Guillermo del Toro Finally Talks Choice to Convert 'Pacific Rim' 3D

September 24, 2012
Source: STYD

Pacific Rim

Nearly two weeks ago, some frustrating news came to light reporting that Warner Bros. was forcing a post-production 3D conversion of Pacific Rim. This wasn't necessarily surprising, but what made it annoying and maddening was the fact that director Guillermo del Toro made a very prominent statement earlier this summer about why he didn't want to have the film shot or converted to 3D. The filmmaker said, "To force the 3D effects for robots and monsters that are supposed to be big you are making their [perspective] miniaturized, making them human scale." Well, now he's spoken out as to why this decision to convert the film to 3D is something that he's come to terms with, and it's slightly comforting on some level.

Speaking to Shock Til You Drop, here's what del Toro said about why he changed his mind:

“What happened was, in the weeks and months following Comic-Con, what I asked from the studio was to agree to four points that I wanted to do. The more the ILM shots arrived, the more I realized that there were only a few shots that would miniaturize. I asked the studio, number one, that we would not hyper-stereo-lize the thing. That we would not force 3D on the beauty shots. That we would keep the giant dimensions. They agreed.”

But there's still the issue of the time it takes to do a solid 3D conversion and not have it feel like a terrible cinematic pop-up book like Clash of the Titans a couple years ago, one of the worst conversions done for the big screen. Thankfully, del Toro has an answer for that too, and it was part of the reason he agreed to do the conversion in the first place:

"Normally a conversion takes a few weeks. I asked to start it immediately so we could take the full 40 weeks to do the conversion. As an example, Titanic took about 50 weeks to convert. The final thing that I asked that they agreed to, which was amazing, was that I asked them to give me an extra budget, which is considerable, to actually have ILM composite the shots that are CG native 3D. We’re not giving elements. ILM is giving the composite in 3D from the get-go. That’s a huge, huge element. Now I’m going to be involved in supervising it. What can I tell you? I changed my mind.”

So there you have it. The most interesting part is having ILM do the effects in native 3D, and that should make quite the difference. Of course, I'm still worried about the scale of the film and how the 3D might make the epic size of the battles between monsters and controlled robots look like a playset. However, I'm willing to trust del Toro, a director not known to blow smoke up our asses, and see what his promising sci-fi film looks like in 3D, but probably not until I've seen it in two dimensions first. Warner Bros sends the film to theaters next summer on July 12th, 2013. Will you see Pacific Rim in 3D now?

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Interesting, but it doesn't mean too much to me since I wont be seeing it in 3d anyways.

Jay on Sep 24, 2012


I'm not against 3D at all, but I am against 3D conversions. Although this does sound a little more promising 3D-wise, I'm still just gonna save my money and see the way Del Toro originally intended.

Danimal on Sep 24, 2012



Avi Smulders on Sep 24, 2012


I was going to see it in 2D first, then 3D. That was back when I thought WB was forcing a conversion against Del Toro's wishes and potentially without his involvement. After reading this, I'm 100% all for seeing it in 3D on opening night. Del Toro said it best himself, he changed his mind, oh well...he's doing everything he can to make this the best it can be in 3D just as he was doing everything he could to make it a great movie before. I trust him.

Chris Groves on Sep 24, 2012


The man is clearly heartbroken...I read this as rationalization.

DAVIDPD on Sep 24, 2012


No he isn't. He's never been one to hide disappointment. He sounds just as enthusiastic about this as he has about everything else. If you saw the comment he made on the forum of his official website, you'd know that he isn't just blowing smoke.

Chris Groves on Sep 24, 2012


I would not be too surprised after PACIFIC RIM premiers and he does his press tour, he comes out and says it was not his decision.

DAVIDPD on Sep 24, 2012


I guess it's cool, i don't see the complain about 3D cause in the end the decision to see it it's yours as an spectator

TOONFED on Sep 24, 2012


More elaboration from Del Toro. Courtesy of "As I said, 5 things happened after Comicon that made me change my mind. 1) The more ILM shots we saw the more I realized that only a handful "beauty" shots of Jaeger vs Kaiju would "miniaturize" the rest of the movie (live action and CG) was staged with a roaming camera and we had enough foreground, mid-ground stuff that would allow for a conversion. 2) I had requested a very lofty -and expensive approach if converted- I wanted to take time. And time is money. I asked for almost 3 times the amount people normally allocate a few weeks. We are about 40 weeks away from opening. I wanted to be able to supervise each shot with enough time to polish (Titanic took around 50 weeks) Legendary and WB agreed. 3) I requested that a big sum was given so that ILM could composite their own shots "native" rather than the usual approach of handing "elements" to the 3D conversion house. This represents a huge increase in quality and cost but you are guaranteeing that the most complex CGI are "native" 3D. It was agreed upon. 4) I tortured the 3D house Stereo D (most Marvel movies, Titanic, etc) to do not one or two tests but to actually test several of the most difficult images to convert. For Weeks we debated each of those shots and I implicated John Knoll from ILM in discussing what to look for. And frankly, the tests were great!! 5) It was agreed that the 3D conversion would never look to be flashy or gratuitous (some people really "push" conversion so 3D gets exaggerated to the point of miniaturization. I was clear before hand that the "beauty" shots that I would earmarked would not get fake "3D-eized". This is normal even in native productions- usually with establishing shots eg: the wide views of Pandora ini AVATAR. This control was fully given to me. So, after all of this, I decided to give it a full go. I will be overlooking the process and making sure everything is optimal. This complicates my delivery and makes it tighter but it will be worthy. For those of you that nevertheless want to see the film in 2D, there will be that version theatrically too.

Chris Groves on Sep 24, 2012


Every time I watch a 3d film I keep sliding down the glasses to see how the effects make a difference. Maybe I just don't have the "eye" for it.

Marc Callado on Sep 24, 2012


He's good, almost had me. Nope, 2d all the way

Richie G on Sep 24, 2012


3d glasses give me head w/e I save 5 bucks on every ticket. Still would like to see a trailer for this. Very stoked.

Brian Sleider on Sep 24, 2012


I really don't understand the fascination for Guillermo's work. Other than Pan's Labyrinth, he has not really made any great movie. Hellboy 1 and 2 were okay. I'm glad that he stepped out of the Hobbit.

bergstvnspiel1212 on Sep 24, 2012


Love his awesome style! All the creatures in his movies are dope! Don't know why he turned it down??!! He would have made Lord of the Rings Series, what "Heisenberg" did to the Meth yo! Come to think of it, I think Deltoro been smokin them blue meth, since his movies are always trippy!!

camjmsnorblln99 on Sep 24, 2012


I see what you did there guillermo..."the studios trying to screw me over by pushing for 3D conversion against my will? B*tch please, i'll "subtlety" screw you over by making you blow up your budget just to get it done with my awesome demands." sneaky bastard. love it!

Jake Kash on Sep 24, 2012


He wasted his time. I only see 2D movies.

rennmaxbeta on Sep 25, 2012

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