Hardy, Maguire and DiCaprio Producing an Animal Trafficking Drama

August 27, 2012
Source: THR

Animal Trafficking

That's right. Howard Hughes, Spider-Man and Bane are teaming up for one movie. No it's not the worst crossover film you've ever heard of, but rather a collaboration three actors coming together as producers to craft a film with a compelling story and a cause. THR has word that Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Tom Hardy are teaming up to produce an animal trafficking drama, in the same vein as Steven Soderbergh's Traffic, that takes a dramatic from look at everything from the ground war on poachers in the African savanna to how animal material ends up in the fancy fashion houses of Paris. More below!

DiCaprio and Maguire have been friends for awhile, each with strong animal rights opinions. As for Hardy, aside from working with DiCaprio on Inception, he came up with the idea after hearing stories from friends who were Special Forces operatives, but became anti-poaching fighters in South Africa and elsewhere around the world. At this time the trio is only producing the film, but they could end up starring as well. With this kind of star power backing the film, a stellar cast and budget could likely be assembled to craft another Oscar worthy drama just like Traffic. If anything, it'll be nice to have a project with a focus on animal rights and abuse that doesn't involve that sad Sarah McLachlan commercial. Thoughts?

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This sounds good. I am not the biggest guy on animal rights but I am a HUGE proponent of conservation. Poaching rare animals is sickening to me.

Brian Sleider on Aug 27, 2012


You can't cherry pick, you either care about all life or you don't.

Why? on Aug 27, 2012


Sooo youve never stepped on a plant or squashed a bug I take it, thats easily one of the most ridiculous comments ive ever read on here.

Cody W on Aug 27, 2012


Respect for all life is a universal truth and the basis of most known religions. I fail to see how that's a ridiculous comment. To answer your question, sure I may have destroyed many life forms by just living and breathing, but not knowingly, for had I known I would've done everything in my power to stop it... everything short of killing myself, which is where I know your going to go with this. All things deserve to live, but I know there is a cycle and my love for animals and my vow to not eat them is my small, but personal victory to help overcome animal cruelty. Yes, I am a vegan and devout animal lover and before you make the argument that plants have feelings too, I realize that and am willing to pay the price, but I will not add to the already gross lack of respect for animals on this planet...except dogs we love our dogs. Look I don't want this to go where it shouldn't, this is just something I feel really strong about and I am sorry if my comment came off pompous or tree huggy.

Why? on Aug 27, 2012


I fully agree with respect for all animals, the deer whose meat sustains me with its life, if not for the sacrifice he made I could not live. And unless you are full on 100% vegan you can't really say much.

Brian Sleider on Aug 27, 2012


Its simple basic food chain, I respect your belief in all that jazz, but those things are there for a reason, just like one day maybe another superior species will rise and will be the sustaining food for them. Its not a coincidence that a cows meat has most of the protein the human body needs, or that a bears hide is one of the warmest materials you can wrap around your body, its simply meant to be.

Cody W on Aug 28, 2012


You do know humans can survive without these right? Its because its packaged so well in your supermarket that you take away all the conscious knowledge of what it is you are eating and how it got to your plate. Its the biggest issue and the hardest to tackle.

dom on Aug 28, 2012



Why? on Aug 28, 2012


So you recognize what we do to animals and except it as a way of life? At least have the decency to not allow a lowly minimum wage Smithfield employee to do your dirty work and go to the concentration camps (factory farms) and do it yourself. Your lack of understanding and blatant indifference is overwhelmingly disturbing.

Why? on Aug 28, 2012


Hunting a deer or other such game animal for meat and leather is not the as killing a rare tiger for some fancy shoes or an elephant to make ivory tiles for decoration. Not even close.

Brian Sleider on Aug 27, 2012


People hunt for leather?

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Aug 28, 2012


IF they starred in it I would be there opening day. Sounds amazing.

Quanah on Aug 27, 2012


try to be there's a good cause.

Why? on Aug 27, 2012


Great to see a film is being made about this disgusting industry. Cancel all the comic book crap and give me 10 more movies like this.

racquetman on Aug 27, 2012


I applaud these guys for this. I will definitely plunk my money down for this and this cause. I'm a big animal rights and conservation supporter. I lay a big part of the blame on the consumers of such products. The rich for wanting something rare at the expense of endangered animals and the naive that think some of these by-products enhance their health or libido.

rocky728 on Aug 27, 2012


Sounds like a great idea for a really good cause. While I wouldn't ever put an animal above a human being (unless it's kitten vs. baby rapist =P), I'm a big advocate for animal rights. Poaching those beautiful, already highly endangered species is just terrible. I hope I won't have to tell my kid in 10 years that those gorgeous tigers he saw in the zoo are extinct in the wild.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 27, 2012


Id rather those 3 star in any movie, sounds like such a good trio.....label me interested.

Cody W on Aug 27, 2012


I understand the instinct to throw in the possibility of it being Oscar material, but that is the last thing I want to think of when talking about this subject. The best a film like this could do is make more people aware, and perhaps really care more.

Reznik on Aug 27, 2012


I'm not a big animal rights activist, but I think this sounds like a good story to tell that hasn't been told before. I wonder if they'll ironically use live animals during filming.

Matt Peloquin on Aug 28, 2012


After the news of 700 dogs being rescued on their way to Vietnam for slaughter, this comes as GREAT news! The animals on this planet are being so exploited and there's no voice for them! Great to see heavy weights using their profession and passion to move people to think differently. Profit should go to those fighting to save them!

dom on Aug 28, 2012

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