Hans Zimmer Will Officially Be Scoring Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel'

June 18, 2012
Source: Variety

Hans Zimmer

Superman fans haven't seen any big screen action from the last son of Krypton since Bryan Singer's 2006 film Superman Returns, and even that movie didn't actually feature a ton of action. Director Zack Snyder is looking to revitalize one of the world's most iconic heroes with Man of Steel, and though we're expecting a lot of first-look footage and revelations coming from Comic-Con next month, here's a cool bit of info about the movie to help fans get excited in the meantime. Variety reports that iconic composer Hans Zimmer will be providing the score for Man of Steel, following in the footsteps of John Williams' legendary theme.

Zimmer's involvement was actually rumored way back in 2010, but this is now official confirmation that he'll be working with Snyder for the first time. Zimmer worked with Christopher Nolan on the Batman trilogy and Inception, and since Nolan is producing Man of Steel, it's a no-brainer that he would bring over one of the best composers in the business to tackle one of comic book cinema's most recognizable theme songs. (It's kind of a bummer for longtime-Snyder collaborator Tyler Bates, though.) John Ottman did the score for Superman Returns back in '06, and although he fell short of reaching the greatness of Williams' score, Zimmer seems to have a good feel for what needs to be done. In 2010, he said regarding Superman:

"You are allowed to reinvent, but you have to try to be as good or at least as iconic and it has to resonate and it has to become a part of the zeitgeist. That's the job."

I'm confident he'll produce some amazing work for Man of Steel. Though his success has generated a lot of copycat composers in the past few years, Zimmer is still at the top of his game. After following Elfman's masterful score from Tim Burton's Batman, I'm hoping he can work some similar magic following Williams' work on Donner's Superman and give us something that movie geeks are going to be humming for the rest of 2013. In the meantime, we have Zimmer's TDKR album coming up to get our hands on, too. Thoughts?

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That made my day! What brilliant news!

Anon on Jun 18, 2012


I hope he stays completely away from anything that sounds similar to williams. I love the original superman theme to death, but this is a reboot, and from what ive seen till now, a completely different superman. He needs to do something completely original that goes with the feel of THIS movie. Which im darn sure he will.

Anon on Jun 18, 2012


I'm sure he will. Just like he stayed away from his Batman theme sounding like Danny Elfman's 1989 Batman theme. I think the studio would be nuts to reboot this franchise just to hold onto the old them, but stranger things have happened.

Quanah on Jun 18, 2012


Well for one, you cannot beat Williams theme. So why even try? He will do the complete opposite, Im sure. however, I have ZERO faith in this director. Zero. nada.

buzzfunk on Jun 18, 2012


I loved Watchmen as a whole and the asthetics of 300, but after the complete disaster that was Sucker Punch I don't know what to think anymore. I really wouldn't want Man of Steel to be one long music video with ridiculously excessive sequences of slow motion, but it seems almost inevitable at this point. Here's hoping he might surprise us all. As for Hans Zimmer, that man can do no wrong. He seems incapable of failure. So, whatever happens with this movie, at least the score will be beautiful.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 18, 2012


Hanz is fucking incredible, and his score on Inception was fucking EPIC! Apply his music to any mundane activity (like eating a donut for example), and it would be MINDBLOWING!

LosZombies on Jun 19, 2012


Yes, well Snyder isn't writing this time, so hopefully the script is a good, nay great, one. The guy has a terrific sense of style though.

rennmaxbeta on Jun 20, 2012


C'mon man, 1 out of 4 aint that bad.. Im sure Man of Steel will be just fine 🙂

LosZombies on Jun 19, 2012


Hell yeah! Zimmer is one of my favorite score composers, hope he does a good job Although I hope the score he makes is not to familiar to that of Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy

Fidel Reyes on Jun 18, 2012


That's amazing news!!! Will make man of steel even greater. Yet, didn't he say in that same 2010 interview that he 'wouldn't know how to approach Superman' 'I don't want to rewrite Beethoven's 9th(referring to JWilliams score) 'my heart belongs to Batman.' remember that? Anyone??

Okbye on Jun 18, 2012



cypher on Jun 18, 2012


Hans zimmer hAns zimmer haNs zimmer hanS zimmer hans Zimmer hans zImmer hans ziMmer hans zimMer hans zimmEr hans zimmeR HANS ZIMMER

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 18, 2012


Is that really a surprise since they were in collaboration with Christopher Nolan to get the script together? I saw that coming a mile away.... Hans Zimmer will definitely produce something good but I don't think anyone can ever top John Williams theme that man is just out of this world. You can always rely on John Williams to produce a catchy theme.

BinaryChaos on Jun 18, 2012


OH NO! He's going to spoil the music with his "computer sounds". Symphony orchestras are dying, definately. We had Silvestri, Elfman and Horner for Marvel movies (orchestras). However, DC movies' music is pure computer. Pity... John Williams always will be the MAESTRO.

Alvaro Soliz Ríos on Jun 18, 2012


Hans Zimmer is the best composer currently working

Geoffrey Shauger on Jun 18, 2012


No, that would still be John Williams. 100 years from now, who will be the one with the most awards, most fame, most written about in books? John Williams... just a fact and not up for debate.

Billy Green on Jun 30, 2012


So, basically, you wanna hear the same thing all over?

Manuel on Jun 19, 2012


My only request: Reinvent anything but the main titles.

Nick Sears on Jun 18, 2012


100% agreed... think you MUST at the very least, give a nod to that iconic theme... in the first credits, and the first time we see him in the Superman outfit and fly for the first time.. need a few measure of it there... it has to be there like that... just a solid nod to that theme. It's the right thing to do and then do your own thing... but to to ignore it fully is insanity and to try to copy it is as well... give a nod, then move on.

