Guns Drawn at The Last Supper on a New Poster for 'Expendables 2'

August 3, 2012
Source: Collider

The Expendables 2

The last poster for The Expendables 2 was an almost grindhouse inspired piece throwing back to the 80's, complete with manufactured creases and worn edges. Now a new banner might stir some controversy as it recreates The Last Supper, but using the entire cast of the film with guns drawn at the ready. What some people won't realize though, is that some of these action stars are old enough to have been at the infamous dinner with Jesus himself (the more you know!). In all seriousness though, the poster is a bit silly, but I wouldn't expect anything less from a film with this kind of cast, and the ridiculous action everyone wants.

Here's The Last Supper poster for Simon West's The Expendables 2 from Collider:

The Expendables 2 - The Last Supper Banner

Mr. Church reunites the Expendables for what should've been an easy job, but when one of their men is murdered, their quest for revenge puts them deep in enemy territory and up against an unexpected threat.

The Expendables 2 is directed by British filmmaker Simon West, of movies like Con Air, The General's Daughter, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Purple Mountain and The Mechanic previously. The screenplay was written by Sylvester Stallone, who directed the first one but not this one. Lionsgate is releasing Expendables 2 from Millennium Films / Nu Image starting on August 17th later this summer. You in for this one!?

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If some one has to use this image for a movie poster, i can't think in some one better than the expendables

TOONFED on Aug 3, 2012


The first movie was lame, a let down mainly because of the script. This one looks like more of the same. Too bad cause I was really hoping for more entertainment out of this group.

nathan on Aug 3, 2012


Mr Crews and his AA12 have something to say about that comment.

Cody W on Aug 3, 2012


Since when did old school action movies need a strong script. That's NEVER what the genre was about. It's about these guys we love blowing crap up and delivering cheesy lines while doing so.

Andy Ortega on Aug 3, 2012



grimjob on Aug 3, 2012


They do not need a strong script but I think the first film tried to hard to be taken a bit serious.

jacobcrim on Aug 4, 2012


Maybe not strong, but well-written, clever, tight, witty... all of which the first Expendables was not.

rennmaxbeta on Aug 4, 2012


That is truly awesome!!

moutchy on Aug 3, 2012


Dig it.

grimjob on Aug 3, 2012


This is definitely an Expendables worthy poster. LOL.

Daniel Vu Tran on Aug 3, 2012


So does anyone else think it's weird that Chuck Norris is in Judas' spot?

DRM on Aug 3, 2012


anyone else notice, that when you click on the picture, Li's name is spelled backwards, complete with a backwards L

bucker96 on Aug 3, 2012


With the type of lettering they're using, it can go either way. Or it looks like a U.

grimjob on Aug 3, 2012


nah, when you pull up the image then zoom it in on his name you see there is no backward spelling, its just close together.....

Jericho on Aug 4, 2012


Lame on so many levels..

Davide Coppola on Aug 4, 2012


This poster is a complete opposite of the original Last Supper. The original shows positivity (family, love, together). but this shows negativity (so much violence). No wonder the world is so f*uckd up with the generation growing up with this shit. This is what a lot of people like, they want to become like them not knwing how it has an affect to their life.

Explode on Aug 4, 2012


Shut your fucking mouth you numbnut: IT'S A FUCKING MOVIE! No one wants to read your semi-shrink opinion. It is a god-damn poster. Jesus.....

Lowrider83 on Aug 4, 2012


See what I mean, Lowrider83 even if it is a poster does not mean you can go and fuck up and take a mick out of religious stuff and make it look the oppsite of what it really is.

Explode on Aug 4, 2012


its just a poster, capitalizing on the fact they have the same amount of actors as those seated in the original last supper. its not trying to promote propaganda for people to go out for violence but making opportunity for a quick joke that so many people have done for in six hundred years....

Jericho on Aug 4, 2012


sorry Triangle i meant the post for Explode

Jericho on Aug 4, 2012


This movie is recycled dog shit.

rennmaxbeta on Aug 4, 2012


Would have been better if they actually took a photo like this instead of Photoshopping them all in. Because it looks super fake and cheesy...

Roderick on Aug 6, 2012


Bucker96 you're an idiot. it just runs together so it only looks that way.

08BusaMan on Aug 8, 2012


If you're watching The Expendables for the riveting dialog, then you're in the wrong section of the movie watching business. That's like watching Machete for Danny Trejo's acting skills. Seriously?

08BusaMan on Aug 8, 2012


Explode, Get your head out of your ass. If adults allow their children to watch this sort of movie then they should be fixed so they can't reproduce again. It's a Grown up guy movie that's why there are ratings, and yes they are scewed, but it's called being a parent ( A Real Parent). if you are so concerned about the movie and it's affect, why don't you go pick up Nathan down there and you both go watch "The Notebook" together. it'd be right up you two's alley, and then when your done maybe you and Nathan can explore each others alley. Since you seem to lean that way anyway.

08BusaMan on Aug 8, 2012


All of the men in this Movie are History's Greatest Action Heroes... I don't know about the sequel but This Poster, Is their Tribute to themshelves!

Adam Deleon on Aug 8, 2012

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