s another time, it’s another era and they should just rest where they are.' = never a truer word was said about the seemingly never ending stream of remakes.

son_et_lumiere on Aug 8, 2012


I could see a remake of this movie working best as an animated film like the adventures of Tin Tin. I don't think a live action movie would work since this type of movie is really targeted for kids and there is such a craze for animated movies I don't see why not.

BinaryChaos on Aug 8, 2012


Yes, there are disappointing remakes out there, but classics CAN be re-imagined successfully. We wouldn't have the Dark Knight trilogy or the Coen Brother's True Grit without remakes. Both films were big (even record-breaking) box office successes, AS WELL AS Academy Award winning films that brought something new to the original themes in their stories. I'm actually kinda disappointed Gremlins won't be remade. I loved the original, and I think the technology available today would open up a ton of possibilities for a story and the chaos gremlins could cause. Notice I said the effects have to serve the STORY, not vice versa. Spielberg, give it the green light, be a pal!

Xav on Aug 8, 2012


some fair points, Xav. if the new film can indeed bring something new, then it can be a worthy successor, absolutely. if the 'new' a remake brings is merely a change in the technology and special effects, then what is that really adding? as you say, so many fall down on having no real added value in the *story* to speak of. personally, i'm glad this one seems to be going nowhere.

son_et_lumiere on Aug 9, 2012


pitch Spielberg Gremlins 3 😀

redskulllives on Aug 8, 2012


Thank you Mr. Spielberg.

grimjob on Aug 8, 2012


Pixar, somehow. I know I'm being stupid, save it.

OfficialJab on Aug 9, 2012


The argument I always hear is that today's technology would ruin the Gremlins franchise, but that doesn't mean you have to use the new technology. Look at it as an opportunity to bring back a charished film style. Gremlins is one of my favorite films from youth and my 2 year old daughter loves it. Seriously it would be a safe investment in my opinion, and could be hugely successful due to support of fans old and new.

Jonny hill on Aug 26, 2012


You guys are all tripping, a Gremlins 3 would be The SHlT!!!!!!!!!!!!

BullyRay4Champ on Sep 25, 2012



dave whlmus on Dec 8, 2012

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