Billy Green on Jun 30, 2012


then it'll be 10 times better now!!! I know he'll come up with the new theme for Superman like he did in Batman.

TTumMM on Jun 18, 2012



THEBATMAN on Jun 18, 2012



THEBATMAN on Jun 19, 2012


nee nee nee, nee, nee nee nee, nee, nee nee nee, nee, nee nee nee nuh, nuh nuh nuh, nuh, nuh nuh nuh, nuh, nuh nuh nuh

LosZombies on Jun 19, 2012


The three beats musically say "Sup-er-man!" Magic theme.

rennmaxbeta on Jun 20, 2012


Good news.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 19, 2012


The John Williams score can't be matched. It is synonymous with Superman. When you think of the character, that theme plays in your head automatically. Hans Zimmer will create something no where near as memorable or defining as the Williams score, and that sucks knowing that we'll all be humming the original theme wishing it was there when we watch this reboot.

thanos on Jun 19, 2012


Grain of salt, people. DEADLINE recently ran a piece on why Hollywood is untrusting of Variety, a publication (up for sale) that has been churning out bogus reporting for a while now.

BeepBeepRichie on Jun 19, 2012


yep. I won't believe it until someone official says so. Like a producer or himself!

Alain Ramirez on Jun 19, 2012


Totally agree with you sir.LosZombie. But...that 1 is nothing too. Sucker Punch was totally entertaining visionary pic with sex appeal elements. I think because of trust in Snyder we don't like this but if some other guys deliver it to us, results became much better. Weak movie but for Snyder Because of our high hopes & great expectations. A Disaster for Snyder but Was not Disaster movie. Entertaining and worth watching. And John Williams composer of Indiana Joneses,Jurasic Parks,Star Warses,Harry Potters and spilberg movies,Richard Donners Supermans I front of Hans ZImmer : Gladiator , Last Samurai , Davici Code , M:I-2 , Chris Nolan's Batmans , Pirate Careabians , Sherlock Holmeses , Pearl Harbor , Black Hawk Down , Rain Man , Rock , Spirit , Rango , Lion King. I think in some of this movies composer is most important than film (for me) like Davinci Code.Love Both, Huge Fan of Them either & Both had own vision but I think John Williams themes is happier and more childhood shape instead Hans themes is more bitter and more exotic even in childish movie like incredible Lion King sound tracks. And in other hand , Nolan is behind this superman project, we don't will saw colorful superman, this hasnot something like batman atmosphete either but absolutely we encounter with DARKEST & VULNEREBLE superman ever. Then hans zimmer & nolan understand eachother very well. I think another element of this cooperate is main Vilain , in Nolan's batmans Vilain is very HighLight. General Zod is Dictator, Compeletly Tyrant. He is Strongest Vilain Ever even than Joker or Bane or Scarecrow and ... Michael Shanon fire up The Screen The Legend Begin

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 19, 2012


So the Nolan brothers and Zimmer are in charge of every DC Comics Warner Bros. movie? hahaha xD Might as well change Warner Bros. to Nolan Bros. haaha These guys are good, they already did an amazing job with the Batman trilogy, I have no doubt they'll do a fantastic job with the Man of Steel.

Faceman on Jun 19, 2012


It really is a bummer for Tyler Bates, he has always done a fantastic job on Snyder's pictures, Hans Zimmer is a safe bet. We'll see how this movie turns out to be, I'm still looking forward to it for sure.

Davide Coppola on Jun 19, 2012


Zimmer is good... but he lacks when writing melody. The young 18-30 something commenters here grew up on pop music that lacked melody. The hardest thing to write. His Batman theme was very good, but nowhere near as melodic or iconic as Elfman's. His Superman theme will 100% be the same... lots of beat and percussion, thin on any memorable melody. Just how it is. I like him a lot, but will clearly be disappointed in whatever he does if there is not, at least, a nod to the William's Superman theme. Just a node. Should get a hint of it, perhaps in the first credits, or perhaps we hear several bars when Superman first pulls the shirt open and we see the "S" and he flies in the suit for the first time. Several bars of that iconic them that make the hair stand on end like when I was a 12 year old kid and saw Chris Reeves' Superman fly for the first time... I grabbed the back of the seat in front of me and stood to my feet with my jaw dropped thinking I had just seen the greatest thing that ever would exist. I gotta have that feeling again. Give us a reverend nod to that theme with several bars, then do your own thing... but the nod needs to be there. Yes, I am a professional musician, so it's a big deal to me.

Billy Green on Jun 30, 2012


The old superman scores were made almost for a cheery less serious Superman movie which in my opinion it was. I feel that Nolan is going to focus on major struggles that Superman suffers like the fact that he feels alone after the knowledge of how he is th only one from his race left (which is kinda what we can see from vagrant Kent in the trailers)so I'm sure tht Hanz will make the score to match the setting the same way he matched the dark setting and sacrifices Bruce Wayne had to deal with in the Batman Trilogy. Besides Hanz has amazing bass too xD

Pierre Sebastian Sanounosuke R on Sep 26, 2012


The old superman scores were made almost for a cheery less serious Superman movie which in my opinion it was. I feel that Nolan is going to focus on major struggles that Superman suffers like the fact that he feels alone after the knowledge of how he is th only one from his race left (which is kinda what we can see from vagrant Kent in the trailers)so I'm sure tht Hanz will make the score to match the setting the same way he matched the dark setting and sacrifices Bruce Wayne had to deal with in the Batman Trilogy. Besides Hanz has amazing bass too xD

Pierre Sebastian Rodriguez on Sep 26, 2012


the new theme song sucks. it's forgettable. not at par with the old one. 10 years from now and you could not even hum that song.

Joe on May 3, 2013

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